When Will The Try Guys Die?

Pubblicato il 6 apr 2019
The guys take a genetic test to find out if they have any mutations in their DNA and visit a general practitioner to discuss the best longevity practices. The second of a special four-part series exploring old age.
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Natasha Bhuyan, M.D.
Genetic Counselor, Color
Kelly Tangney, MS, LCGC
Blood Lab Work
Bren Velarde, Phlebotomist
Emily Leach
Elliot Dickerhoof
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  • Title: When will the try guys die? Me: Never! Comment if you agree

  • so keith dies first

  • We will die together

  • For a second i thought ned was wearing a nerdie nummies hoodie

  • When they do the video called The Try Guys Try To Die.

  • 11:35 Ned isn’t getting any where near enough sleep.

  • "People who have less than 7 hours of sleep have a shorter life expectancy" ....Well...shit. University is literally killing me XD

  • I thought this was “The Try Guys Try Dieing”

  • Wait so not liking the things I used to like in the past is bad?!?!

  • Lady: You're gonna die. Them: OMG that's so cute!!!

  • 5:58 I am 10 and I get 7 hours of sleep IF I'M LUCKY and the less sleep you get, the more affected your heart health is and also, was born with a heart deformity...EEK

  • We love you Zach! Thanks for looking in the bright side of things!

  • Once there was the perfect man walking the earth, then he fell apart in four pieces: Keith, Ned, Zach and Eugene

  • Hand here I am eating puppy chow late at night when I have school tomorrow and I'm probably unconsciously stressing about school

  • When I am whaching this I am eating fries 🍟 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • I feel bad for doing that🧸🧸🧸

    • Lol 😂

  • 12:24 broke my heart!!!

  • why did this auto play at 2:00am.. i now have anxiety..

  • Actually, the school system is trying to kill us

  • * hears about the less sleep part * Oh shit im gonna die early-

  • I have scoliosis too, Zach. It sucks, my spine is still straighter than me though. 54° curvature 😔

  • does this mean im going to die early because of society? and by society i mean work and school

  • me: eating doritos while watching video

  • I am a Jew to I’m there for you Zack

  • Some thing that you can never stop death ☝🏿

  • D

  • Don’t die yet please 😿

  • zach, i feel you, i just had surgery for my scoliosis and spondylosis

  • hestillhasthehellodarknessshirt

  • Ned walks into room saying what they want today just all of them die in the middle of answering

  • how do guys get breast cancer? they dont even have breasts.


  • This video is making me scared

  • I relate to zach on so many levels and its incredibly sad

  • this video just made me appreciate y’all so much more.

  • I am in a quiet library and i LOST it when i saw Ned's face during the breathing exercise

  • My hair falls out, and I'm a girl. I'm not even the age of balding.

  • That Indian doctor is pretty hot.

  • "One of you did actually test positive on one of the tests" I bet it was Eugene - HIV, probably.

  • My cat was old and we put her down yesterday I’m so sad and I miss her so much 😭 😭 😭

  • Oh I thought you meant when will your channel die

  • DO IT

  • I feel like this video is gonna make me cry

  • as a swimmer, that clip of butterfly gave me a literal heart attack

  • Do y'all prefer Eugene in a beard or Eugene clean-shaven???

  • my pcp knows I have a history of depression and self harm and she literally checks in on that every time I see her and asks about suicidal thoughts and where i'm at mentally and if my meds are working fine and she honestly is the reason im getting better at managing my mental health and I know this is partly unrelated but when the doctor said you should build a relationship with your pcp I just remembered this and thought I should bring it up here

  • What is her job? Cause I kinda wanna learn n do more

  • "LET'S GET OLD!!"

  • I hope all of them, tomorrow.

  • Keith is like Ron Swanson, he eats a ton of meat but has super low cholesterol

  • i have always hoped and thought that i would die in my 30s

  • I atay up until 7 AM every day and sleep like 2 hours am i gonna die

  • I'm just becoming overly protective over Zach ❤️️ Love all the try guys but baby Zach is just too cute!!!

  • i am drunk but natasha is beautiful very cool video guy tries thanks

  • Aw, Ned was so stressed out this whole video 🙁

  • This kinda made me upset because they kept saying ways to prevent cancer like exercises and eating healthy but my mom died of breast cancer and she was the healthiest, most active person I’ve ever met! She would run every day and make healthy meals and wouldn’t buy sweets and would eat stuff that are supposed to lower your risk of getting cancer but she still got it. Like even when she was sick she would still go out and run everyday even though she had pain everywhere. When she died it was because of all the stuff they had to do to her liver and her liver couldn’t take it anymore. She was actually on a good track getting rid of a lot of the cancer and the doctors called her their strongest patient. If your wondering she started with stage one breast cancer when I was in kindergarten. She got a huge surgery and was cured. Some doctor did and test and told her she wouldn’t get breast cancer again. 1 years later she started feeling strong pains all over her body. She kept going to the doctor but they never tested her for anything. 1 year later someone finally tested her and found stage 4 breast cancer. When she got more tests back she found out the cancer has spread very much and was now in her bones, blood, lungs, and liver too. I just wish someone would’ve tested her because she could’ve been alive right now...... also that doctor that said she’d never get cancer again. I’m very scared one of my 2 sisters or me will get breast cancer when we’re older. Thanks for reading this! (Btw she died when I was 9 😭😞💔)

  • I think the same way as Keith, pure flavour

  • are we just going to ignore how THERE'S AN ACTUAL CHEETAH ON A LEASH BEHIND EUGENE AT 5:38??

  • “People who sleep less then 7 hours have a shorter life expectancy” So basically high school is killing us

  • "people who have less than 7 hours of sleep have a shorter life expectancy" Me doing my homework at 1AM: I honestly dont care anymore ;_;

  • I have 5 hours of sleep. But I don't NEED sleep, I can function on 1 hour. I think I'm fine then?