When Famous Players Destroyed by Lionel Messi

Pubblicato il 6 dic 2019
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  • 😿

  • Barcelona fans saying messi destroyed van dijk while he didn't pass him once in 2 games, and spent the 90 minutes in anfield in his backpocket 🤦‍♂️

  • damn i really feel bad for fabinho

  • Gocekannya B aja ahhh

  • Messi é o verdadeiro rei do futebol!

  • Messi is best because he has won fifa best award best forward and golden boot ballon dor award than ronoldo

  • The title is wrong he put when players destroyed by leonelmessi its supposed to be players destroyed by lionelmessi

  • all i seen was fabinho on here

  • Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi Messi

  • Real Madrid Says Ramos is best defensive in the world but Messi destroyed him i am Ronaldo fans but i think Nothing can stop Leo Messi he is the best player in the world

  • Trent Alexander Arnold Destroying FC Barcelona

  • Messi is a good player but i don't like him

  • En resumen Messi cojiendose a Fabinho

  • Пичичи

  • I didnt see Varane...he might be one of the few who know how to defend messi not that he will all the time but you have to try also silva

  • This completely shows that messi dribbled past vvd and it was robertson who saved them and they say no one was able to dribble past him previous season wth

  • I don't know why but everyone makes foul after they got dribble from messi🤣😂🤣

  • Sabe pq eu gosto do messi pq ele e um jogador objetivo diferentes de muitos que preferem decorar os lançes em vem de procurar o gol

  • Messi is shite

  • I dont really think he actually dribbled through van dijk.

  • Di menit 7 :20 momen tak terlupakan wkwkw..

  • Van dijk can ruin this guys day 😊

  • el mejor de la historia👽

  • Messi is the 🐐 😅

  • Marcelo every clássico match: ah shit, here we go again

  • 7:19 till this day I still don't know what Ronaldo was trying there

  • mestre cara

  • This guy is giving everyone pannas

  • When famous players get destroyed by a more famous player is what this is

  • Messi to james milner: 'you are welcome dude"

  • I' M like leomesi

  • Sos mi ídolo genio gracias por ser argentino viva el fútbol lio Messi

  • مسي الافضل بلتاريخ

  • Messi el mejor

  • No one can escape from Leo even his own shadow❤️

  • Man its a stupid video

  • সামিয়া

  • It seems the ball plays for Messi and not the reverse...

  • 0:58 Virgil Van Dijk

  • No saben como meterles x ojos este parásito rodillon que solo conoce la derrota tras derrota jjjj

  • He toys with em effortlessly

  • He was sooo close to dribbling past Virgil ,his legs were wide open so he could have easily gone for a nut meg!!!Wow that was soo close

  • 2:25 DYBALA what im donig here 🤔🤔 who im I 🤪

  • He is the best player I have ever seen in my life.....

  • la melodia es de forza champions

  • Marcelo is so poor when he faces Messi

  • Ronaldo cant even pass 3-5 defenders HAHAHA!!!

  • Robben

  • Fix your grammar bro😅

  • Ronaldo is Best

  • and the peoples continiou asking themselfs who is the best player in this galaxy...

  • That’s not true Messi can’t dribble through Van dijk

    • Yes,he could ,if he had space he could have easily given him a nutmeg or continue sprinting ,I saw the clip for the first time and was surprised !!

  • What a save Iker Casillas 9:53

  • They didn't get destroyed he just passed through them

  • Messi❤️❤️

  • RIP fabinho and real madrid🤣

  • The amount of times that Fabinho got skilled was unbelievable

  • Simply the best of all time 10❤

  • You can Make MESSI'S one month performance A VIDEO of 10 mins. All OTHER GREAT players can make ALL in Entire Career. 😅

  • Messi destroyed Fabinho = Ronaldinho destroyed Sergio Ramos kkkkk😂😂😂😂