Pubblicato il 16 feb 2017
Examples of when boxing referees either acted too soon, or not soon enough, to protect the fighters in the ring. What you will see will astonish you!!!
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  • All those Garcia was throwing looked like misses

  • That first ref should NEVER be allowed to officiate again. That young man could have permanent damages and the boxer could have been more considerate.

  • He got hit 99 times, but that hundredth? That one did the damage! 😂

  • Wtf, I was shocked on the last video

  • Eso no es deporte yo fui boxeador de chiko tengo 34 años y no te e enseñan a lastimar, solo a competir,eso esta muy mal

  • See how this boxer is using Ballet as training. @

  • Actually the one with Tuah was justified the other boxer kept throwing punches

  • I'm surprised Benton lived through that

  • Boxers dont give a fuck what happens to them or their opponents. Why should the refs give a fuck either. The fight should never be stopped early or have to go to the judges. Do your job, try and kill the other guy. Simple...

  • On the first one...... “He should’ve just gone down” . He wanted to but couldn’t lol

  • Why would they step in? i thought he was supposed to punch the guy.

  • after 3 fights i saw the dislikes....

  • That thumbnail had me in stitches lol

  • 1.30 pussy punches, hes not firing them out hes looping and swinging like a bitch the reff should of been taking those punches

  • First one ref was late to the ring

  • Wow Scottland died after that fight.

  • Refs had killed 21,138 boxers around the globe. search it on google

  • I think some of those ref's were just racist fucks who wanted to see a black man get beaten

  • The people in the back look evil like the not watching someone possibly getting murdered @ 11:10

  • What ... do they want the fighters to die?

  • If these guys had refereed the NBA, NFL, NHL and especially soccer (overseas).......there would've been hell coming their way.

  • The low blow one was an embarrassment to sport. That referee should've been fired and even sued. That interview should've gave him a low blow for that. You can see even he was upset about it. Smdh.

  • 2:42 about 15-18 unanswered punches that was not too early.

  • I would much rather have a ref stop a fight too early, then stop a fight too late. Boxing is dangerous enough as it is, having a ref that allows an clearly unconcious person, who is just resting on the ropes for support, getting absolutely smothered with punches is absolutely disgusting. I hope every one of the refs who did that got fired immediately.

  • Omg I hope that first ref never worked in the industry again total fucking imbecile

  • First one is when the klan ref boxing

  • most of these referee's needed stringing up cunts

  • .

  • editking bad content. Disliked, you are a ckickbaiter and I hope you get a strike

  • Fury as 1 loss and thats john mcdermott end of story

  • Mercer was a beast

  • Terrible ref terry o’conner

  • Why doesn't the trainer throw the towel in maybe he got hit to many times???

  • The first ref should never be able to ref again, dunno if that boxer died but if he didn't then he almost did.

  • The first and last one are just flat out sad. Both those ref's should be jailed

  • The worst is actually not a bad ref, but when the fighter continues to fight someone clearly unable to continue

  • Makes you wonder how many of these fights had to go one more round or end by KO so the gangsters and their friends could get paid.

  • 3rd fight was a good stoppage.......and the Tua fight.......that was the whole fight right there.....what could the ref do.....he didnt even have time to establish the guy was hurt as the bell just rang...as he hits him with the left hook that begins it all they havent even shown you what color trunks the fighters are wearing yet......smh

  • The early stoppages were fair. The fighters can’t defend themselves anymore and the referees were just trying to protect the fighters from injuries.

  • Its sickening to watch these boxers literally kill their opponents. They know that their opponent is knocked out, but they continue to beat them. So sad

  • 2:39 2-3 more heavy CLEAN blows then but he just wobbled and was still trying to defend some of these refs should be pastors lol

  • The “walk it off” thing isn’t really that bad. My dad used to say the same shit just to take my mind off it and see if I was alright.

  • 2:21 what in the world are those eyes?

  • i thought it was referees losing controls ITS NOT its just bad referees,click bait dislike

  • First ref was a racist

  • unexperienced referee should be get to jail and pay the boxer x10what winner's price

  • Obviously some of the refs had money on the fights

  • and i'm sorry but i hope the guy who killed him as well as the ref feel terrible for the last one. how fucking unnecessary while he was cold on the ropes. what is that.

    • literal murder.

  • out of anyone, the entire of the match and even what happens after to the fighters is dependent on this one idiot that is incapable of calling simple shit.

  • i'm shocked that a ref can make such terrible decisions. how are they 'qualified'? people's lives could literally be on the fucking line jesus christ.

  • KSI VS LOGAN PAUL...i hope people can set aside their hate and understand that deduction was not fair

    • It was fair, how tf you can say it wasn't? the ref first counted that as knockdown for Logan, 1 point for him, and then deducted that point and another for the clear illegal shots holding the head, and being hit on the floor

  • First one I think the referee was being racist and just wanted the white man to beat the hell out of him shame on him

  • The Tua vs Ruiz ref shouldn't be on this list. Tua finished him too fast for the referee to react. Ruiz was fighting back just moments before he went out, and, unfortunately for him, the ropes held him up a bit which enabled Tua to give him that one last parting shot before he went down.

  • I came here to see refs lose it and turn on cocky boxers, not lazy refs who can't do the job

  • I feel sorry for the first guy. What kind of referee allows that torture to continue. Disgraceful.

  • Everyone dislike ref didn’t even fight back wtf

  • Probably been highlighted before but a lot of the burden of someone suffering serious to fatal injury lies with their own corner. The ref isn't supposed to be your friend. Still that doesn't mean that their lack of compassion shouldn't be duly vilified. Your corner, however, are supposed to be your 'brothers', your closest allies; your inner circle. What kind of enemies must you have to have a group of mates leave you out there to get pummeled rather than protect you by throwing in the towel. They had the power to prevent all of it.

  • These refs are fat and old, djeez

  • First one....yeah punch that nigga, kill that nigga....oh!!! I forgot I’m the ref! 😏😏

  • With those stupid referees is rather you die or survive.