What Would You Do with UNLIMITED MONEY in 48 Hours?!

Pubblicato il 24 ago 2018
If you were laying on your death bed,
wishing you could come back to this very moment,
what would you do?
A big up to Nascar for making this happen, incredible environment.
Check out the race on Sunday!
Let me know in the comments and let's talk.
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  • If I had unlimited money I would pay off every debt in the world including all the debts that countries have

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  • I love NASCAR so much! It is a much better experience at the track than watching it on TV. I've been to over 10 races and they are amazing. You need to go to Daytona for a race one day!

  • Nga help the thousands of Venezuelans crossing entire countries walking and starving

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  • End of the day it doesn't matter what you do because you will never be satisfied with this world you will.always want more more and more. Have fun but remember we all going to die and we are going somewhere permanently.

  • I'm guessing that is the Infineon raceway? I used to volunteer there. I would work all day then at night we would go out to where the RVs parked. That's where all the parties happened. We would party for a while then go back to worker parking and sleep in my truck. I put a camper on it and threw a mattress on the floor of the truck bed. It was a lot of fun.

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