What to do in Puglia, Italy? Vacation time with Pilot Lindy - VLOG #49

Pubblicato il 27 lug 2018
My first week of holidays was a great success! Let me take you to Puglia and show you all around!
Punta Prosciutto
Porto Cesareo
Grotta della Poesia
Punta Suina
Malibu Beach Cocoloco
Santa Maria di Leuca


  • Otranto is my favorite city from puglia. Its like in a fairy tale

  • Excellent beach!

  • Why do they say this is a video of Pulia when it is so obvious that the video is really about taking as many head and body shots of the woman as possible. So disappointing. So many of the videos of Italy and other European countries are the same.

    • Judie Jackson This is a VLOG.. Not a documentary. We had spent our holidays in Puglia and had a lot of fun (as you can see). We filmed our trip and have written down all the places we have been, so people that are interested in visiting know where they can go! I never pretended this video to be a documentary. Sorry that it is not what you expected.

  • Thanks for the tips. I'm gonna to Bari with my girlfriend. 🇧🇷

  • Lindy, very enjoyable vlog. You have a wonderful life and opportunity. Keep posting and enjoy yourself. I can tell you are having a great time. Greg pilot USA

  • Wow, beautiful place.

  • Thanks for the tour of Italy. I love the small towns, streets and architecture. The sea and beaches are so beautiful. I hope to visit Italy next year. You are as beautiful as ever. Keep smiling and flying...😀

    • I would really recommend to visit Italy, it is indeed so beautiful! Thank you for your sweet words!

  • Many thanks to both of you for showing us those out of the way places

    • Thank you for watching, I am happy you like it!

  • everything seems so peaceful where you are....

    • We did get to very beautiful places where there were not many tourists.. those places are the best!

  • This is beautiful. Thanks Lindy for sharing your vacation with us. You and Diego are match made in heaven. I am happy for you guys. You guys are so down to earth. I enjoyed the video.

    • Thank you for your nice words, I am happy you enjoyed the video!

  • Lindy this video was so much fun and you really had an amazing time there. You looks sexy as always sweetheart. 😘😘👍

  • Lindy - this was your best video to date. You were so relaxed and real, I think we saw the real Lindy having fun. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you for your nice words! I did feel very happy to be on holidays and we had SO much fun! Thank you for watching, happy you liked the video!

  • Waiting for ur next video

    • The next video is uploaded as well, hope you like it!

  • Very very nice editing , good work 😊

  • Nice jump 5:01

  • Beautiful place , amazing 👌

  • Beautiful and enjoyable trip, thank you for taking us, waiting for Crete

    • Thank you for watching! The Crete video is uploaded now as well! Hope you like it!