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Hello Guys,
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Every country has their own beliefs and their own Culture, we have studied these kinds of things in School colleges but never understood how it all happened, but travelling has taught me lots of things.
All you guys know about the Great Indian Epic " The Ramayan " & its characters and especially about Raavan. In India we have different opinions about Raavan if we compare with Sri Lanka.
In this video, I have talked with some local people of Sri Lanka about the Raavan & What they think about the Raavan.
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  • Kitna ache log h yr

  • Ravan the great king

  • Jai shree ram

  • Ravana son indrajith born again. it-tvs.com/tv/video-f6P1HL_4mYI.html

  • Ravana was god for all of us but indian brahman made him villain

  • I am Indian...but I never thought Ravana was bad, he was super Intelligent, great devotee of Shiva, infact many holy sites in India would be incomplete without Ravana like, Chamba *Kailash*, Baijnath dham(Jharkhand) *one of the 12 jyotirlingas* etc. etc...there are evil stories everywhere...British divided this country, resulting in death, murder, rape of many many people but the Irony is we don't consider them evil but inspiration... I know its not a justification but comm'on...atleast be with the judgement of *Rama* who was not happy after *Ravana's* demise. 🙏

  • Ravana was greatest men of world not a joking

  • #🤘 rock

  • Actually the facts of indians are bilkul wrong .ravan was not a raksh. Wo ek hamara jesa mamuli admitha. Leking uska shakthi . Dimak das admika jesa calthatha. He was just a king rulled sri lanka in the past. And also ramji and seeta ji also bilkul humn tha. Bathme god bangayatha. If king ravan was a raksh why should we worship indian gods also. We know actually what happened here thats why we are following hindu also. But indians mislead by history. Its true that seta ji kidnapped her .

  • You should research indian perspective correctly before speaking - else you should say -“ according to what I know, and hope I am not wrong “. Correct perspective on Ravana is 1) Was a Brahmin, Shiv Bhakt, blessed by lordShiva, had a great wife. Ravan Shiv stotra is famous. 2) Became “Ahankari” - or ego - tried to move base of mount Kailasha.In his reign the Rishi Munis were constantly harassed by Rakshasas and could not do their puja. Rakshas through they had become very powerful and terrorized the world. 3) His sister Shupanakha was one such Raksha and tried to marry Laxamana . Laxmana cut her nose out of self- defence. Shupanakha tried to inflame Ravana’s ego and set him against Ram. 4) Ravana knew Sita was nothing but Laxmi and tried to get her consent - for which he came numerous time he could not touch her as he knew her powers. He therefore kept asking her and showing his might and sending Rakshasa to convince Sita. 5) Ravana’s brother Vibhishana was a true Bhakt Leftists, and antinational people distort Ramayana and try to present him in poor taste - because of political reasons and to belittle Hindus and Indians. Incorrect representation of perspective is Ravana is also a political distortion created to paint adverse image of Hindus and Indians.

  • Ravana was a tamil king

  • Ravana and Kumbha Karna were the re incarnation of Jaya and Vijay, the Dwarpal (Gatekeepers) of Viakunth , the abode of Sri Hari Vishnu

  • ladies and gentlemen, as Sri Lankans we have to say actually we don't know about this Rwana. According to the Indian Dramas and movies, we got some idea of him. After the Rama Rawana war, everything related to rawana has been destroyed by Wibhishana and Ramas' army. Actually, this is a real myth for all Sri Lankans.

  • Sri Lanka is good for tourism.

  • Man fight with gods he loose and that's not shame respect 🤙

  • If Rama is considered great then Ravanan is the greatest ever tamil king, because history has hidden the truth about Ravanan😊

    • You idiot, Lord Sri Ram is not only considered great. He is considered as God, the supreme being. And Rawan who disrespected him is a demon.

  • How to go srilanka in Budget

  • Ravana died only because of his wrong doings. He was a brahmin and great scholar...

  • History is written by the winners. Nice video, bhai. Keep it up - but do try to go into more depth - like Interviewing some Sri Lankan scholars etc. That makes it more authentic. Incidentally, I had written a blog echoing the Sri Lankan's views. That was before I saw your video. ba-doh.blogspot.com/2019/10/the-ramayana-blog-i-lakshmanas-ego-root.html?showComment=1573239106463#c5488738543449225841

  • If Ravana had not lived in that place, why was the place named Ravan?🤔

  • Jai Shri Ram ⛳

  • They don't teach about ravanna in Sri Lankan education.

  • We dont care about ravanna at all. He is in hindu mythology not our mythology. The tamils might believe but, majority Sinhalese doesn't.

  • Sone ki lanka😜😜😜

  • Fuck Ramayan can we Indians and Sri lankans work together and beat the western and American nations 😑cause im sick of being judged

  • Our king ravana

  • Bhe*** od ravan is best not your hunduism god.

  • One hero if raven bron in Noida so how srilanka know about Ramayana stupid

  • One hero if raven bron in Noda so how srilanka know about Ramayana stupid

  • Random fact: you look like skinny version of Technical guruji

  • Ram ka sabut maangne wale ke muh par tamacha he ....👍👍👍

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  • plz go in China and Japan and research dragon have or not

  • 3:20

  • Ravan is Tamil king who workshipped lord siva..

  • Koi ravan se ghirna nhi manta Vo Ak Brahman Aur bahut gyani tha a/c to ramanyan too par usne sita ka kidnapp kiya Aur apna Ghamand ke liye Mara gya

  • Are yaar Kon nhi janta Ki ravna ak intelligent Aur bada king tha par Vo apna ghamand ke vajah se Mara gya as kidnapped sita and as though killed aur Vo lord Shiva ka bahut bada bhakt tha

  • U look like kalpit veerwal! R u his elder brother?

  • Ek baat tho proove ho skti h ..ki rmayan ram seeta ravan ..sch h....!! Ye kvl koi story ni h..

  • Hi brother well come my Sri Lanka.... Ravana is great king...

  • भाई अगर आप रामायण पढ़ते हैं तो ये भी पता होगा रावन से धनुष नहीं टूटा था तो उसने सीता जी को अपहरण करने की खसम खाई थी सूर्पनखा का तो बाद की बाद ह ओर दूसरा रावन ने सीताजी को छू आ नहीं तो रावन को एक स्त्री का शाप था जो स्त्री भगवान विष्णु से विवाह के लिए तपस्या कर रही थी तब रावन ने उसके साथ जबरदस्ती की तो उस स्त्री ने शार्प दिया था कि तुम जब भी कोई स्त्री को बुरी नजर से छू ओ गे तो तुम्‍रा अंत होगा इस लिये भाई ओर रावन को एक नंबर का घटिया दुराचारी था

  • bhosdike apne ko joh story batayi woh sach hai chutiye. yeh sri lankans saale unpadh gawar log kuch bhi bolte hai

  • Even in my country they worship ravan and my perspective is same as them

  • Sri Lankan culture and Indian culture is very similar also. Even I find their names so similar. Like Gunasekhara, Jayawardhene, Jayasuriya. Love from India!!!

    • Those are Buddhist names, we even have names like ashoka and names are spelt gunasekera, jayawardena

  • 6:10 What the .......?

  • Do visit northeast India if u love waterfall, jungles nd greenery

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  • राक्षस का अर्थ है मानव मांस खाने वाला। हो सकता है कि वो अन्य बातों में हर तरह से सज्जन ही हो। बाल्मीकि रामायण में तो यही है।

  • Jay siyaram

  • sita is lord ravana's daughter .sinhala name is soheli...

  • My country you travel bro🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰🇱🇰

  • *Speechless and incredible* 👍🏻👍🏻

  • my love Sri Lanka ❤😍😘😘

  • අපේ රට ගොඩක් ලස්සනයි අපිට අපේ රට ගැන අඩමිබරයි

  • You are not telling the details of place but other things more 😆

  • தமிழ் அரசன் இராவணன்..TAMIL KING RAVANAN

  • Dvkzek😬😊😊😊😊😊🏃🏃

  • All these Ravana inspired names in the central hills had been propagated by South Indian indentured labors brought to Sri Lankan by British during the 19th century..for Sinhalese Ravana is neither God like figure nor Great king ..it's a pure fantasy created in the Valmiki's mind

  • Whether you got the right answer or not for Rawana you have taken all of us to a picturesque place. Thanks. There are more waterfalls as well.

  • The dried-up state of taxation makes the state of the jungle even more barren, Will the Dussehra Festival of Indians be allowed to be held this year...??? The gratest king who shaken the world, The god of gods Emperor of the 10 worlds King Ravana, When these Indian people will end the catastrophe? Are you ready to be brought back to life as a miracle to the proud Hela Disease that has dried up so long? History of the proud Hela Dry without any fus, Are you ready to be born as a miracle and give life again? Then stand up like a real Helaya to remove to eradicate the filthy idol statue from the society, If you are a true Sinhalese share this post as much as possible to stop this burnt offering on the map of Sri Lanka! There is no such a law to burn a king or a map of another country! it must be holt immediately!!! Dont let anyone to burn our Map and our King!!!!!!