What Shane Dawson DELETED From The Series.. Conspiracy Palette Tutorial

Pubblicato il 10 nov 2019
HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm playing with the SOLD OUT Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Makeup Collection! It's time to sit down and talk about some real life issues I've been having, updating you all on my personal life, moving houses soon and big changes for Nathan and I! And I dip into the coveted Conspiracy eyeshadow palette and create a simple smokey eye look!
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  • Every time you brought your fingers near your eyes I was anxious about you poking your eye hwhhwhwhdbbabxb

  • After this launch Jeffree can afford to make another vault in his new house lol

  • Your moving & you've just created that Gorgeous Closet!😱

  • Not to say that there isn't apart of me that wants to see the drama side of things but I can live without it I am extremely proud of Shane and Jeffree for all of the hard work they put into everything! I would love to see a video about how everything went once they released the collection and all of their reactions to how well it has done and to watch all of their hard work reward them!

  • You know its strange.but you look like Enoch from the pitcher they painted him from the bible.

  • Click bait title! I have lost all respect, and I had a lot, for you as a human. As a businessman, you will be successful until the truth comes out. You are a snake.

  • "Every hair has a story" - Jeffree 2017 "Every wall has a memory" - Jeffree 2019 (I also create positive videos)

  • I love how important his dogs are to him ❤️ I could totally see him walking his dogs in a stroller A diamond covered gold plated pink stroller with spinning rims

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  • Are you going to post a new house tour

  • Wow, if this is trending wtf next!? Ha. Get onto Fake history and stop this demonic nonsense

  • “I’m going to open up this random pallet here.” 👀👀👀 I SEE U

  • When is the next launch I want a palate jeffree plus my birthday is coming up


  • Hi Jeffree star, I'm good just missing your videos but soulfully enjoying everything with you and Shane. However fully true when it's time for a change its time no need to apologize or explain. I hope blessings will come your way much deserved is. hang in there love always 💓🌸

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  • Odd freakshow.

  • How does he do it EVERYTIME he does makeup he ends up looking like a Queen I’m so jealous

  • We got the same b-day!!!!! Yay scorpios

  • I normally love the makeup Jeffree does but these colors are not it.

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  • Is a Scorpio: HI!!!

  • *release the James Tati drama* 😩😩😩

  • What the heck

  • Why do Jeffrey’s wigs look more real than my actual hair? 😅

  • MAKE A SETTING SPRAY ❤ Imagine, "This is *grabs setting spray* Jeffree Star Approved." *sets face* And if its not approved grab a make-up wipe lol 😂

  • November 11 birthday here! Hi sis.

  • The dislikes are everyone that didn’t get the palette.

  • Hiiiiii!!!!! So I have been trying this skin care line I found in cvs called Bliss, I’ve used the “what a melon” toner, “makeup melt”, “jelly glow peel” gentle non abrasive exfoliator, and the “ex-glow-sion” moisturizer and I’m really liking everything they also have face masks and eye creams and I’d really like you to try them out and explain the good and bad of the ingredients!!! I think it would be a cool line for you to try because I’d never heard of it and it is very fairly priced, which is nice for some of us living on a budget who still want nice skin!!!! Love you so much 😘😘😘

  • I hope you post a beauty room tour 😍😍

  • Just want to say thank you for checking up on us and saying that we, ourselves, need to be okay first of all. That hit me pretty hard honestly lol. I’m not a big cryer but that made tears run down my face. I’m a person who puts everyone before me and never think of myself. Thank you for that, hope you have a safe move and a awesome holiday. ☺️

  • “It looks like Trisha Paytas peed in my eye...” lmfao.

  • Jeffree: how are you? The comment section: not good fan thank you for asking

  • Can you review Nikita Dragun Face palette? I love your honest reviews compared to other youtubers that just talk good about it in exchange for some bills. Can’t trust ppl that received her pr package

  • Jeffree: moving The Vault: what the hell we gonna do, now

  • proof of end times

  • The death toll from a devastating war in Yemen could soar to nearly a quarter of a million by the end of 2019, the United Nations (UN) has warned, calling the conflict one of the “greatest preventable disasters facing humanity”.

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  • I am amazing Jeffree! Thanks for asking! Team Scorpio is the best! 😘

  • Can I have your Barbie dream house Jeffree!!???💕

  • Xd

  • Jeffree: how is everyone? Me in a corner sobbing: I’m moving too babe and I’m stressing out how are you so calm about moving?! On another note moving on your birthday. Yay! Ready to be with my marine husband!

  • Who else loves jeffree star? 🙋‍♀️ 👇🏼👇🏼 Small IT-tvsr here btw💖

  • Plot twist: James Charles moves in

  • Hes not just leaving the vault. Hes also leaving all the customs that he did to his home...like yeah hes leaving the vault but hes also leaving his carpeted stairs, the padding on the walls all that stuff.

  • Did anyone else get 90s vibes with the shimmery silver lids, brown lip liner and pink lips???

  • Yasss Scorpio season! Happy Early Birthday!

  • Honestly, terrible. This year my husband and I have been to 4 different funerals. At our wedding reception our cards were stolen. An literally the night before Halloween, two days before this beloved launch I was in the E.R. with the news I had miscarried my first baby @ 10 weeks. So definitely not doing well and hoping for a better 2020

  • Jeffree are you going to have a game room for all your classic pinball/game machines. It would be epic like the one you showed us at the factory 🏭

  • When jeffree asked how are you? I started to cry 😂

  • aye this was posted on my birthday :) scorpio ganggg

  • New talent.... less attitudes. Get it jeffree

  • OML JEFFREE'S BIRTHDAY IS 4 DAYS AFTER MINE! AHHHHHHHHHH. p.s. my birthday is today meaning Jeffree's is in 4 days.

  • We aren't losing Christian the camera man are we????

  • Happy happy early birthday! I’m so happy how many pallets I got my hands on for Christmas presents! Loving the pallet myself and playing with it! Pigment as a blush is my fav too! The rest of you guys do you have a fav shade?

  • IT-tvs has an agenda.

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