What Shane Dawson DELETED From The Series.. Conspiracy Palette Tutorial

Pubblicato il 10 nov 2019
HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm playing with the SOLD OUT Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Makeup Collection! It's time to sit down and talk about some real life issues I've been having, updating you all on my personal life, moving houses soon and big changes for Nathan and I! And I dip into the coveted Conspiracy eyeshadow palette and create a simple smokey eye look!
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  • OMG!! I dislike when replies are that Jefree Star dont care about us !! I know he dont know me or may not care about who I am but I do want Jefree to know I love Jefree Star 🌟 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • I miss watching you play with makeup! Congrats on the big move! Happy for ya!

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  • I think Shane and Jeffery compliment each other so well. Jeffery teaches Shane to be stronger and bolder while Shane teaches Jeffery to be more personable and empathetic. I love how they balance so well

  • Not to be mean, but he look like like squidward in that one vid where he looks like a sculpture.

  • My little sister tried to buy 2 palattes for each of us, right when she clicked to buy them, the website crashed

  • I saw my label was printed on 11-7-19 but waiting for my huge purchase (13 items) of both palettes, the diet Shane lip balm, both pig mirrors, the track suit, the black make up zip bag, (I wasn’t able to get any lips, the gloss, or the bundle because they weren’t listed when I was checking out or uploaded sadly I’ll happily wait to 2020. Maybe I’ll sell my pallet for someone to have a great Christmas present because as an adult I can patiently wait a few more months where I get teens and young adults can’t and it’s a status within friends and school) I did finally buy the pink set and black set of the metal straws since I was getting free shipping from a huge order. Truly excited for my package to arrive and I’m 35, yes it’s supporting amazing creators and loving the products they make.

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