What's On My iPhone?

Pubblicato il 8 nov 2019
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  • My favorite app is Pinterest and I have an iPhone 7

  • I have Tubi on my devices my two iPads and my phone

  • Great video! I have the 8+ as well. Purchased it shortly after Apple's September 10th event. Super good phone! Could easily last you a couple more years.

  • I love listening to u do your what’s on my iPhone videos and especially when it’s a long video as well ❤️

  • I dnt recomended the new iphones

  • Yes

  • Nice

  • Cool

  • Cute video an cute case

  • Do you have an iOS 13

  • When you do upgrade to a newer model can you do an updated what’s on my iPhone??

  • You should get ticktok

  • Great video I love your case you have for your phone.

  • I love the phone case. Hope it’s available for the iPhone XR. I do miss having a home button on my iPhone

  • Omg I love ur phone case ❤️❤️

  • Very helpful! Thanks for sharing.. I'm downloading this for offline viewing, there are a lot of apps to check. 💕 i remember downloading Line Camera and Rakuga Cute after watching ur video about photo apps.. I stil have them on my phone. And I envy ur ginormous phone memory!💕💕💕

  • im kinda creeped out now. What if the govrement is really watching me

  • Those plastic camera blockers won’t be compatible with the 11 models because the facial recognition is directly next to it 😭

  • Love this video so much

  • How do u still have polyvore app, I’ve been trying to find that app again. , but I can’t find it on iPad

  • I'mma be totally honest this video just made me depressed cuz I have a galaxy s5 that I've had for 4 years, the screen is majorly cracked, it takes 2 hours to charge, it only has enough space to alow me to down load 5 apps, I can't take pictures on it anymore because I don't have enough storage space and i can't talk on the phone unless its on speaker because the voice speaker is broken and no one can hear me. And has of about 3 weeks ago it doesn't let me make calls anymore just answer them😭😭

  • it's always music to my ears, to hear people say "GIF" as "giff" instead of "jiff"!

  • I have an iPhone 8 Plus, too. My favorite App on this Phone is Between

  • Omg I love this recoding❣️ $ ur so beautiful doll 💓 ur my favorite IT-tvsr I been a fan since day 1 n I wish I could meet u but I’m in Indiana n by the way I’m Jessica n I’m 24 from Lafayette Indiana 🖤🧡✌🏼

  • Samsung j7 camera is good! Better than I've ever had. Instagram & hayday are my 2 fav apps.

  • Love this « non screen recording » what’s on my iPhone ☺️🎀 it’s so cute in this way 🎀

  • My favorite app is Pokémon go its so much better now and I have the new iPhone 11 in purple which is a light pastel purple it’s so kawaii if u love pastels which I know u do you will love the iPhone 11 in purple and the screen layout is amazing I highly recommend it

  • You should do a video of u login how did he use the petcube

  • Love what’s on your phone Manda! 💖

  • Reply with what phone you have ⬇️ I have an iPhone XS Max 256gb Gold

  • I felt the same with pocket camp but its actually really easy to get back into! I played it for the first few months after it came out and stopped until recently and it doesnt make you feel like youre behind at all! There are also events where you can get past furniture and outfits so you dont really miss out!

  • I love these videos. ESP ones where people have the same phone as me which is the 8 plus. Your phone is an aesthetic 🥰🥰

  • This is feels very old school ❤️

  • i love when you do these videos ! 💖🥰

  • You should download Shopkick its an app where u get points for going to stores and scanning products and it works. Heres my code so you can get some points EARN221959

  • Loving to phone case

  • Lov u manda u are so beautiful

  • Love Wish! Just don’t buy clothes. lol

  • Love ur phone case Manda

  • Do you play The Sims game