What's My Superhero Mask? (GAME)

Pubblicato il 10 apr 2019
Zachary Levi doesn't get to wear a superhero mask in Shazam!, so will he be able to guess what kind of crazy mask we give him? GMM #1522
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  • I've always considered Bugles chips

  • I had no idea how hilarious Zachary Levi is. New fan over here.

  • Charles ERVING BARTOWSKI like if you get that reference

  • Bugle mask more like lisa Simpson

  • 🥚🧔🏽🥚

  • Ahoyhoy There.,Fellow IT-tvsrinos! Chicken in a Biscuit is the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet--- should have said Donkey from Shrek


  • I think Shazam should wear the bugle mask

  • Looks like Lisa Simpson

  • this makes me love zach even more 💘😨

  • One of the best cohost so far. I keep coming back to this...please have him back on, he's a total delight!!! Masked 2.

  • Link was Captain Cabbage patch

  • 10/10 on the masks I was genuinely impressed.

  • HELLO SO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😀

  • chip flute 😂

  • Zachary, if you are really from ventura, what is "Ventucky"

  • Dude, there's no way he can't see those bugles in his peripheral vision.

  • I could watch 100 episodes of GMM with Zach in it tbh

  • This guy was great he should come on all the time lol

  • 13:04 13:05

  • This is one of the best GMM videos I've ever seen, I laughed so hard

  • Link: today we ask what's that mask? Zachary: *LET'S TALK ABOUT THAT*

  • Zachary Levi is the sexiest man alive!

  • I haven't thought about chicken in a biscuit in 89 years

  • Zachary needs to be in the show more often he’s naturally hilarious 😂

  • Link looked like the doll maker from Batman’s weird brother he stays away from

  • I love him😂

  • We could've used Suppository Man's help when my dad had a suppository stuck in his ear and we couldn't find his hearing aid...

  • I can't believe everyone just skated right by the fact behind Link's grandma and his anotomically correct doll🤬


  • From CHUCK to TANGLED to SHAZAM, I really love Zachary Levi. 😭

  • Petition to let Zach become Suppository Man

  • I like the medecine menace!

  • Behold, three men who have aged like fine wine.

  • zach should be in more videos

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Where did you get the doll mask??? 🤣


  • In the next episode they will be eating liver with a side of fava beans and a nice Chianti.

  • 13:05

  • Babyman will haunt my dreams from now on

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Link I had a homemade or should I say “Custom” cabbage patch doll to!! This was hilarious!


  • Link sounded like the pig guy from gotham

  • y'all are talking bout Shazam and tangled but where's the Chuck fans?

  • Why does no one bring the kid from Shazam

  • One of the best episodes.

  • Oh a man that is 6'4 ... blending nicely in between Rhett and Link

  • Wait... was that prize a Weezer reference? There's a line in "Sweater Song" in the backing vocals of the last chorus that says, "Good to see you lying there in your Superman skivvies."

  • Omg the last one 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ok after seeing Link, nightmares forever

  • link looks like someone ho should be lisping really hard.

  • I don't see Shazam, I only see Eugene. Tangled fans!

  • Rhett’s hair looks like a roof deflector cap from an International LT truck.

  • Bugles looks like lisa

  • I'm usually not a huge fan of their episodes with guests but this one was definitely one of my favorites!

  • AM I NUTS?!?!

  • it's _Chuck Bartowski_ ! (and _Shazam_ and Dave from _Alvin and the Chipmunks_ )

  • Bugle Boy