What's My Superhero Mask? (GAME)

Pubblicato il 10 apr 2019
Zachary Levi doesn't get to wear a superhero mask in Shazam!, so will he be able to guess what kind of crazy mask we give him? GMM #1522
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  • When I look at Zachary Levi I think Jim’s cousin

  • Link had me dying with that mask, great job to whoever made that lol

  • this made me laugh so hard I actually cried

  • This episode make me happy

  • Bugles man: Power: 100% chance of making it to the final four

  • “Am I something you put in your body?” “Yes.”

  • They should do another one of these episode for halloween.

  • If the last mask was merch i'd buy it without hesitation.

  • It would be better if they had Tony Stark or any marvel character


  • Zachary Levi's laughter is so catchy

  • Zach just needs to be there every time lol

  • 11:27 how i view dustin from stranger things in season 1

  • I’m down for Shane And Lisa make up

  • 3:47 look at rhetts face

  • Yay!!! It's Chuck!!!

  • 25 DOLLar

  • I need that babydoll mask

  • Omg !! It’s both of my worlds together!! I love you Zachary

  • As good as Joaquin is, ya don't see him doin cool stuff like this. Still love him though. #oct4th #joker

  • Hands down this is the best episode of GMM ever. Love Zachary Levi! And he seems so at home here, it's like the three of them are best friends ❤️

  • Link with the baby mask looks like an abomination from lazy town

  • I LOVE YOU CHUCK!!! which is why i always wanted you to play the FLASH

  • Definitely my favorite guest of all time. He’s naturally just funny and charming and compliments Rhett and Link’s vibe perfectly.

  • 3:26 I legit peed my pants at school at this part

  • "Do I look lovely?" So hilarious

  • At 4:29 look it's Lisa Simpson

  • Zack’s face at 6:20 is funny

  • Love that movie

  • I went to sleep after this

  • Hahahahaha this was so hilarious!

  • Hahaha he’s a great guest!!!

  • Haven’t seen the movie yet but can’t wait even more now!!

  • Dude I couldn’t look at link with the baby doll mask 😂

  • Hands down one of my favorite guests of all time. I love him

  • I love how link gets the undies with his mask 😂😂😂😂

  • Link’s mask is gonna haunt my nightmare forever

  • Baby baby face link is great

  • Medicine Man, Bugle Boy, and Baby Face

  • so these bois are dc bois

  • 8:16 .... I am terrified and also wishing this was used in other episodes OR they would give it to me. 😂 Where did they get the BIG mask from ? I wanna make one now lol

  • I've turned Links character into a DND monstrosity so that's great

  • “What u laughing at” 😂 Best part

  • The baby doll mask is terrifying.

  • This has to be the best episode I have seen. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • link's mask was the scariest

  • "Am i bacon?" 😂 "Damn It, I really wanted to be bacon man!" Thank you for that!! Brought back memories of my son when he was little and bit eye holes in his bacon and yelled, "I am Bacon Man!" ❤😂😂❤ Needed that laugh so thank you!!

  • zachary is absolutely amazing bring him back

  • "Am I a snack?" - Snackary Levi

  • Holy Mother of God! in the name of all that is good and right in this world, I hereby proclaim this the greatest episode of GMM in all of its history!!!! I can't breath. I had to pause the video for at least 10 minutes to stop laughing. Link's mask.... I just can't. All drama and joking aside though, please make more videos like this. I want to forget about sleeping now and just keep watching in hopes of hitting something of this caliber again tonight. Who cares about being well rested for work?! I need more GMM in my life! Absolute loaded bases home run GMM crew, just awesome!


  • “Is it Corn?!?” Link 2018

  • I am literally crying. By far my favorite episode.

  • Suppository Man! Saving the world one butthole at a time.

  • Zachary Levi is the most beautiful man....😍

    • She says with her bf in her profile pic.. this is you 🤡

  • Kinda was hoping it was Tom Holland but I still screamed when I saw who was guest staring.

  • Suppository-man you say? Yes, i have seen Ant-Man in Endgame...

  • Can I buy that mask that link is wearing That would be awesome for Halloween

  • he had to have seen the bugles

  • Well goodbye sleep