Pubblicato il 25 giu 2019
Moms and Dads all around the world have so much in common!
Try showing this video to your parents and ask if they can relate. You will be surprised!
Parents life is full of love but also full of funny and weird moments with children or without them.
There are some funny parenting struggles:
0:01 Stealing food from her son
0:29 Losing toy
0:50 Dirty clothes
1:17 Refer to a child's illness
1:39 Play hide and seek
1:57 Buy a cheap toy
2:29 Eating junk food
2:45 Making billions of photos
3:09 Hid in the toilet
3:39 Play children's games
3:53 Bedtime reading
And, yeh, parents get tired sometimes. But do you know what they ALWAYS do? Love their children.
#mom #parents #comedy
Fun videos and relatable facts about life, family, girls, and boys and simply everything. Things that everyone feels, but hardly talk about. Stay tuned - you will definitely enjoy the comedy!


  • perents do not do that you dodo birds

  • The boy was so cute💖

  • What my mom use to do when I was little is told me to hide and she just said that to keep me busy and hours later I fell asleep in the closet (like if u agree)😂😂-->

  • I have done all this things🤣

  • Your kids is real cute😍😘

  • My mom takes a photo of like hundred years old and she sits toilet almost a year

  • my parens give me phone hven vas 8bud my bro did getet hwen hi vas 9 haha becos dei love me😘😘

  • Bu videoyu izlemeyene kadar çocuk istiyorum evet ama artık istemiyorum ya kalsın

  • OMG THE EXPENSIVE TOYS ONE I would ask my mom to buy me something and It’ll be Expensive and then my mom buys Super Expensive Stuff

  • 4:24 I wanna catch that kissss💋

  • At 3:40 he was calling someone?

  • Correct my mom do that all the time

  • the thumbnail is real though

  • Jake and July were really cute❤❤

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  • July is so sweet😍😍

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  • I knew some of those and somr of those arent real by my parents

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  • This is so sad to watch these kids used as slaves in this video. They probably didnt even know it was for a video lol.

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  • The name July is so cute!

  • Okay the one where the mom takes pictures of the kid is so true, but mum normally shows me the pictures

  • Jake is so sweet

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  • My mom is doing that when i am sleeping (2:46)

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  • The bathroom is ture my dad does it very day my dad is funny right like if you argee sorry i can't spell like l l

  • Swety


  • 2:28 to 2:40 my parents always do that by the way love your parents as much as you can ☺

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  • Our parents best us bcz it's India they foreigner don't understand our mom dad loves and how they beat us if we do this to our parents 🎉😅

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