What Happens When You Hide in the Landing Gear of a Plane

Pubblicato il 12 ott 2019
Chances are if you are hiding in the landing gear of a plane, things arn't going so well for you. And while it may seem like it's a good idea, you clearly haven't thought this through. In today's animated airplane video we are looking at some unfortunate and crazy people who have hidden in a planes landing gear as a stowaway.
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📝 SOURCES: pastebin.com/ZtLjFs3p
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  • There's no such thing as a free ride... 😔

  • Just ride on the wing like a normal person would

  • Note to other self : if you are going to stow away be disguised as a big duffel bag in stead of trying to hide in the landing gear

  • Why tf would u go in there anyways

  • Imagine landing in an airport, only to have your landing crew tell you that you had unknowingly dropped a living, breathing human from your aircraft onto the pavement of a street many kilometres away. You pressed the button. You lowered the landing gears. And it was your fault.


  • What if you use parachute?

  • "next time you're on a flight try to think that there might be a stowaway freezing to death 10 meters away from you" Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and not do that thanks TIS

  • Planes also slam into the runway really fast.

  • Please make an episode for c130 plane the oldest plane is still in production

  • why would someone be so stuiped

  • Nobody noticed the Metal Gear alert sound when the Skull popped up about the Moscow flight?

  • What about toy story

  • Him: he landed one meter away. Me: OOOOOOOOOOF

  • Hey, Isn’t that the animation for “The Girlfriend”

  • 1.38 were are the engines

  • “Landings are just controlled crashes”...that is a very oversimplification, might want to understand what landing an aircraft actually entails.

  • The wind doesn't fly through the wheel well when the airplane wheels are stored 2:30

  • You see youtubers stowing themselves in an aircraft in a box, but never a wheel well

  • It wasn’t a woman. It was a man sunbathing in the garden and then a man fell feet away from him.

  • Tbh im already familiar, played Uncharted 3

  • You vs The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers!

  • Airlines should fit out the wheel compartment with a comfortable heated space for stowaways.

  • Some of the comments are evil , its not funny is it !!!

  • Air bye

  • 7:12 You said 1995 when it said 1955

  • Just take a parachute with you duh

  • Wakenya

  • Also there is a spelling mistake of controlled spelled contrilled in the video

  • Please don't make your "least important" staff writer do this.

  • Only one way to live go to creative mode

  • This is how u escape north korea

  • In the moral of the story don’t go hitchhiking in Airplane wheels

  • 0:50 why my name😂😭

  • No the bends will not happen. When you are 30 thousand feet the pressure is low and on the ground it’s more. The human body can handle going into pressure find with no problems. I am a diver and cave diver. That’s why divers can go straight to the bottom with no problems they can’t just come straight up afterwards they have to take stops.

  • Death happnes

  • What happens when you eat an egg

  • 1955 pronounced 1995

  • "50% happy ending"


  • bruh we broke

  • 1:11

  • Note to self.... Bring a parachute

  • Health cheat ☝️🙂

  • Why would people hide in the gear

  • i would survive by sitting on an baggage so then atleast i cant fall cause everyone gets their baggage

  • Make making do 30 diamond push-ups a day

  • *Kenya Airways*

  • It could be done with a battery operated heater, an oxygen tank and some grappling hooks

  • me: reads title also me: *visible confusion*

  • Soooo a go round may not be the ideal option for a stow away

  • Well you can still do this but just put on a parachute

  • I GOT THE 1,000,000 VIEW!!!!

  • Lol 999k views

  • RyanAir literally has 0 fatalities..

  • Idk about you but I’m going to spend 100 bucks on an airplane ticket instead.

  • "So you're telling me there's a chance!"

  • What would I do? I'd just go crazy and buy a ticket.

  • It was in the USA 🇺🇸 2014 a 14 years old somalian american did survive on the Wheel for Delta flight from Losangels to Hawai

  • I mean, if you were to survive, wouldn’t they just land, jump out by the gate, and get arrested?