What Happens If You DON'T Run From Skalitz In Kingdom Come Deliverance

Pubblicato il 1 ago 2019
What Happens If you go where Kingdom Come Deliverance Doesn't Want You To Go? Can You See Skalitz During The Attack & Why are Those Cumans T-posing!?
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  • Why do you sound so much like a voice actor in this game... I think the one who does Radzig

  • So pointless.

  • You see a shot of the inside of the castle in a cutscene...

  • Console: mount horse- Don't run - Stab and poke your way to tons of loot. And skill increase. Strength level 6 and mounted combat increase in first hour of gameplay.

  • This channel has the second best name in all of IT-tvs.

    • @Sexy Biscuit Why only the greatest of them all I CATO SICARIUS!

    • I dare to think what's first haha

  • You can max most stats before leaving skalitz choke the guy who owes your father and hit with weapons. Try to not get caught choking a guard for weapons

  • Does any know of any explots for this game

  • You sound like Josiah Trelawny from RDR2... 😅

  • What mods are you using? Because I was dead just running down the path from the castle, and the guy his me like 7 times from behind and completely emptied my health bar

  • I LOST it at the T-posing, damn that shit was funny haha

  • Hail cumans !

  • Anyone know if they updated it? I remember it being very buggy.

  • i hate videos like that, they try to feed you 20 min of talking wich should have been a only 3-4 minutes video

  • that second horse is the one i always get and i crash into the 3 i didn't even think of whistling

  • Please be so nice and tell me how do you make these "dron" videos. PLEAAASE! Im not youtuber im casteolog thats mean i build 3D castles. It will be big help for me. My mail. romulus.caesar@seznam.cz THANK U

  • Oh ye, it's rly great idea to check this stuff) Enjoyed this video. Thank you, Sexy Biscuit!)

  • This game is great but The combat is so bad i just cant play it lol.

  • i spoiled myself on this part of the game



  • 13:23 the council will decide your fate

  • Fucing cumans m8

  • There is no 5 seconds of video where your mouth was shut

  • Are you ok there buddy? - Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  • U can take the horse and ride fast as u can, hit one by one of this warrriors, i make this maybe 10x until i get down all soldiers and take his equipment.

  • mmm, that cuman master pose is to die for! @u@

  • Sigismund didn't need no stinkin' mods. Seriously, I only have a ReShade and the save anytime mod. It is that darn good of a game. Thanks for showing us the backend of Skalitz

  • This was very entertaining and your reaction made me laugh - very good vid

  • I wish this game wasn't trash. I really wanted to play it.

  • A 20 min video with somewhat around 5 minutes of interesting stuff and 15 of "wow aFsome haha fuFFy"

  • 18:31 AaaaaaaaaaaaÁÁÁÁÁaaaaaaaa

  • Every game has a bugs, so I do not understand this complaints about bugs. You don't know that a week after the release they fixed most of the bugs and the rest in a few months? Do you remember Assassins creed Unity? Not playable even after a year of release? And this is small czech studio.

  • I remember doing this without mods. Just got on the horse and rode back and forth, swiping as I passed. Took me a loooonnnng time, to get the timing right, but I ultimately defeated all the enemies and carried all the loot haha. Henry was weighed down until I could get to a chest.

  • since the game devs release a official modding tools. Someone might change the beginning scenes for more dramatic look :D

  • Just FYI, i killed all the cumans in the first run area without using any cheats. On my first run through. Light weight

  • Jesus Christ !!! ... be praised.

  • Love this

  • forgive me ,but I don't see where you are coming from or indeed to!. It after all is a game , play it and enjoy or don't!!!

  • Cumans t posing

  • Following just cause your laugh is awesome, and great work lol

  • Immersion completely killed off 😂

  • Is there a non-coward friendly storyline? No one where I grew up would contently just let their mum die alone

  • How is he using that free camera? I'm thinking of all the cool screenshots I could take, and I must know.

  • I was killed by many stray arrows going the wrong way.

  • It’s a door not a gate.......lol

  • if you get on the horse and joust the cumans with your sword you can kill all of them rather easily

  • Interesting bit about saving Theresa. In my game, I used my sword to poke one of the cumans trying to rape her, On the Woman's Lot quest, Henry does the exact same thing I did. Even the same guy I poked, but I think that's just coincidence. That's some mighty attention to detail by the devs!

    • Its a coinkadink. I whistled at them and ran like mad when she got away.

  • So what happens if you lockpick Theresa's door? Is it possible (should you kill all the Cumans)? If so, what's behind it?

  • 16:10 Henry actually killing cuman’s Cuman: cease peasant.. i Said CEASE!!!

  • 13:21 T-pose squad Dominance= unbreakable

  • 12:28 Henry: biscuit this is no joke >:( help me !!

  • 8:42 devs: by the power of our creation you shall not pass

  • Henry: eeeh biscuit im in a pickel here :(

  • rly made my day ^^

  • Nice Video Bro ;)

  • the cumans t posing isnt breaking the game, theyre establishing dominance over henry and skallitz is all

  • 21 minutes of a video to know what I already knew, if you don't run from Skalitz, you die...

  • You can also die in jail.

  • Quanti fan del Balivo e sir radzig ci sono in questo video?

  • You can help Theresa with just a whistle..? I keep swinging the sword at one of them then running for the horse. Seems the more reasonable action to stop them than just a whistle