What Happened To The Hummer?

Pubblicato il 12 nov 2019
The Hummer was an angular, militaristic, go-anywhere truck that became an emblem of 1990s pop culture. General Motors' Hummer was a coveted status symbol sought by celebrities and a sometimes mocked and vilified example of how far of America's newfound love for SUVs had gone. But in 2009, GM put several of its brands to the ax, including Pontiac, Saab, and Hummer. While the Hummer had a brief lifespan of just under two decades, it made a lasting impression on the auto industry.
Clarification: General Motors ended Oldsmobile production in 2004, a few years before GM stopped producing the other brands mentioned at 8:05.
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What Happened To The Hummer?


  • Gm should bring back saab 😭that was my first car and it was the best with gas bc a full tank was 50 dollars that lasted 1 month and 2weeks

  • Why not make it a diesel at the time

  • 1:04 Excuse me ma’am I drive a beetle so don’t even. She’s popular to me. This is a HUMMER video. So discuss that

  • Is the wrangler not enough. Lol

  • I just saw a Hummer while driving lol

  • Please bring back this monster with battery

  • Proof that Arnold is a legend.... He gets what he wants ... He is the ultimate alpha ....

  • Haters are gonna flip flop when they come back

  • So the tesla truck will be like the hammer of the 2020s

  • who is ED KIM

  • Build great n heavy truck with low fuel economy n when there is fuel recession just attack middle east for more. Typical Americans.

  • Oh so that's what happened to Hummer Damn! So sad, as a kid I always wanted one but look like I can't afford it anymore in the future

  • Now why would they use that for the thummy. I haven't watched the video, but common now.

  • 0:06 pestered a us military defense contractor Shows chally 2's and British infantry

  • It's interesting that once Hummer Became Bankrupt. A lot of Africans were buying them at the Auction I go to. I saw a lot of them in Cameroon back in 09'.

  • At present Arnold have an electric Hummer

  • I liked the 4Runner, but never like the Hummer H2.

  • So basically why everyone wants the tesla truck.

    • Yu1 at least it doesn’t take gas and probably a lot more tougher than the hummer

  • 5 miles to the gallon that's what happen

  • It’s called the Tesla Cyber Truck. That’s the new IT car.

  • It Should be because of what he did in Iraq.

  • The G wagon happened

  • Cyber truck vs hummer lol

  • GM...... Get Mechanic

  • Exit the hummer, Enter the Cybertruck.

  • The original Hummer is a wolf. The civilian version is a pug.

  • And then, there came a CYBER-TRUCK.

  • I saw one yesterday.


  • Looked like a dwarf school bus!

  • Your kidding right??? Obama killed Hummer...

  • Mock hummer all you want, lets see who beg for passenger seat on zombie apocalypse.

  • Only clicked on video cause guy in thumbnail dummy thicc

  • Now GM just sells Hummer mtn. bikes overseas, since all its tech know-how was looted by it's new Indian COO who shipped all the trade secrets to India's Tata Motors.

  • Men who are pig's like those thing's

  • Gas happened make one that runs on vegetable oil

  • A wonderful lady suggested to some people in the Deep South the Hummer should be the official vehicle of a planned memorial museum. The museum is for an American author who, as a young boy with his pet pooch, contributed to the American home front during WWII. (Later on in life, that same person and his pet kitty, contributed to the same thing during peacetime.)

  • Cybertruck says "Hi, how are ya" *wand noise*

  • There aren’t any other vehicles of this century more Iconic than the Hummer, Beetle, or Prius?! 0:57 She really didn’t come prepared for this, did she?

    • The cyber truck is a million times more powerful than the hummer

    • Of the past two decades. Don't forget that distinctiveness plays a role too. I don't think that my mom would be able to distinguish between a Camaro and Mustang, by I can guarantee you that she could sort a Hummer, Beetle, and Prius from every other car on the market, no problem.

  • I love the design of the hummer, too bad it’s gone. I remember testing MW2 inside a Hummer limo at a local gaming convention. Good times..