What Happened To Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Pubblicato il 2 giu 2019
Where has it been? How have the DLC's been performing and WHENS MODDING COMING!
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  • Shit the vids on 9:06 missed a trick there

    • i was wondering did a youtuber grow a soul

  • hehe only a min maxing leetist would call a single person game dead. I can't wait for better modding though :)

  • Does any of the DLC fix Henry being a fucking dolt? :P I enjoyed what I played of the game(lost interest at the cathedral/monk bit), but throughout my time I kinda came to the conclusion that I was playing a mentally disabled person that everyone just put up with :P barging in uninvited on a noble feast to yell about how I failed my lord on a minor task he didn’t care about and got a fancy job for it! don’t understand basic feudal social structure and think it’s okay to insult and hit a lord-to-be? Get a nice hunting trip with a tidy profit for my troubles. I wouldn’t be surprised if the game ended with Henry starting a satanic cult that does public recruiting in Rome and getting named the next pope just for laughs XD

  • I love/hate this game.. mostly hate.. I enjoy the story but playing the game is very frustrating so i start using my dagger to solve everything or just quit the game. So many meaningless tasks and pointless storylines, become a knight to fulfill your dream of being a grocery boy collecting meat and herbs.. win a bunch of games of dice or the dlc you just paid for is screwed.. yeah fun. I could shoot with a homemade bow and arrows more accurately when I was 12 than Henry can. How could he raise a shield to defend himself or swing a sword in full armor if he can't even hold a bow nearly still for a few seconds without any armor on?

  • I play this game all the time!! I have it rank right under red dead 2 for console

  • i like doing stuff for other people im not selfish and i enjoy helping others in game and in life or on mmorpg's . Anyone got a problem with this is a selfish fuk

  • the combat and lockpicking is hard im getting trashed lol

  • Why is there nobody in my lobby when I load into the game?

  • I just got this from game pass 😁

  • I believe this video was made to say the game is not dead. LOL, kids are mad these days

  • Whats the point of this video Single player games dont die yo

  • Dear Developers, Give us modding tools or fck off and die. The End.

  • The dlcs brought me back lol

  • Finished it in 4 days

  • Finally got this game and I am so glad I waited for all the updates. One of the best games EVER!

  • Games get bugs Bugs get Kingdom come deilverance

  • I like this game a lot, so many good aspects to this game. However, the DLC wasn't very good imo. My least favourite one was A Woman's Lot actually; it's interesting that we have such differing opinions on it. To each their own, I suppose!

  • Ehhh idk, the game runs just about as well as I do so it's a real immersion breaker

  • I'm ready for part 2 of Kingdom come deliverance

  • aus servers for the game are empty :(

  • It’s so dead oh my god. I can never find anybody to join my game

  • What happened to this game? Umm, nothing. It's still right there. It's only been a year. Chill the fuck out.

  • I am waiting the Epilogue part. I wish the Game become a open World Online Game. I bored having Fight Bandits and Cumans. I want to fight Real Players.

  • "What Happened To Kingdom Come Deliverance?" still broken that's what, june 2019

    • It really isnt...

  • The sequel should be called "kingdom come: arrival"

  • The game of thrones moddb page says they ceased development due to the lack of modding capabilities and that they hoped there would be more with the actual 'mod tools' currently in the game I believe.

  • Any working glitches?

  • Im so desperate for the sequel of this game...

  • Update today x

  • love this game , i carnt wait for 11th june so i can get the next dlc on xbox

  • Agreed. A Woman's Lot was fantastic frigging content.

  • i've been playing it all week, i love it it's my favourite game

  • People complaining about a lack of a constant stream of new content in single player games just remind me that I'm getting old lol

    • Meanwhile, I’m just happy to play games that aren’t at the glitch level of fallout 🤣

  • Game: Singleplayer, DLC, constant updates for a year. Jurno: Is (insert title) dead?

  • shit game

    • @Cardboardguy 14 im not a casual player lol did i ever mention that

    • It's not for casual players

  • Even Arma 2 servers still have people but I can’t even get into a server for KCD.... not angry just disappointed.

  • Just gonna add. Warhorse is a small studio so they can't release content fast enough compare to other devs. Modding support is not an easy thing to implement, it takes time, it requires dedicated team and in some cases dedicated specialist just for this task. So they probably couldn't done it sooner, or they would sacrifice the DLC.

  • Really hated that you didn't play as Hans Capon in a DLC titled around Hans Capon

  • Hey if can play conquerors blade I played it yesterday and it was awesome

  • Can we all dislike this video cause this guys video is idiotic?

  • The people saying this game is dead aren’t real RPG fans, if you want multiplayer, wrong game.

    • AgentZero 618 THANK YOU. Wtf since when did a movement Start that in order to genuinely like and enjoy video games that you have to play them multiplayer. Solo video game player and I fucking love it.

  • dude i'd rather play single player games thn these fucked up online games

  • People are so brainwashed with all the milking microtransactions, continuous 8dlc per month, bring content so you can play forever, that when one studio makes a game the old way, everybody loses their minds. Never seen a video about, "What happened to Gothic 3"

  • Wrapped it up *scoffs*

  • I just bought all dlcs after beating the main story and still at it , 70 hours in and I still got plenty of shit to do

  • god be with you

  • The Witcher 3 is a game you know? Maybe it hasn't been that long since a good single player realesed

  • I would agree on the modding support timing. I would have loved content adding mods. Then again, I had so many quest breaking bugs with every patch. I am pretty sure that content heavy mods would have made it even more annoying.

  • ah KCD takes me back, i remember playing the version without all the patches, glitchy as hell, enjoyable and beautiful. I remember getting sidetracked so hard that i was at least level 11 before i actually learned how to parry and block. I used to wonder and search for the reason why i can't block after so many hours of gameplay. Beating the camps by just getting the best gear i "acquired" from idle knights, making the whole world hate me and glitching most quests out due to my save/load if something goes bad mentality. Will probably try the DLCs soon, seems like a lot of fun.

  • no lie i literally started playin this game again 2 days ago. lol

    • @KittenGoneBad oh ya ive beatin the game. i just love it and picked it up again to play a new character

    • It is hard at first. To be expected, you are a son of a blacksmith not a Knight. Give it time, learn the game and the moves. Profit.

  • Any news on the xbox version ever getting updated

  • Loved this game til the ending what an absolute shit show for $60 fuuuuUck m8...

  • I just want the modding tools to release, and some hints at a sequel. I cant wait to see what Warhorse does next.

  • Bruh i still play it, it's still fun. I was pickling locks like a pro even before they fixed the shaking.

    • KNOT ALL THERE is it worth it? Also is it boring for some players? I’ve played 600 hrs of skyrim and also played fallout.

  • One of the best games ever made.

  • what we really should ask is What Happened To The IT-tvs Channel Called Resonant, Cause no matter what you upload there is nothing you can do to revive your ***dead channel***

  • Yo I bought this game like 3 weeks ago 10/10 finished it yesterday

    • @darthdude Played it for over 150 hours and in that whole time, Ive encountered two bugs that were both solved by restarting the game. From plaing RPGs like Gothic (I, II and III), Elder scrolls, Skyrim, Venetica, etc. this game is (at least now) by far the least bugged of them all. I remember playing Skyrim and using console to fix bugs more than actuall fighting. Most of the bugs were patched, but there is still some kind of weird meme that KCD has buggs, it really doesnt. Also, some of the reported buggs that I have seen from people are not even buggs, just their own inability to do the quest...

    • darthdude you realize they’re an indie studio right? Not AAA like EA who deserves to be sued by putting gambling in their games and removing content to push players to participate in said gambling...not developers like War Horse that used crowd funding to make a game that pushes RPG’s further than any other game has in the last decade. Maybe invest in getting a powerful PC to run this gorgeous game on instead of complaining about console glitches that don’t exist on PC. Bethesda is a AAA studio that released Skyrim that was just as buggy as this game, even worse in some areas, and yet that game and studio was worshipped until people finally opened their eyes to their BS almost a decade later with 76. This game is incredible and made by a tiny team out in the middle of nowhere, these games should be celebrated not sued.

    • @brian cortes that's more than war horse managed, smh, so fucking broken, they should be sued

    • Same but I haven't finished it yet

  • the problem is that there are no mods, that's their mistake, the should have work on modding tools as People are eager to create content....It's a great game but it needs a core creative mass.

  • Just still waiting on the Game of Thrones mod

  • I had it since beta and I still love it