What Does Will Smith’s “Concussion” Really Mean for the NFL?

Pubblicato il 23 dic 2015
We check in with former NFL player Ray Lucas and director of P.A.S.T. player services Jennifer Smith to find out what's changed since season one of "Casualties of the Gridiron"-and how Will Smith's new film, "Concussion," can help bring awareness to football players suffering from devastating brain injuries.
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What Does Will Smith’s “Concussion” Really Mean for the NFL?
Starring: Ray Lucas


  • Mom, dad, don’t let your kids do this. Game of insanity.

  • Saw the movie. Powerful. Recommend especially for those wanting to play football (or high impact sports) or those that have young sons that may want to play Pop Warner or high school Foot Ball.

  • There are risks to everything. If you love the sport play it.

    • You should love your health more then a sport. If you can prevent getting hurt you should.

  • nothing

  • it's a love & hate relationship with this game, I'm always going to love it, but you hate the after effects it can give you.

  • im still gonna play football

    • Lol same most of them are injured from tackling with their crown

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