What does 10 000 BELLS in Minecraft sound like? - Part 33

Pubblicato il 14 set 2019
new bell update in minecraft epicly attempts
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  • Palpatine: execute order 66 Felix: 17:38

  • anyone seen james charles joining and leaving the game?

  • I will NEVER sub to u,because u are KILLING feigi!

  • title: swedish man lost it after his dog's boyfriend died

  • it was james charles that put the things there

  • wait jamescharles joined the game

  • "You're not going to like Stage Two, Feigi!" Feigi: "Why do I hear boss music?!"

  • 11:50 the chat says that james charles was there

  • 7:50 it sounds like Indian Temple bells. LOL😂

  • It makes me cry!!!

  • Rip feigi 😢

  • He’s trying to be nice but pewdiepie ruined it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • at 11:48 it says james charles joined the game

  • what is the point of this episode

  • this is like a filler episode of an anime

  • 12:26 that’s what she said

  • I thought this episode is all about being serious in minecraft

  • Pewdiepie : YOU WORK FOR WATER SHEEP Feigi : Im sorry but i need to kill you

  • 2:52 wth

  • the title of this video could really never prepare you for the content of this episode 💀

  • At exactly 11:48 it said that James Charles Joined the game

  • *JamesCharles has joined*

  • 15:20 I didn't know that's a thing!

  • Poor feigi

  • Lolll James Charles was playing

  • What the name of the meme song he keeps using

  • 15:02 jamescharles joined the game

  • Got me laughing when Pewds showed the tourturing-machine-for-sheeps-but- can-be-for-chicken-too. Dude lost it for 18 mins.

  • Animals always love us

  • Pewds got crazy i think we should turn him off and on again

  • Why tf does this crap actually make me sad

  • *Dwight has left the chat*

  • Go back!!! Your dogs need you!!!

  • Whats the song's name at everytime feigi "talks"?

  • 1:06 Nhether house

  • feigi = acts all nice and tries to be friend with pewds pewds = wHaT oThEr wAy CaN i ToRtUrE hIm

  • undertale 3:00

  • The undertale music gets me every time

  • This was realeased on my birthday

  • Feigi nooooooo

  • i like your video

  • me: watches closely also me: j a m e s c h a r l e s

  • Pewds: *takes out bell* Viewers: *sad water sheep noises*

  • I still dont see 10,000 bells

  • I just saw a Swedish millionaire who has better things to do r*pe a chicken with a pole

  • Now I’m starting to think his sadness isn’t just an act

  • Pewds and Feigi = Dr. Doofenshmirtz and Perry the Platypus

  • Noooooooo why did u kill the chicken!!!!!!!!!!!we love it but you ruined it

  • it sounds like he is saying faget instead of fiege

  • 11:4i JamesCharles joined the game

  • 7:50 thats actually a nice beat

  • Feigi works for the bourgeoisie

  • At 11:49 James charlen joined the game

  • 3:05 Like a butt massage I mean a back massage🤭

  • So emotional..I think im gonna cry...

  • at 11:47 you can see loacal game and then jamescharles 2 times at pew die pie corner

  • The second he said perfect landing Ad came on saying get the perfect food

  • i keep waiting for the beat to drop due to too many undertale remix memes LMAO

  • Omg even nooo! So sad I love wolfs whyyyyhyhayyyyyy!!!

  • Feigi: stop it get some help