WHAT COULD GO WRONG! -The Ultimate Best Fails Compilation ✔

Pubblicato il 3 apr 2019
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  • 1:59 His dad must have whooped his ass good!

  • Dude, that girl at 3:45 be like: 🦃

  • 9:34 what's funny is that her shirt says "Intelligence"

  • No one: Me: 0:57

  • Lol the dog was like forget y’all I’m out he didn’t try to protect nothing he was gone

  • Oh my god i've seen it all a bunch of white people playing ce-lo .... if this doesn't end racism i don't know what will . 😂

  • 9:15 it’s 127hours

  • 9:15 it’s 127hours

  • MY FRIEND , FALLS . (Instead of picking him up) ME: *BAKAYARO KONOYARO* !!!

  • 8:54 STONE COLD 🔥🔥🔥

  • That horse broke that chicks arm in response to her weight.

  • 9:15 one like=save Abby I liked my comment cuz no one else will


  • When U realize u have extra homework 8:33

  • LOL i love how loyal the dog is at 5:02 hes like "well i guess i better go into the water too."

  • When people got hurrtttttt: 0:22 0:27 0:30 1:28 1:48 2:05 2:11 2:25 2:39 3:05

  • The fish at 6:40 said "GIMMIE THAT CAMERA"

  • At 9:57 do you see the resemblance between that guy and the camel

  • These are the most amazing videos i have seen ever.

  • @4:58 gotta love dogs

  • 06:38 You know what, forget this. 👌🏻

  • When the Laughing stops...

  • 9:10 the dad saw it coming lol

  • It said "balloon buster." With words. Why are we acting like it doesn't say that? 6:05

  • 5:41 I shouted out loud...at work.

  • Everyone wants to talk about "going mudding" until it's time to do muddy shit... 1:38 LOL

  • 3:34 only a best friend can laugh like that 😂

  • 0:28 Poor man got hit RIGHT F - ING THERE (I’m a girl and I got hit in that area by a soccer ball)

  • Last one.. Plz sit here 😂😂😂

  • 1:57...immediately door opened 😂😂😂

  • 9:34 It's good that she put her fingers in the mixer, and not in a meat grinder. Хорошо, что она сунула пальцы в миксер, а не в мясорубку.

  • 9:21 The dog turned out to be cowardly. It ran away far into the thicket of the forest, and no one else saw it: '( Собачка оказалась трусовата. Она убежала далеко в чащу леса, и больше её никто не видел :'(

  • 4:11 woooow

  • 9:15 I did not understand, but what are these legs sticking out of the rock? Я не понял, а что это за ноги торчат из скалы?

  • 9:06 Everyone made such tragic faces as if the boy was mortally wounded Все сделали такие трагические лица, как будто мальчик получил смертельное ранение

  • 8:50 I did not understand, but who threw the picture on the boy’s head? Я не понял, а кто это скинул мальчику на голову картину?

    • It fell off the wall... rewatch and u will hear Velcro tearing

  • 1:45 The horse threw this woman very elegantly Лошадка очень элегантно скинула эту тётку

  • 4:50 The girl made a face as if running away from an explosion Девочка сделала такое лицо, как будто убегает от взрыва

  • I feel bad for the first guy to he’s just an old man I hate that one