WHAT COULD GO WRONG!? #25 | Hilarious Fail Videos 2019

Pubblicato il 5 dic 2019
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  • 13:22 Obvious insurance job 😂😂😂

  • The majority of women today are fat Buffaloes.

  • Omg at 8:23 I thought he had his wiener out. Lol

  • OMG!!! When the old guy went down in slow motion that lady laughed so hard she had me busting up almost as hard! 😂😭😭

  • I like the channel but most of these are the same ones being posted over and over and over...


  • Every time I see a hammock I want to punch it in the face. They are one of the most clunky, awkward and problematic "relaxing" tools I've ever seen

  • The guy slipping walking down the stairs, I did that a year ago after it rained and it cost me my job I hurt my back so bad, I tensed and looked away when I saw that, can't stand it

  • The real fail here is portrait mode on most of these.

  • I joke a lot about everything!!!! So please don't go getting offended people!!!! Its my nature!!!! I love to laugh at everything!!!

  • I'm retarded I Know!!! LMAO....

  • At the 8:30 mark you can hear Jason Garrett clapping in the background.

  • Most of these are just normal slips and trips. Not funny or shocking

  • 7:52- The woman's laugh is what made this clip funny. Once she started so did I👍

  • 7:52. She laughs like a damn skidding tire.... 👀👀👀👀👀

  • 2:42. And he was the only one 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • I've seen these

  • The video at 10:46 😱

  • 1.22 the look on the childs face when the cake went away lol :)

  • 2:12 There's a tiny, tiny step at the bottom and I bet that happens to a lot of people on those steps.

  • 7:53 sounds like a kettle on a stove lol

  • 'I know how to fall'. Yeah, flat on your arse like everybody else does.

  • 5:29 what was in that bucket 😳

  • Old videos boring 🤣✌

  • 4:13 "Don't tell me my business vicious devil woman!" What movie?

  • Looks like everybody "Knows how to fall"

  • The second one in the funniest.

  • 5:58 That Charlie Brown football kick tho...

  • If you laugh You lose. Like please Like

  • time stamp 6:30 to funny lmao

  • Old videos.