What Can You Do With 100 Tubes of Toothpaste?

Pubblicato il 21 gen 2020
Today we're taking 100 tubes of toothpaste and testing out its different properties. What's inside of them, what are they made of, and how do they work? Can you boil it, does it foam up- what's the difference between charcoal toothpaste and regular?

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  • I want to see you freeze dryer it!!!!!!

  • just toothpaste and i squeez from the mid

  • I do it water-toothpaste-water, but when I do the second water its only for a brief pass under the water so it doesn’t wash away most of the toothpaste.

  • How to clean your blender:put toothpaste and blend it at high with a lot of water

  • Water toothpaste water 💦

  • Middle

  • I use a pair of chopsticks to squeeze dry the toothpaste

  • Can you freeze dry toothpaste? And will it still work the same if you can?

  • Fresh Smile

  • Cali: im leaving next scene only Cali

  • I do water totthpaste than I brush my teeth

  • It even says on the tube "If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away." But I guess it wasn't an accident soooo.....is it okayyyy now orrrrrr? I'm kidding! Don't purposefully swallow toothpaste

  • Y'all are the people from the word problems in match class 😂

  • Im scared in orange juice Aka im scared to drink my orange juice watching this video

  • I hope they don't swallow, fluoride is poisonous

  • What can you do with tooth paste in vackum compressor

  • How I do it is water ,toothpaste ,water Then toothbrush

  • You should try and freeze dry the toothpaste sometime. :)

  • Bottom

  • i was cringing the entire time that nate was putting the whole tubes of paste in his mouth

  • *i can english*

  • Why do you did you burn it would like a blow torch that would’ve been awesome

  • Water toothpaste water for sure

  • Why do I feel like Nate ate like 10% of the toothpaste? Also at CVS they sell a pure black charcoal toothpaste I tried it before and I did not like it. Now I use a wooden charcoal toothbrush. I would also like to see you guys try and mold charcoal toothpaste that would be amazing.

  • "what can you do with 100 tubes of toothpaste?" Well surely you can clean teeth very well

  • 4:41 I'm a crazy person like Nate. I do that too!

  • Put some toothpaste in the vacuum chamber!😁 love the videos btw, guys are so fun to watch and creative!

  • I'm cringing so hard 😬😬

  • The bottom

  • fire: "dies" Callie "dies too" Nate "Uses entire tube of toothpaste"

  • You can repair dry wall with it.

  • Wait people put water on toothpaste I dont I put toothpaste on my toothbrush and brush

  • I just cut the bottom off of my tooth paste to open it

  • are you a water toothpaste water or are you a crazy person me: no im a nate

  • toothpaste cotton candy? Freeze dry toothpaste?

  • When you win toothpastes in lottery

  • Don't eat toothpaste kids.

  • Water tooth paste water

  • Me: Mom can I get toothpaste Mom: No we have toothpaste at home Toothpaste at home 7:33

  • This made it all the way to get published? Most disgusting tkor video ever.

  • Bottom

  • Okay but why didn’t they try to freeze dry/dehydrate it??

  • Dentist will be angry

  • From the middle

  • Titanium is a metal there for when combined through a chemical reaction you do not refer to the nonmetal as mono, di or any other prefix it would be titanium (II) oxide cause it’s a metal with a nonmetal but on the other have if it was nitrogen instead for example you would use prefixes


  • Nate: *squirts an entire tube of toothpaste in his mouth* Me: Well, at least he's wearing white. Nate: *squirts an entire tube of charcoal toothpaste in his mouth* Me: ????? WHY???

  • 3:32 The way Calli said "Nope I like cat!" sounded like she got possessed for a second, like her audio totally sounded different then the rest of the video XD

  • You should freeze dry the toothpaste

  • like, at the end of this video: dentists best friend

  • I really wanted to see it be set on fire... Yes im a pyro

  • I do water tooth paste water then brush

  • With Nate

  • well if you use toothpaste from the bottom or middle it is just pushing toothpaste from the top so you're still using it from the top 😉

  • Middle

  • Best Video so far made me laugh😂😂😂♥️

  • My friends little sis when it’s 5 am ( 4:59 )

  • water toothpaste water, and I squeeze from the bottom.

  • Water TP water

  • I brush my teeth water toothpaste water