WeLcOMe tO mY wORkoUT rOutiNE

Pubblicato il 3 apr 2019
JOANA SWEATER NOW AVAILABLE: hellojuniper.com/channel/UCkin59aR57-RgqvN04jHSIg/p/1865852518461
Oh my god I haTE Joana Ceddia. tHAT child is so annoying and probably has the IQ OF A hamsTER. wHO Raised that thing? It smells. Bad. John Ceddia should be cAStrated. No! She should be CHEMICALLY castrated. We can’t be letting Joella pass on those faulty genes into the pool. She will start a genetic disorder. 20 years down the line, doctors will call it the “José disease”. What a disgrace. I mean, come on sheeple!! Are you really that stUPID? Are your brains the size of a peanut? An orangutan could comprehend this. Your just morally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, atmospherically and satanically incompetent and ignorant. Bow down before me, morons.

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  • Like I wouldn't have never guessed that this girl works out... maybe I'm a bit out of touch with reality

  • Damn those muscle (muskuls)

  • glad to see literally no one in this comment section has worked out before this shit is remedial at best

  • how have you done the same shit every morning for seven years

  • NO 3 millions cookies?

  • Is this filthy Frank? LOL

  • absolutely ravenous aritzia her vocab in 3 words

  • Legit getting Tyler Olivia vibes

  • For a sec I thought this was a danish video fact I’m from Denmark 🇩🇰

  • this is like Jenna Marbles 2.0

  • LEGO brick abs no mames 😂😂

  • wow she strong strong

  • I want her to beat me and make something else harder than my abs

  • Break the fucking parallel while doing squats !!!!!

  • *She protec* *She attac* *But most importantly,* *She has a 6 pacc*

  • Damn. Did not expect this.

  • 3:40 it’s called ’Russian Step-ups’

  • Broscienceeeeee

  • Fantastica la traduzione in italiano ma perche cazzo é nei consigliata sta cosa

  • ur weak

  • 4:14 squat past parallel Joana stop cheating!

  • Holy shit I know that YMCA lol

  • why

  • amk videonun başlığını kekolar çevirmiş

  • Damn girl you're strong :D

  • I subbed so fast😭 girl you are so entertaining I love it!

  • Ummmmm..... your close to 3 MILLION subscribers... .. you are going to make 3 million cookies

  • I have the same beats headphones, BTW you are the best 😘

  • male sweat is nasty? you mean sweat in general?! women sweat is nasty too!

  • "step up on the iron bench thingy with weights but do it with each leg so that you aren't a lopsided lucy" By fall out boy

  • what the fuck did i watch? i wanna more

  • almost at 5M, start bakeing them cookies

  • "I ain't here to skip leg day" Proceeds to do leg press skipping 60% of rom. Very impressive upper body strength though. Nice vid.

  • Oh my gods, how do you do that so early. I can't even function properly at the gym at 10am. Only evening workouts for me.

  • I’m impressed

  • bruh ass to grass

  • Joana plz don't do situps :(

  • Wait She has 2 microphones 😰

  • damn, u got dat Circle K

  • You are the representation of what my father wants me to be: Wake up early Do exercise Do well at school Paint or read in my free time Also I love how you are no that kind of people that goes to the gym to do abdominals and take selfies

  • Im more terrified of the $11.99 gas sign at 5:09

  • imagine James Charles saying hi sisters in the intro

  • Not eating animals and animal products (saturated animal fats and dietary cholesterol) prevent heart disease.

  • Got distracted by those gas prices

  • I wasn't paying attention but I'm pretty sure she said Bench 3x5@85% 2x5@80% Incline bench 5x5@60% bpm DB press 5x5@ RPE 8-9 5x20 DB curls drop set 5x15 tricep extensions drop set 5x10 reverse curls And the for legs 5x5 back squats RPE 7-8

    • Lamar da powerlifter you call that a workout ? Haha

  • You seem like a cool person, thanks for the gym thing you showed the world

  • This is like normie edginess that i would equate to liking the Bloodtype B emoji. And also get a real program, no idea what this is supposed to accomplish. It's full body but still a bunch of isolation exercises, the chinups and pushups are great though. I'd rather have someone only squat on one day than do all of this wacko shit. Edit: this whole comment sounds like some dumb hate thread but this is literally the first of your videos i've seen

  • 4×12 Pushups? Your are the strongest skinny girl I know damn

  • Don't be a half rep andy. I want to see full range of motion. Correct that technique.

  • 2:03 males don’t use that machine bruv

  • We all knew this workout was hard, but I tried it yesterday and I can confirm... IT’S HARD 🥴

  • What are you doing up at this UnGoDly hOuR JONE Cedia WITH ONE D

  • y no hamstring exercises. also y no break 90 degrees on squats

  • That is the funniest thing that I have seen in a while. A ravenous chupacabra LOL.

  • Too much machines and not enough free weight

  • I’m literally sitting here eating a egg burrito.

  • Why not change it, why not apply progressive overload and get stronger and healthier?

  • Who gets the Bohemian Rhapsody reference in the beginning?

  • what the fuck am i watching

  • What... what is this? Why has this video appeared in the middle of the night?