Weather: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Pubblicato il 14 ott 2019
John Oliver discusses the tension between the public and private worlds of predicting the weather.
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  • The main problem is capitalism

  • "...has stepped down & divested stake in company.." - single most obvious indication of direct involvement in impropriety [,sex-assault,gender,racism,fraud] > Every American immediately signs up to/bookmarks National Weather service website < 🤞 If you don't all support it by traffic, it *will* get taken away from you by private sector. Absolutely loved "Super Storm Barry". 😂 Brilliant! Reindeer suicide. 😂

  • I’m almost sure that nobody cares, but in the 80s Accuweather graphics it says that the USA has the world’s deepest snows, when in fact it’s actually Aomori, Japan.

  • Just so we're clear, america never offered help. They let the holocaust happen before even listening to the calls for help from Britain. My point being, america doesn't offer help, and apparently is ungrateful for receiving it.

  • John Oliver would make a good lawyer

  • Accepting help and cooperating with others makes us weak and, where have I heard people spout nonsense like that before? It was recent, I know that. Here in the U.S., too. And it's not uncommon among a certain part of our society. Oh. All I had to do was wait for a few more seconds for John to drop a name.

  • I find it so funny and scary that the Trump supporters still think he's draining the swamp since he became president he's filled the swamp up

  • 7:39 Yay! John thinks my name rules =)

  • Hearing a British man attempt a 90s Seattle grunge voice was something I didn’t know I needed until I had it

  • Why are there so many evil and greedy assholes in this world who value money over lives??? We need to start placing everyone under penalty of perjury who give testimony in Washington.

  • Haha. I live in Madrid, Spain. Accuweather said there was zero precipitation while it rained cats and dogs, so go trust. it.

  • america thrives on instilling fear into its citizens to maintain control. These graphics are a great visual aid to keep low focused americans inline.

  • I am so sick of capitalism right now. When you have to pay a private company in order to be informed of a TORNADO HEADING STRAIGHT FOR YOUR HOUSE, then your society has truly been corrupted. What a disgrace this nation has become. I'd like to say I love my country (I'm an American), but looking at what's going on right now, that's getting harder and harder every day.

  • "behh ehhh ehh ehh he's still alive"

  • Accuweather gets their information FREE from the gov department which is NOAA. Basically they want to be a paid filter- Such a catchy name and all. Exactly like private health insurance is a paid filter in-between you and your doctor. And they limit what your DR can do for you. insurance has caps.

  • The Weather Underground is a forecast app?!! I thought they were domestic terrorists in 1970’s.

  • Can't avoid Trump. He's a storm that won't end for another 4 years.

  • Cheers cheers cheers. I 💛 u and crack up every show!!

  • why isnt chem clouds showing on weather radar and why are meteorologists helping cover it up?

  • Oliver needs to sell t-shirts that say "Suck on this one; Sit on that one!"

  • This is sickening. Next you privatize the police, so people with no money can't even get help from thieves, rapists and murderers unless they fork over some money.

  • The guy withdrew trump's nomination after a month of this video's release. Well done Oliver

  • I really really really hate late stage capitalism. Private organizations are literally trying to fucking ruin everything on purpose! Plus assholes like Trump who are so beholden to them it is beyond fucking stupid! Treasonis Asshole!

  • Water boils at 100° in the rest of the world.

  • Those effects the weather channel used of the power pole falling and the car falling from the sky are literally from an app, it's called action movie

  • According to Wikipedia, Myers didn't get the job! \o/ "After two years in the nomination process, on November 21, 2019, Myers withdrew his name from consideration due to health concerns." "His nomination was returned to President Drumpf by the Senate on January 3, 2018, resubmitted on January 8, 2018, returned on January 3, 2019, and resubmitted on January 16, 2019. The nomination was withdrawn by President Drumpf on December 2, 2019."

  • that's it - i'm getting rid of accuweather

  • Thank you ✨

  • 13:58 that news station piece is from the ABC station here in Pittsburgh

  • If anyone wanted to know, Myers withdrew the nomination for health conditions, and it’s safe to say he won’t be running anymore

  • the NWS should not be like NASA (it's riddled with private sectors)

  • This was uploaded on my birthday And I’ve wanted to be a meteorologist since I was 7 I’m now an upperclassman

  • #MagnusDidNothingWrong



  • As of this date (January 12, 2020,) for anyone who wants to know, NOAA is under the leadership of Neil Jacobs and hasn’t confirmed a leader since January 2017. Maybe one of the better things the Senate has done over the past couple of years.

    • _Thank_ you for saving the rest of us January folks the time looking that up!

  • John Oliver is so obviously far left. He's really funny but he intentionally leaves information out CONSTANTLY!!! 🙄

    • Also the reason why the news always shit on trump, is probably cause he tried to dirt on a political oppenent, which is illegal... Also, trump got pictured with Epstein 🤣

    • @James Rowland he's a talk show host, of course there'll be bias, he's reporting the news from a certain point of veiw... Also, most of the stuff he talks about is barely covered by the media...

    • @James Rowland Yes and no, transparency is about making sure the process that got you what you have or are presenting is easily seen and (with hope) understood. I'm not going to say Oliver is in the right by ignoring the things Trump has donw right, but just what has Trump done right that's actually substantial or worth covering?

    • @Fenris Waffles no, no transparency does mean revealing everything that you're fine and not just what you want to find

    • @James Rowland Transparency doesn't mean representing both sides equally, especially when one side requires more focus because it presents a vastly bigger problem. What exactly is the problem with focusing on the issues Trump is causing and the problems Trump represents?

  • I so like this man.

  • 2:07 that’s the most British thing John Oliver has said ever!!!

  • 7:18 "winter storms EVEN FLOW" *Eddie Vedder intensifies again*

  • Two things. First. I will. Believe. An old farmer. W. A bad. Knee. About the weather. And. The female. Weather. Ladies are. Always. Hot looking.

  • What a liar you are. Trump puts your worthless ass to shame. Most of your information is wrong and skewed left.

  • I am envious of trump I wanna be stupid and very very happy and confident

  • Lmfaaooo he killed it Eddie Vedder... That will be in my head all dam day 😵😵😵

  • Lets ignore trump. If a confirmed pornstar meeting cant stop him, nothing can.

  • When I first heard him mention the problem with naming a storm Janus, I heard "Janice" -- and it *would* be a problem to name a storm Janice, because you KNOW she doesn't give a fuck about you. She doesn't give a fuck.

  • Looking at the Symptoms of Capitalism Weekly While Avoiding the Underlying Problem with John Oliver

  • I think I can skip my abs workout today by laughing so fucking hard on that Anus getting bigger joke...

  • Sometimes I get violently angry at some of this shit...

  • Great Eddy Veder impression

  • I'm glad Environment Canada provides my weather service. Plus they have a free app that can notify you of alerts.

  • That news weather guy at the start of the video is fucking hilarious. So sardonic, love it.

  • The Weather Channel sure does show a shit ton of shows of people wading through water and losing their houses. How many of them voted for the homie in office who doesn’t believe in global warming? Sad.

  • I hate accu weather ever since he said he saved Eddie Vetter.

  • What's that? A private corporation stealing something that taxpayers paid for and then charging them for access to it? No, not in America! Never!

  • I just realized the first clip of the dude breaking down on the Weather Channel it's from Michigan and it makes sense that he might have a break down about like the weather here it's unpredictable

  • Yeah for capitalism, doing its job making the rich richer and the poor fucked over and out...


  • Oh good lord, something terrible was going to happen, I just KNEW trump was going to be involved

  • It’s amazing how Americans are so blind as to say they are the “greatest country”, it’s a joke. The “greatest country” wouldn’t prioritize profits over human life