Wearing ONLY Body Paint For A Day! Ft. Jeffree Star

Pubblicato il 19 feb 2019
Jeffree Star, LipStickNick, and pro body painters George and Sasha body paint realistic outfits on us that we wear out in public! Things get... interesting.
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  • My fuck that guy in the pink is hella gay

  • when you have no money to buy stuff so call the best person in the world Jeffrey star

  • this maked me cringe kinda cus like ahhh your doing that in public

  • What a big dick

  • Who kept looking at their wieners

  • I don’t have Twitter

  • Did anyone else see that one person in the live chat say *”I NEED A TISH”*

  • I wish James was there

  • Even your ducks are getting paint??

  • Ik at least 1 of u guys r lgbt or even both but!- I've been hearing u guys r L *G* BT (u know what I mean), for eachother?? Is it true?

    • Emma Steward If you’re talking about Grayson, and Ethan having feelings for each other I could probably say they don’t since they’re twins and it would be... different at the least.

  • Jeffery star must be so happy

  • That was so cool why did you do that

  • No one: Me: Looking at the dolan twins’ boxers

  • Cuz the girl in the pink looks like voldermort from Harry poter

  • When ur only on body paint and it rained

  • After you got the shoes then you took the paint off?? Really?

  • "I don't feel naked"

  • 1 girl is fake he's are a boy

  • Fuck your merch

  • their eyes are swollen :(

  • 6:00 at least your not a girl and you need to do this every time I little hair grows

  • Jeffree Star deadass looks like a motherfucking alien straight out of space jam.

  • 18:05 You could buy a vehicle, for how much those shoes cost.... 🤣

  • who's here in 1984?


  • Hi

  • where is james?

  • That gay

  • Brooo you have f@&$ing jefree star

  • What happens if they have to go to the bathroom?

  • is lipstick nick friends on face-off

  • Sean is Happily Resting watching his 2 Amazing Son's play.

  • What would happen if one of them randomly got a boner while in underwear😂

  • What if they had to pee

  • Pls don’t call me out , but I stuck looking at their bodies 👀

  • Anyone see that the girl who was next to jefree was James Charles merch

  • From thumbnail it seemed as if he had half of his paint on so I thought he might be like Vivec from Morrowind I'm disappointed

  • Ethan: Hopefully we don't get kicked out as soon as we walk in- Grayson: Or arrested...I don't want that to happen again.. Ethan: Either of those would SUCK Yes they would Ethan, yes they would

  • I love how Jeffrey is just offering moral support and entertainment

  • All Ethan sounds like the hulk when they do his armpits