WE UNLEASHED THE KRAKEN! | Hitman 2: Sniper Assassin (w/ H2O Delirious)

Pubblicato il 19 ago 2019
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  • Where's the kraken???

  • The kraken do

  • I love sniper hitman 2

  • the guy with the scar on his face looks like Kim Jong Un

  • "Release the Kraken!"

  • Hold up is it me or is he walking on water 11:39

  • 22:40

  • luv the dynamic duo playin hitman never stop

  • I tried to watch other videos but i cant do it becos this video si very good

  • "WE UNLEASHED THE KRAKEN!" kraken shows up at the end of the video

  • 😂

  • There are some eird cuts in this video


  • Oh by the way You can find the same exact Easter egg in Sapinza

  • ze krakan 👊

  • Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword

  • Cartoonz do you know what’s happened to h20 Delirious? You’re his best friend so I thought I’d ask you

  • LDong stands for LongDong

  • anyone know why delirious not upload video?

  • Cartoonz tell delirious to play more hitman!!!!

  • Cat00nz squirrel is gonna prank you next beware I keep an eye on squirrel.


  • Where did delirieos goes 6 days without uploding any video

  • Delirious though is super obvious Brian too also can't wait to be yelled at by a bunch of annoying people please don't bother

  • 100% at least everyone but Evan Marcel maybe spoon or 4 zero is Homo not that there is any thing wrong with that

  • Havent seen h20 in like 6 days. Im concerned. I hope him in this video means hes ok. Luv u toonzie

  • Bro

  • Where is he cartoonz I know you know where is delirious

  • If U don't 👍 THE VIDEO U GAY

    • Hey now, what if I already am gay? What then? Checkmate.

  • The boys are back in town

  • Fucking love yall on some hitman. Keep em coming!

  • Cartoonz and Delirious sitting in a Construction Building. K-I-L-L-I-N-G

  • I had deja vu for this video

  • TABS updated the Vikings faction

  • Why aint delirious uploading for the past 5 days?!?

    • try checking his twitter if he said anything about why he hasn't been uploading.

  • Why delirious dosent make vids does he have sick

  • Singapore..woots

  • When did da Kraken show up?😂😂😂I didnt see it

  • I just like the video in 30 seconds because you scared me into it

  • What happened to delirious

  • Squirrel pranked ya and stole yo teddy

  • Hey man thx for making the videos I love watching them, I get picked on and bullied all the time at school and when I come home and start watching ur videos it always makes me feel better thx man a lot.

  • h20 where are 😭😭😭

  • I find it funny that they don't hear the bullet go past them and just stand there like nothing happened

  • Idk why but I just noticed the cute animated intro of cartoonz and delirious

  • I like how Cartoonz apologizes for calling spider lily hot

  • Who else came here because delirious hasn't posted in days 😭

  • this game is so sick!

  • I love the videos

  • Play more mortal kombat 11 with delirious

  • You guys should go back to sea of thieves

  • What happen to h2o

  • I miss h2o

  • Clickbait but still best youtubes ever


  • Delirous isn't posting videos and I am so ANGRY👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿

  • Well atleast it wasn't technically clickbait

  • Shoulda killed every civilian there every time. Those fuckin' vermin were just happily letting people get kidnapped and didn't do a damned thing.

  • That’s some clickbait

  • I was hoping this video would have some clue as to where Delirious’s been and why he hasn’t posted but it didn’t. :(