We Tried Breastfeeding In Public • Ladylike

Pubblicato il 22 mag 2019
"This woman is out of her mind!"
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  • Any mommas breastfeeding their babies while watching? 🙋‍♀️

  • Not trying to judge that one mom, but are babies suppose to be breastfeeding at age 2?

  • A guy that looks at them (the dude part is important) “UHH hOw DaRe YoU” guys that ignore and walk away “UHH hOw DaRe YoU”

  • What I didn’t know it was some people who really cares about other are breastfeeding in public. And think its discusting or something. It’s totally normal in norway heh..

  • Breastfeeding in public never even seemed like a mild issue to me, I just never thought twice about it. My aunts always did it, my family all breastfed unless they couldn’t, so to me it’s always been normal. My mom and one aunt would routinely alternate between breastfeeding, pumping and formula. Breastfeeding in the bathrooms and such make me uncomfortable though because it doesn’t seem like a sanitary situation. I’m not a mom, but I do hope to breastfeed when I am one, I can’t guarantee it since I have semi-inverted nipples, but again it seems normal to me. Plus formula smells funny when I’ve babysat. I’m also one of those people who doesn’t like the covering of the child during it, I feel like it’d suffocate or over heat them which makes me nervous. I think it makes people uncomfortable because they’re not used to it, either they’re not from families with small kids or they’re just from pretty conservative families where it’s taboo. I’m also just like “they’re boobs they’re meant for a baby’s foods get over it” so 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 my biggest issue would just be being stared at...which is the same reason I’m afraid to wear heels or a skirt

  • I think they're taking the men walking away too offensively or too seriously. They didn't say anything. How do you know they didn't agree with it? Maybe they were trying to respect boundaries and make you more comfortable? And like the two guys sat there a while and left after a while. They could've just needed to leave. I personally think the jabbing at the men was unnecessary

  • for people who left while you were "breastfeeding", is it possible that they left for your privacy and not because the didn't agree/were uncomfortable?

  • I'm rewatching this video and only now I see Dean Winchester on the screen behind Freddie on 7:00

  • I feel like looking at a woman breast feeding is only normal. Not staring but just like trying to figure out what is going on. Is she breastfeeding? Oh cool I’ll mind my business.

  • All of my husbands guy friends would turn away or make a very serious effort to stare right at my face while talking. All out of respect for me

  • 7:08 did anyone else catch dean winchester in the back ground😂😂

  • I loved breastfeeding it's good for babies and moms!

  • omg there watching supernatural in the background!!!! thats my fav movie series!!!

  • Meanwhile, I’m just an older sister who takes care of a baby......but I love taking care of my baby sibling, they’re so precious and make me grin everyday!


  • Its because people think the only use for our boobs is for men (AND WOMAN!) when actually the only reason is we can breast feed

  • "And then we went to a bookstore with a cafe and I got a cappuccino" lol

  • Nowadays, men get up and leave for 2 reasons usually. Firstly, out of respect for moms to give them privacy in case they feel uneasy or embarrassed. Secondly, this is 2019...men don’t want the possible hassle (getting stigmatized, harassed on social media, life ruined, fired) if they unluckily run into a crazy #metoo nutcase....since just looking, being nearby, or saying a word to a woman, could be fatal.

  • Breast feeding in public shouldn’t be frowned upon. It’s the way women feed their babies and bonds with them. Respek to all the breastfeeding mamas!

  • what haven't they done ???

  • [Devin taking the stroller down the stairs] Chantel: she's strapped in. Devin: no. Chantel: oh well there goes that. Me:😂😂😂

  • Not an important comment but I just love the fact the someone's watching supernatural on the tv in the background as fred is fixing the baby's hair. 😁 @ 6:59

  • I live in LA and had to breastfeed my daughter at the nail salon but I had forgot I didn’t bring a cover up since I was going to wash it that day and used my shirt to cover up. I turn around and see a woman taking a picture of me or video and trying to play it off like she took a selfie I wanted to cry and disappear I felt like what i was doing was disgusting and i shouldn’t be doing it at all . I don’t know if it’s because i look really young I’m 19 but i look a lot younger or if it was just because i was simply breastfeeding either way I hated myself for months I didn’t leave the house i had my daughter inside all the time after that

  • I feel like the people getting up and leaving are leaving more out of politeness rather than disdain.


  • Some people will just leave because its respectful though


  • I breastfeed EVERYWHERE. And I mean everywhere :D. Breastfeeding is a beautiful journey and perfectly natural.

  • 😐

  • Me and my sister were never breastfed as babys cause my mom smokes and she didnt wnat it to hurt us (she didnt smoke while pregnant)

  • 6:13 did anyone notice supernatural was playing on the tv in the background

  • I love that y'all have Supernatural playing

  • Anyone else notice how at 7:01 they are watching supernatural on the tv (dean winchester tho)

  • I love seeing supernatural in the background and knowing exactly what episode is

  • I don't like that a nursing lounge is either in the womans restroom or attached. I don't want people coming in and out after they have used the bathroom NASTY, Do you want to take your meal in or very near a shitter!?! IDTS!! Women should be able to feed a baby whenever its hungry no matter where they are! IF a woman prefers more privacy then a simple room with a rocking chair and changing table away from a bathroom would be fine if that's what she CHOOSES!!

  • I LOVE Devin!

  • Breastfeeding should not be happening in public I know it's natural it should be done in private not posted on Instagram or put on IT-tvs ect

  • They were watching supernatural!!!!!

  • 12:59, you can see the people's faces..

  • i dont always think that they are leaving because they dont like, but maybe give them privacy, or not make the mom feel uncomfortable by having a man around, you know what i mean?

  • she is completely covered up.. sadly covering the baby with a whole blanket..adults don't put a blanket over their head and body to eat. covering up this way actually draws more attention, better to use breastfeed tops instead..

  • I don't have anything against women being Motherly or anything like that, but I don't think women should be doing it in super crowded areas or have themselves flopping/peeking out because there are usually kids around and Parents have a hard time trying to explain to them why this person is being Nakey. Seriously to have your breasts actually showing is just flat out disrespectful to everyone, Do you want to see every random guy with his Penis out? No cover up and be respectful, then no one has a problem.

  • Wow, i was trying to get a break from Supernatural until i freaking see it in the background. No hate. Lmao

  • Fred with the edge control, comb, scissors, and toothbrush

  • 7:00 tune in for tragedy

  • Anyone else see Dean Winchester from supernatural in the background on the TV?

  • Yall better read about breastfeeding in Islam

  • Him I was just reading the comments I don't think people (or just men, not sure) should leave just because the mom is breastfeeding and wouldn't like them to be uncomfortable. They chose to breast feed in public. U don't have to get up to give them space o.O...

  • Why would she get a coffee if she’s breastfeeding, poor baby😂

  • Breastfeed all 3 of my sons, oldest 7 months long, middle 9 months and youngest 13 months. By the time with my last he hated being covered up and only ever got a couple of dirty looks🤷🏻‍♀️. Boys ages are 7, 5 and 2.

  • It might not have been that they didn't agree with it, they might have just wanted to give you space

  • Casually watching the best show ever in the back ground (supernatural)

  • I've been nursing my daughter since she was born (shes almost 1 1/2 now) and I've never had anyone say anything to me about it. I was really nervous in the beginning and I would time our outings around her eating schedule because we have all read the "shaming" stories told by some women but I thankfully haven't experienced any shaming. I don't use a cover but instead the two shirt method. Maybe its just my part of the world but breastfeeding isn't an issue for the people I have encountered. The women in my family will hang around and talk to me while I nurse but the men usually head out of the room- I take it as a sign of respect but even if it does make them uncomfortable they are superbly mature about it.

  • Off topic comment but I couldnt help but notice at 5:56 to 6:02 I just happened to notice Felicia Day on their tv and I'm hoping it was from supernatural 😂 Edit/Update: IT WAS I LATER SAW JENSEN IN THE CORNER OF THE VIDEO AROUND 7:03

  • Why would you assume the men stood up because they don't agree with breastfeeding in public..... That's prejudice in my eyes..

  • Devin- It's ladylike and were trying breastfeeding in public Chantel- *moves hair to expose chest* Devin- ohh

  • Curious to see the reactions of people living in different parts of the country

  • People are better with smaller chests. My mom who has HHH has a harder time covering and “casually feeding”. She doesn’t give a fuck of course but it’s worth a note.

  • At a church here in Oklahoma that I used to go to, a young mom breastfed her baby during the service and nobody batted an eye. Even I was surprised, it was really refreshing! (:

  • Nah I just dont like seeing women feeding in public cuz my boyfriend