Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
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  • imagine being friends with the vlog squad.

  • What’s up with that song dancing queen ? What does it mean ?

  • Jacksfilms

  • Heath is drinking la Croix

  • That was the most pathetic dancing queen bit ever

  • 3:44 Deserves a freeze-frame. 🤣

  • Tanas assistant in the back 😂😂

  • shoutout to jacksfilms

  • Who knows the shoes at 0:47

  • David, I need to meet ilea any condition I’ll give you my house

  • My fiance and I would love to hang out with y'all!! It would be lengen....(wait for it) ...dary!!!!

  • Omg i love your bunny 😍😂

  • Why does dima look like 2016 scott

  • why does David always pick the best music for his outro's?????????????

  • OMFG🤣🤣🤣when david has his goggles over his ear😂😂i’m crying

  • oml there’s a bunch of danganronpa cosplayers behind the kid with the apology video😂 go look

  • Omg David Dobrik i love you so much please notice me!!!

  • Wtf litterly Gevork is in my class

  • David? there‘s a IT-tvsr called crispyrob he‘s a big fan of you and talked about you in his vodeos as well

  • Whats the song the crowd sang at the end of the video?

  • Jason, love ya, but let’s not name shame children 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • What song was at the end

  • And yes david.. sexton us my last name. Oh wait.. this isnt even relevant 🤣😂

  • More gabbieeeeee

  • I love that they still hang out with the mime

  • Hi David I’m doing this again but I will do this until you could see this please come to cambodia and Natalie David stop scaring Natalie but thank you for make me and 13M and more people laugh and smile just thank you please come to cambodia please please and bring the vlog squad just all of you guys come please bring Liza if you can because she is just fantastic like Yass please come hope you see this one day or came to my birthday and you could come because you are rich as you know please come

  • 3:58 my rainbow 6 motto

  • Jeff probably did this last night. LMFAO

  • Is tod gay wtf

  • He's definitely high.

  • NOOO WAY 0:28 😂

  • is it bad for me to say heath actually looks attractive with his new haircut

  • Omg Mr.Nick is in the Vlog without makeup

  • The apology costume was a Jacksfilms thing, like legit, it's the same cardboard image, didn't expect to see that in a David Dobrik vlog, but hey, I'm not complaining.

  • Hrgyyy

  • Am I the only one who saw the twerking varli girl


  • No, he is just better than you Dave, but the shitheads will always watch you... I mean they brought us trumpy cat too who is destroying earth. So because I am already dead, keep on with the good work, I guess...?

  • 4:20 long

  • What in the mayonnaise is going on here?

  • The last clip just looked like dancing queen is his song and he‘s giving a concert

  • 1:00 that bottle landed in my garden, i live in england 😂

  • Watching David’s vlogs makes me want to actually have friends 😂😅

  • Why does Nick literally look like Rumpelstilzchen from Shrek 4?

  • it's nice david likes Dancing Queen, that song triggers me because i knew a little girl who loved that song but she died of brain cancer. my mother also loved Abba and died of colon cancer. so now i think that song causes cancer

  • So... are Natalie and Ilya (idk how to spell it) dating or not..?

  • You’d be suprised actually wouldn’t by how many videos r titled “I shouldn’t have done this in my house”

  • My hand smells like cum

  • David:”nick is now teaching us how to make cocaine” Jeff: “yeah no that’s not how you do that”

  • “Dude, you know diabetes runs in the family” “Aight shut up” “I don’t think anything runs in the family”

  • Tell me why the Jesus cosplayer dude looks a lot like heath

  • 2:04 only the true ones know this costume

  • Make a movie

  • This kills me😂

  • lmOAOOOO oh my god i die every vlog howwww do you edit so well sheesh

  • OMFG ❗❗❗ IM A HUGE FAN! I WOULD WOULD FAINT IF I SAW ANYONE❗❗❗ mostly David honestly he's way cuter then everyone there in my opinion ❗ David and everyone there has been so entertaining and when I've been sad aka Depressed they would actually give me a good laugh if u do see this by any chance id like to thank all of u. THANK YOU!😘😘

  • ilya cute no homo

  • Jeff Barley flinches too gunshots

  • But where did that bottle go tho?

  • nobody: not a single soul: David: oH mY fUcKiNg GoOdNeSs

  • Ilya’s backkkk

  • 👋🏻Florida ☀️🌴🇺🇸

  • One day I wish to party with them

  • Wtf I didn’t see one guy in the crowd at the very end???🧐🧐🧐

  • Omg

  • David:” how can we destroy my new hose like the last one?”

  • the dude with the apology video has 7 million views yet 10 million dislikes?

  • Holy most vlogs are the same time

  • I ship David and Natalie

  • Omg your bunny is sick David best ducking bunny ever dam I love that bunny

  • 1:07 me when my friends keeps adding to their story 😂😂

  • Why was Jeff the only one not wearing gloves?? 😂😭😂

  • What’s the song at the credits

  • 2:30 🥶😂😭💀


  • That diabetes joke was DEFFFINITELY scripted lmfaoooo

  • natalie being a concerned girlfriend ((,:

  • Did anyone else come here from @theewilliam45’s tik toc to see if you could spot him in the back round?? If you did click the like!

  • Wtf are your thumb nails

  • If you see this Trisha, let it go sis lol. Click off and go take a nap.