We QUALIFIED for the Trio Champion Series after EPIC GAMES RUINED THE TOURNAMENT... (how)

Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
We QUALIFIED for the Trio Champion Series after EPIC GAMES RUINED THE TOURNAMENT... (how)
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We QUALIFIED for the Trio Champion Series after EPIC GAMES RUINED THE TOURNAMENT... (how) I hope you guys enjoy this Fortnite Battle Royale Funny Moments Gameplay video! Today, we We QUALIFIED for the Trio Champion Series after EPIC GAMES RUINED THE TOURNAMENT... (how)
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  • name a better fortnite player than me

  • Yeet

  • U got carried 😂

  • i know this is a month later but i realize that me and my trio was in kiwiz game

  • I love how this happened once too NA and people got mad but it happened too oce 4 times and no one cares

  • thats why *never give up*

  • Cc

  • 666’666 views

  • 666k views anyone else?

  • y do u never push

  • you should do squads custom

  • You should make a video of you playing Fortnite and replacing all the guns sounds with weird sounds

  • Laser that kid......misses every shot lol.

  • I would subscribe if u didn’t ask people to subscribe before every single video

  • The one screaming sounds like MFS Clix

  • Do fist chest u get that all u get for the rest of the game

  • It happend on every mode

  • vilet is actually good at first i thought he was bad lmao he is super good

  • i cant yall on any of the leaderboards

  • Somebody plz tell me how to get that skin in the thumbnail

  • 21:53 he killed him through the stairs

  • The like the video thing is so annoying

  • You died by nightlen he is goated I know his youtube

  • Ur great

  • Love the vids have a great one everyone please stay blessed


  • In the video

  • Your mike cut out at the minute of 24 minutes

  • Do u think I can be in your trip instead of dequanted I swear I’m better bro

  • is it just me or does anyone else get annoyed by that one spot on his forehead that his hair doesnt cover😂 sorry kiwiz i love you

  • 24:59 anyone else not hesr him talking?

  • Vilet is insane

  • Should be titled how to get carried by 13 yos

  • Dude it’s not epic games fault it’s you because clearly other people are getting g in

  • Y do u have sooooooooo many ads

  • Holy crap dequented is so annoying

  • Mic cuts out

  • Whited whited whited,good stuff good stuff good stuff west west west, on vilet on vilet on vilet, in the sky in the sky in the sky

  • You're letting yourself go kiwiz watch out

  • Why at the end it just cut out every thing he said

  • The title should be kiwiz gets carried

  • I liked and subbed on 5 accounts!

  • U can play if u are division 10 only

  • Como solucionaste el error?, a mi no me dejaron entrar al torneo fornite

  • i have good channel tryna grow 👇if controller CODE KIWIZ

  • y u have season 9 bakground its season x

  • I saw lurned on ur list Kiwiz I have him added since he had 143 subs and then a month later he gets 2.8k like lol

  • Noooooooooooooi that’s not ok we need to see ur ugly face cause you funny

  • It happened to me on contender cash cup

  • I un subscibe from u just cause your intro and I dislike

  • Skip the intro in 0.11

  • lol ur hair

  • Your reaction time is godly 9:45

  • KIWIZ: if you dont like in 5.3 seconds you get bad luck for the rest of your life ME: MMMMHHHH i dont have a life

  • Noice

  • He should stop click baiting us on clicking the like botton

  • *Kiwiz needs to go back to black ops*

  • U r g a y

  • Fuck u kiwix

  • Kiwiz's hand gestures makes him seem Italian