We messed with the wrong Huntress... | Dead by Daylight

Pubblicato il 18 set 2019
We played a rare round of survivor using a very altruistic build. Unfortunately, this particular Huntress was not in the business of letting altruism happen.
Check out the Killer in this game here:
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  • To anyone who's trying to find Jake's POV m.twitch.tv/videos/482000655 Awesome huntress and entertaining to watch both sides

  • Oh she picked ruin. To *Slow* down the game *JUST A LITTLE BIT.*

  • Clicked for the jojo kanji 😳😳

  • Ok, those throws, this was really good freaking Huntress. Edit: Use a pebble, start a fire... Otz predicting future? :D

  • Omg it’s a Turkey shoot

  • Otz on survivor? Didn’t know it was possible


  • Should’ve used me

  • 2:19 says don’t worry to the stream xD I love this guy

  • Watching this guys stream was depressing, he has the most suicidal look in his eyes and complains about everything the whole time lol. I also find it funny when he abuses killer mechanisms to boost his ego. #Getsomefreshair

    • who

    • Yeah keep crying about him using otzcheats.com lmao. You wish you could get that level of skill

  • That huntress was crazy

  • Me watch video. They got insta heal? Me realise its just before update..

  • This video gave me so much anxiety

  • man this was awsome game

  • "This is a very big map which would hurt a huntress." This Particular Huntress: 360 No Scope... YEET!!! *Distant scream* Huntress: GOT EEM!!!

  • Holy crap that's an AMAZING HUNTRESS! :O

  • Otz maining best girl makes me happy.

  • Streamers are so dumb with ruin, the whole stop working when you miss a skill check is completely wrong, as you notice, when you stop and go back on, you get more of a chance of getting an instant skill check

  • For other people wondering about hag tips like the donater in the video, check out Space Coconut, he really is the best Hag player around

  • Why is he talking to himself?

  • Otz plays survivor 😱

  • You picked the wrong trial, fool!

  • Going against a huntress that’s not brain dead is scary it’s almost like they develop enhanced senses because she sniped the other survivors a few times

  • Scary as bro

  • How is someone like that rank 9 and a lazy, blind killer like me 2? He deserves the 1 so much!

  • Where is her husband?!

  • Thanks for the tip for hex ruin mess up. I usually do like a sec it two and get back in it. Not recommend because it might be time consuming, but that wait seconds sounds better.

  • Omg that plays

  • I found the killers video: www.twitch.tv/videos/482000655

  • I love ur vids bro ! Ur insane too GG’s

  • 15:30 “I don’t know man, use a pebble, start a fire, drive the bus” I’M FUCKING DEAD lmao. This guy is so funny using the map in his joke.

  • I am a main huntress, and i'm impressed

  • Damn that was an amazing game!! Intense af!!

  • When palette heaven turned into hatchet hell o.O

  • Why the white supremacist frog? No better memes available?

  • I like the Pepe meme

  • You actually play survivor OMG

  • Should’ve healed Ace at the end. Both could’ve made it

  • Otz playing survivor: Me: wait, that’s illegal

  • the niceses and best huntress ever

  • Okay, seriously- I can't even spot the hatchet he is talking about at around the 0:20 mark. Where the hell was it?

    • Wait, now I see it. A blink it and you miss it trail. Still, damn.

  • Hehehehe Instaheals got nerfed...

  • God damn huntresses on PC are really f****** good and im a Huntress main on PlayStation 4 but the ones on pc keeps hitting them without even seeing them how do they do that

  • Love how this guy knows to tell us not to worry because he knows he's calm but I'm not

  • Otz got pitied? This huntress was above decent in skill.

  • I can’t see how people can be this good without hacks ... way too accurate

  • The hell how throwing hatches as far a football field and hitting lol crazy

  • Is it weird that I have a list of favorite Survivor screams whenever they're thrown upon a hook?

    • Luis Rosario 1. Steve

    • Hawt

    • Yeah most definitely.

    • @Mike Oxlong Didn't think anybody would actually ask. It's more of a mental list, but I'd be glad to jot one down.

  • This huntress got the 10x scope add on for her hatchets, shit.

  • Not bad, blood lodge is my favourite map for Huntress btw

  • From furry dash to this, nice.

  • Bro the fact that this huntress knew these angles like that says how insane he is💀

  • take a shot everytime otzdarva says "I reckon"

  • Just found you here, and you're one of the more positive, non-toxic streamers I've seen! Subscribed :)

  • Otz oh your running away from me Huntress I can’t snipe u unless I walk away

  • I see me in the tumb xD

  • She is just standing there...Menacingly

  • I just love the way you do your videos, pretty good job

  • Taunts huntress Tyrant music starts

  • "He's not half bad: After nearly getting sniped from across the map when on a totem

    • On a fucking dull totem