WE GET CUSTOM SKINS - Gmod TTT: Ju-Lie | Let's Play

Pubblicato il 14 lug 2019
We get custom skins in this GMOD Trouble in Terrorist Town gameplay for Ju-Lie!
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Innocent Roles:
• Innocent - No special abilities or weapons. Must take out all Traitors to win.
• Detective - Has equipment to find out who the Traitors are.
• Mercenary - Can buy both Traitor and Detective's Equipment.
• Glitch - Looks like a Traitor to other Traitors. Cannot see who the Traitors are.
Phantom - Haunts their killer on Death. If that person dies, the Phantom comes back to life.
Traitor Roles:
• Traitor - Can buy unique equipment and weapons. Must take out all Innocents to win.
Vampire - Can briefly become invisible. Gets health from dead people.
• Zombie - Can kill other players with a knife and turn them into other Zombies.
• Assassin - Has one Innocent as their target. Does extra damage to that target and half damage to everyone else. Gets a new target when the current target dies.
Other Roles:
• Jester - Role is shown to Traitors. If they die, they win. Cannot do damage to other players. Cannot be hurt by environmental or fall damage.
• Swapper - Appears as Jester to Traitors. If they are killed, the killer dies and the Swapper is revived as the killer's role.
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  • Ju-lie/Julie is my nickname cuz my name is Jolie and Jolie is hard to pronounce

  • i watch this series solely so i can stay informed on all the ways to incorrectly pronounce geralt

  • Another 1 million views on TTT!

  • "I suspect everyone" literally everyone is a zombie

  • I feel bad for Ryan always being traitor teamed with Lindsay

  • This video gets a like for Geralt in a towel popping into existence and yelling "I'm back!" while holding a crowbar

  • they clearly havent played the witcher

  • lindsey as a fucking cat had me in stitches

  • 34:30 A dragon walking around with a barrel... XD 35:40 Gavin's realization of his own betrayal is hilarious! XD 36:50 "That's a common cat thing. They walk into danger." XD

  • *Anyone does anything* Person nearby: That's a traitor move! *kills them* "Oh they were innocent"

  • I love Jack's logic 7:08 "I'm getting stabbed!... I shot the cat.."

  • Jack runs towards everyone with a barrel Jeremy: Ah heads up Ryan by the way Ryan: I don't give a fuck *Ryan blows himself the fuck up* i lost it there

  • Gavin's breakdown at 35:47 makes me cry laughing every single time

  • He said no so I shot him, which was perfectly reasonable I thought - Ryan 2019

  • 6:53 Gavin dying from falling 10 feet x'D

  • 4:41 best part in the whole video

  • These TTT vids quickly have become my favorite videos!

  • Yeah remember when I said Lindsay hadn't done anything particularly or extra stupid yet... She did🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ the fuck watching someone shoot barrels hears them say I'm shooting Barrels in Lost in the barrel and then has the nerve to say next time you should say that you're going to shoot the barrels🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ he did you fucking idiot😑🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ God damn you are dumb

  • In all seriousness though let's all take a minute to appreciate the fact that Fiona is not in this video so we can actually enjoy it and be entertained...... Thank God👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼💙💙💙💯💯💯

    • And none of them bitching about Lindsay being dumb but she hasn't really done anything particularly stupid in this episode so it's actually watchable and entertaining and like I've said several times I'll take Lindsay total Fiona any day even though I really don't like her at all and she runs most videos but still she could still be funny on occasion and once in a while she does it ruin the whole video..... unlike Fiona

  • 33:59 Holly Hill Jeremy said he didn't nothing trailer like... Except for murder Michael when everyone was okay with him killing Gavin accidentally cuz it was clearly an accident but yet you murdered for no reason that is clearly a try to thing to do cuz you're hiding that you're a traitor 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • 16:54 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ wtf is Jeremy talking about?! The only out of himself as a glitch when he said I'm a glitch! At no point does killing the traitor let everyone else in the game know you're a glitch get freaky one of a person that's a traitor 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️... So what the fuck was he talking about because that didn't make sense

  • Nasty sounding sneeze

  • I love watching y’all play this game! It’s hilarious!!

  • Matt wasnt a zombie at any point during his time as phantom,yet he didnt realize it at all.

  • 46:41 "I don't give a fuck!" *proceeds to die"

  • hey i have been watching rooster teeth since 2008 and rwby since season 3 and i so wanna hear Lindsey swear every conceivable swear in ruby's voice

  • If I hear Jerawlt one more time I swear to god


  • Lindsay is super frickin' good in this video though! You go!

  • You guys should do a yogscast Let's Play colab for TTT because the Yogscast is basically the British version of Let's Play, except they have some members from other countries

  • Y’all sleeping on the Yogscast...

  • Can Lindsey and Ryan be TEAM CRAZED PSYCHO?

  • Love all the skins but the CAT!

  • 21:13 - *Jack:* Not my fault, really Gavin's fault. We agree with that... *Everyone else:* Nope...

  • Hearing all of them say Geralt wrong is painful

  • sniper should be one shot head shot


  • 41:05

  • I love these videos but it's painful every time someone says "Jeralt"

  • I may have re-watched this video more times than I've watched GTA Offense Defense. That's a LOT.

  • 13:54 LOOOOOOOL

  • Anyone else see Lindsey just stood behind Matt like a ghost 16:17

  • 27:13 the most Justified Anger Jack has felt towards Gavin in years

  • No one can say Geralt properly lol

  • I've seen so many of Gmod and I loved this and the cup of friendship (gmod). I've laughed so hard. Thanks for making me laugh every time.

  • The probability of Gavin shooting the glitch instead of the traitor is the same as flipping a coin and getting heads three times.

  • glitch aka gavins only weakness

  • Hearing Ryan say 'sus' is funny.

  • Lindsey is a tard

  • Gavin you team-killing fucktard

  • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD... it's pronounced GAR-alt... not Ger-alt lmao

  • I'd add the timestamp for AH Animated - Deadpool, Bane and Cats!, but there's no point as it's literally the start of the video.

  • AH animated 0:00 begins instantly

  • 35:49 Gavin!!😂😂😂

  • I freaking died at 7:10 when Michael is sniping Jack, and Jack literally just turned and shot the sweet little Lindsay cat for almost no reason.

  • I hate Lindsey not gonna lie, the only funny thing about her is that she's a cat, other than that she's a plank of wood

  • Hey Gavin, whats a 'roll cole'?? XD

  • Gavin saying your dead shut up, I'm glad he dies from the barrels

  • Funny how Michael suspected everyone and it was

  • The only benefit of outing yourself as a Glitch is that you put a teeny TINY bit of pressure on the traitors They out themselves for no reason all the time lol