I entered Lachlan’s Fashion Show and WON!

Pubblicato il 24 gen 2020
Fortnite Fashion Show - Lachlan's World Cup Qualifier for $10,000!
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  • This was SO much fun! Shout out to my teammate Sypher - I think we may have to enter a few more Fashion Shows!

  • I have hemlock and u am like WHATTY

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  • You should do the sharp shooter emote with that skin it will look perfect

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  • Wow, I guess Lachlan is so impressed by you guy’s 👍👍👍👍👍

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  • Dude being a hater in the comments is not cool show some love to Ali-A!

  • Let's hit 17 MIL subscribers

  • i like your trickshoots

  • GG fair play Hope you get so much vic roys

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  • Congrats Ali-a!

  • I love how lachlan reacts to alia and sypher winning😂😂😂

  • Love it

  • That’s a sick combo

  • Botfinder Ali A

  • You fused

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  • guys it takes me 1000 seconds to count to 1000, is that bad

  • I love fashion shows in Fortnite!

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  • It’s funny when ali-a kept on messing up

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  • its funny how his ping is all the way at 260 in creative

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  • I love ur videos 👉(him and I not me and him)👈


  • In chapter 2 season 1 I killed you

  • The omegas were also you tubers

  • They don’t know yet that they win and get first place

  • Ali and sypher are a great duo and team

  • Alia can you add me please I need wins please answer my name on fortnight is football _x11

  • I’m trying to find your crust you but it’s not working

  • Someone just screenshot the last few seconds of the vid and troll on Twitter " LACHLAN GOT ELIMINATED BY ALI-A AND THEY SECURED THE DUB"

  • Lachlan has a kid helping him jude