We Dress Like VSCO Girls For A Day • Ladylike

Pubblicato il 14 ago 2019
"Smack me in the face with your Fjällräven!"
Special thanks to Scout and Maddie for sending us your photos!
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man carrying a Fjallraven Kanken backpack in London
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Santa Claus School
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  • NOT GONNA LIE It turns out this is a cute look --Kristin

  • Oh my god on my bus the other day, someone dropped a Hydro Flask on her younger sisters head and started bleeding. You could faintly hear a sksksks coming from the Boys sitting in the back near me. It was hilarious and reminded me of 8:45

  • My mom turned me into a vcso

  • Love the new hair jen

  • nooo! they wore the socks too high! vsco girls roll them down and scrunch them so you can like only see a little bit of the top and the nike symbol

  • I thought during the pictures Jen looked more like a K-Pop star.

  • "this is a weird video" - Jen 😂😂😂

  • They should have said lady and I ooped

  • Devin*we don’t have to get a real hydro flask, we can get knock off Kristen* just get a blroflask

  • Do an e girl version

  • do yall have tiktok

  • I’ve always seen VSCO as Manic Pixie Dream Girl!

  • In the begining Jen was going ham on the items🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Jen Devin and freddie my faves❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • For VSCO it was my dad that did not know what a VSOC girl is

  • OK is anyone else in love with jen 😍

  • scrunchies-wrists or hair? BOTH!!!!! all da scrunchies everywhere!!!! :):)

  • Ahhh Jen is sooooooo cute.......Is that weird????

  • Those scrunchies...80s popped to my mind! And pearl necklace? The 70s!

  • Wait... I wear oversized t shirts... But im no vsco girl

  • Jen is just so frikin adorable, please help :") my heart can't take it

  • you guys look so good

  • Only woodfairies wear Fjällräven...

  • I loves Jens hat

  • Most VSCO Girls: I am unique in not like any other girls The rest of them: *says same thing* That's an OOF! and a half in my book.

  • Jen: I love *brand*, I’ve had *band* my whole life. I’m a lesbian.😂

  • Girl time😍

  • Jen is so cute😊

  • I love this challenge

  • The blanket they have i have it on my bed

  • "So sexy when you do that" Devin to Jen pulling out her knife and I'm like yaaassssss !!!!!

  • I love this video! They really tryed

  • I’m a vsco girl In a vsco wo-orld It’s oop-tastic No more plastic Always messy hair And scrunches every we-ere Hydro-nation Long shirts I will stay in Birkenstocks and my vans go we’re ever I go Medal straws puca shells I got plenty Come on girly what’s the tea Oop oop oop oop oop oop Come on girly let’s get earbuds Sksksksk sksksks Song was meant to sound like I’m a Barbie girl They also say and I oop and I oop skskskksksksksksk They also hit ppl with there hydro flask

  • We're I get the necklace

  • Bro did really just say@catiescorner and @baily dedrick

  • "Dis mine, I want des glasses." -Jen Ruigerillo (spelling not accurate)2019

  • We’re are the vans? How is there no vans. UwU

  • Exskskskskuse me?

  • Become egirls next!😂

  • Devin is looking really like a real vsco

  • Devin was right Jen does look hot while using her knife

  • I love when are moms try cool stuff lol jk ly🤣🤣😍😍🥳🥳

  • I’m a VSCO girl and I love this :)

  • soft-girl

  • Almost wish this was the style when I was in school, instead of clothes so tight you couldn't sit down or breath >_>

  • People in the world 20% normal/themselves 80% VSCO girl/boys

  • So it’s basically summer camp counselor chic

  • Jen the entire time was just I her own world

  • I like you ladies but I only acknowledge one vsco girl That's Julen

  • I’m surprised VSCO’s don’t wear 4ocean bracelets..

  • Omg, I can see their shorts! Sksksksksksks!

  • N o

  • 3:43 im impressed jen

  • 6:13 Ladylike out of context featuring Jen: “It’s really hard to get his little thing into the hole” XD also she looks so cute with that had and the outfit!

  • kskskkssskksksks and i oop

  • Jens teehee HAHAHAGAAZSDTFDV6J 😂

  • 8:39 “Alright kitchen your turn”

  • VSCO is not how you define a person. It’s a way of life as well.

  • Save the Sea Turtles And I oop sksksksk

  • You can’t buy off brand things

  • There id 4 vico boys at my school