We Built the BEST Gaming Facility in the World! (MILLION DOLLAR TOUR)

Pubblicato il 22 gen 2020
Introducing the 100 Thieves Cash App Compound, an innovative new hub for 100 Thieves' esports, entertainment, and apparel.
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  • I remember fan girling insanely hard over nadeshot in bo2, haven’t watched him for about a year and it’s honestly insane to see the progress, I have actual goosebumps this mans just turned his dreams to a reality and not even close to being finished yet. GG Nadeshot, GG.

  • damn, i remember watching nadeshot back in like mw3 days with him and scump and tbh i didnt really like him, came off as douchy/arrogant. but bro major props to you for building a legacy in 100T, they aint my team in CS but the way youve built this org and made a name for yourself is only something i can dream of doing. Keep it up man. God bless

  • Rip faze

  • That is insane. Love it 😍

  • I just realised how much esports has grown and how much potential it has

  • looks like content slave factory lol

  • Azr is just smiling the whole time

  • I HOPE the new 100T merch is just a joke.

  • #SponsoredByTotinoRolls

  • How do I apply for a regular position here? I'll literally move states for a new job opportunity. 😭😂 Like to help me

  • how many money do you spent for the internet

  • FaZe has a $100 milion tho

  • BEST TEAM😍😍😍😍🇺🇸

  • never thought I want to join a org but now I'ma go try hard in grinding although it might never happen lol

  • This is GODLY!

  • Honestly, I’m so proud to have followed the company’s progress throughout the few years. Ya’ll influenced me to follow my dreams and start my own company 🙏🏼💯

  • Man..this is so sick!!!! Incredible achievement, hats off 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  • Everything perfectly planned and structured, i dream of joining this org...

  • Get a rocket league team

  • This is a weird episode of the office...

  • 6:17 MRsavage room!

  • 100tMRsavage

  • They've just changed the whole game

  • 100T is the FaZe of the new decade

  • Can everyone pls sub to my channel 200IQ EU

  • 100T 200IQ?

  • How to waste money in 0.1. Seconds

  • “Ssumday you have no idea how many hotdogs I’m gonna get you this year “ “yeah” what a legendary response . Like of course you are my little bitch

  • fuck nadeshot

  • Multi million dollar facility but only has one basketball goal 😢

  • 6:38 when the band director walks in on the trombone sectional

  • I m thinking how much the sponsors would give 100 thieves 🤔

  • This has to be satirical, I smell the bs

  • Bruh why this remind me of a GTA cutaway scene where they tell u about the business u just bought

  • Yassuo looks like he's wearing his dad's suit

  • 6:14 MrSavages room

  • I hate the interior design of this palce

  • 6:13 it’s MrSavage M

  • These guys copied Tipper Esports

  • Slime is a better nadeshot than nadeshot

  • Tipper esports lookin clean

  • what about food?

  • 6:12 Is that MrSavage’s streaming room?

  • this is dope

  • Wasting money on Brooke

  • Why is everyone saying staged stuff and why was this nade’s idea? Oh yeah cus it’s his brand

  • i want to work for nadeshot now

  • Lacks diversity

  • This seems a little worse than the Misfits house lol

  • Why do I gotta bad feeling bout this brand/org?

  • its My dream place. I do streaming very normal configuration like GT 710 2GB. its cost 60$. so that's why its My dream place.

  • Imagine investing in dying games instead of stable money makers like sport games And imagine playing fortnite And no I don’t like a lot of sport games but they never die off

  • Built the best studio, have a horrible team

  • i just wish i had a pc ffs

  • Put a gym in there

  • Cringe fest

  • Mega douche

  • They need a Rocket League team.

  • This video is every sponsors wet dream

  • What is this like some sort of sodo sopa.