Pubblicato il 21 ago 2019
Do you know someone who has bought a house on the Internet? now you do! After much searching and traveling to Atlanta, we actually bought our house online - on the world wide web, lol. Crazy huh? People buy all types of things on the Internet...and now houses! We finally got our new home and will be in it soon. We hope you enjoyed this fun video! thanks for being part of our moving journey to Georgia!
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  • are we crazy for buying a house we never saw in person??! or super awesome? lol Soon we will show you the video: "Seeing Our House For the First Time!"

    • Nope

    • Martha Martha please don’t believe this nonsense!! It’s pure Click bait. I haven’t watched their videos in months because of the big mess they got themselves into. Now I try them again and their still doing stupid stuff I’m done. With the foolishness 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • Ann Vaughn because they are living in a motel please don’t let them fool you. I’m sure the throughly checked out the new house before buying it. Click bait

    • Mia Kennedy please believe this is only to get more subscribers. If the last house they found on the net was misleading, not at all as pictured. Why would they do this again, especially now they live in Atlanta. I bet they went and checked that house out throughly before they bought it. Plus living in a motel with no space for the kids after not liking the first house they found on the net? Sorry, I’m not buying this story, because it doesn’t add up, nor make sense. Pure CLICK Bait 🤔🧐🤔🤔🤔

  • Alexis has white on and Ava has Black on

  • this is so crazy I'm looking at homes online to move to the Atlanta area for business and it's so overwhelming watching your process put me a little at ease. but I'm still worried about finding a good area for my 11-year-old little girl to be comfortable, any suggestions would be great.

  • First round Ave: round 2 Alexisand I love you guys videos♥️♥️

  • White shirt is Alexis and blue is a Ava

  • Alexis is more foused

  • Alexis is in the white dress and Ava is in the black

  • Paint can always change

  • Yes Googled is awesome

  • Ava in black and Alexis in white

  • Ava is in the black and Alexis is in the White

  • Love Ava's answer. It's the future baby. Sometimes you have to have faith before seeing the full picture and know what you know. Congratulations on your new home Mclure family ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Ava is in the black dress I believe and Alexis is in the white. They're personality is different though they are so identicàl

  • Ava is in black Alexis is in white

  • Alexis is in the white.

  • Alexis is in the black and Ava in the white

  • 1. Alexa 2. Ava

  • Alexis is in white and Ava is in black. Beautiful family 😍

  • Alexis In black and Ava in white

  • Live in Sacramento California

  • Lmbo yall crack me up! Wishing yall goodluck with finding a beautiful home..Avas in black and ALEXISIS is in white! My daughter wants to meet them 💓lets set something up lol

  • Alexis si in the black, Ava si in the white

  • Alexis the pilot,thank u to Ami

  • I jxt got the difference from Eva(in black) cus she said”sissy” Even if I know nothing I know Eva will never mention Alexis🤗

  • Ava is in the black

  • When I see their videos the twins are so cute👯‍♀️

  • Ava is the one in the black dress, Alexis is the one in the white dress

  • Alexis is wearing white. Mom called her by name at 6:04 😁😁😁😁

  • Black-Ava White- Alexis

  • Avas in the black Alexis is the white

  • You are already sitting in the dining room of your new house as you make this video. That's a little strange.

    • @The McClure Family That certainly is a very unlikely coincidence! 😉😉😉

    • It was Justin’s cuz Leroy. He got the exact same house. Crazy coincidence 😂

  • Alexis is wearing white Ava is wearing black! Love y'all♥

  • Ava is in the black and Alexis is in the white. Ava's eyebrows are closer to here nose and the shape of the eyebrows are also different!

  • Alexis: Black top / Ava: White top. Ami give hair details please. LOVE!! The house looks amazing unfinished..I’m SOLD! I say YES! CLICK PURCHASE!!!

  • I think Alexis is the twin wearing the white flower shirt and Ava is the twin wearing the black flower shirt that's my twin guess ❤️🤞🏾. I love the video and mom you and the twins looking cute in the video! ❤️❤️

  • First one is Alexis the second one is Ava

  • Alexa have a white blouse n Ava is black

  • Did anyone else catch it “here”

  • Alexa's is in the white Avais in the black u guys are the only people i watch i really hope i get a shoutout love you guys so much!!!!!

  • Ava in black Alexis in white

  • Ava is wearing the darker shirt and Alexis is wearing the white shirt. Am I right?

  • It is AVA!!!!

  • Ava wearing the black dress and Alexis the white dress

  • Alex’s in the black and Ava is in white floral top and then there is jersey

  • Ava was wearing black and Alexis was wearing a white shirt

  • Ava in the dark shirt and Alexis in the light shirt (I’m right I’m so proud I don’t even try telling them apart and I’m right most of the time)

  • I don’t believe you. This is just for views right?

  • Ava is wearing black and Alexis is wearing white💗💗💗

  • Lol I knew as soon as the video started that Lexi was the one in white!

  • Ava's in Black and Alexis in White I love these twins💜💖

  • Ha ha, you revealed Alexis at 6:05. I could tell from the beginning of the video though. Ava's voice is deeper.

  • alexis is in the white and ava is in dark . i think because generally ava just speaks more then Alexis. alexis is more of the intervert

    • then youre gonna say which girl is which xD

  • Black suit ava and white alexis like if you think i'm correct

  • Ava is wearing the black jumper

  • Alexis has on white and Ava has on Black 🤗

  • What about Alpharetta? No?

  • Then mid-video, that was Alexis right around 4:25

  • The second time was Alexis, then final round was Ava again

  • Ava!

  • Ava got the black one and Alexis got the white skirt on