We are storming Area51 [MEME REVIEW] 👏 👏#61

Pubblicato il 15 lug 2019
Do not storm Area51, this is just a joke. Dont do it ironically or unironically, just dont.
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  • Dude watch bills channel that is fake

  • There isn't anything at area 51. Go to Utah.

  • that is not a hail of warcraft carrier its a banhsee from halo

  • My sisters boyfriend is in the military, I'mma ask him for help.

  • You might've been joking but 9f you raid area 51, you could get serious jail time or the guards could shoot you. Logic. Wanna go there now?

  • He said hail of war craft that’s a halo alien ship at 2:26

  • T series KO बीच में क्यों लाता है बहन चोद

  • How can I go? I'm CHINESE DAMNIT

  • pewdiepie noob🧟🧟🧟🧟🧟🧟

  • you noob

  • I bet those dislikes are from area 51's personnel lol

  • Naruto running decreases speed and ads drag

  • Plot twist: T-Series is actually a group of aliens in Area 51 and the government is forcing the aliens to be #1 and the videos brainwash people into thinking that we don't need to raid Area 41.. hmm.

  • It's called a banshee

  • This not about aliens from space it’s about creepy creatures are coming from the underground of area 51, if they are coming from the space why do they come in one place, US wants to let all the world away from it, and they don’t want to let any other government to know about what they are doing. This thing is reminding me of (the strange thing) lol . This is really bad, if what I’m saying is real.

  • Boring u r

  • it-tvs.com/tv/video-geiw2wS_Huo.html

  • You dumb dude :)

  • it hurt when he pronounced naruto wrong


  • I am from Indonesia

  • Noob

  • Imagine If pewdiepie asked all his subscriber to raid LOL

  • Badua

  • If you want to make it pass the gates ... Put all of the fat people in front. Just watch the movie born in East L.A. first ... Then you will know how to pass the guards. Then you can call I.C.E.E. on the space backs. Unless they ask for asylum. Don't forget to report any illegal aliens.

  • Just for naruto 1like ❤️

  • Damn its been a month?

  • petscop 2

  • Aliens are not real and there are no ailens in area 51

  • Piewdiepie you should lead your 9 year old army into Area 51 also I’m 9 and ready you should pick all the 9 year olds up with a massive tank that says PIEWDIEPIE on it

  • tari mano bhosdo


  • Pls cheack my channel it is not very good cuz I gust started but pls give me a chance

  • 1:20 abu hamdan has made to pewdiepie lmfao *ما انصدمت بصراحة*

  • Hey! Romania???

  • Yo Felix loving that shirt bro. Supporting Sesh ;)

  • Is my mother one of the recruits I haven't seen her in year Omg MAYBE SHE IS I AREA 51

  • I'm gonna use mah plotz ArmoR and NaruTo rUn and i will retrieve the lost city of LeAf VillGae

  • 9:50 pewdiepie has found out grandmas recipe for lich juice.

  • SEPT 20 WHERE ARE YOU?!?! school

  • If PewDiepie goes and dies in area 51, 100 million subs will seek vengeance

  • dont you think that the goverment has moved everything good to a differnt area like area 52

  • they cant stop us if we naruto run wish i could go...but my mom says no because my dad is an alien

  • Me: *signs up for area 51 raid *sep 20th Me: *dosent go to raid


  • Pewds has to speak in swedish during the raid so the aliens don't know he killed water sheep

  • Way t siris way 😭

  • Pewdiepie videos are awesome if you want to quit youtube and go to sleep then just turn them on and after 10 sec you will shut off your phone

  • what is the name of the weapon hes holding on the tumbnail

  • This reminds me of halo

  • I'm from russia . I can't go to area 51 on 20 september((

  • T-series can go die at area 51

  • Okay but, who’s actually goin 👀

  • They will all get shit by the army what do they think

  • When me and the bois wanna see some aliens we gonna see some aliens.

  • ill tell you what they'll do. they'll shoot you. they can use deadly force the minute you touch that fence

  • Pewdiepie : “ September 20 what are you doing...” Me : going to school I don’t live in the US

  • 7:32 Like this to remind pewds to watch JoJo for the memes

  • I'll make sure to get the shirt with writed on it " if you shoot me, ur gay "


  • Area 51 guard on sep. 20th: why do I hear boss music

  • Ходный конТЕнТ

  • That will move all thare stuff to Area52

  • me *gets tired while naruto running area 51* them *drinks gamergirl pee as a swiftness potion*

  • Book look you will die if you go

  • 2:09 YoU hAvEnT pLaYeD tUbEr SiMuLaToR

  • Don’t forget your Minecraft bed

  • Area 51 raid: if we naruto run we can dodge the bullets Me: Love em or hate em you can’t deny they’re s p i t t i n g f a c t s

  • What if inside Area 51 is a DEMOGORGON?

  • Really

  • Man there is so many people going there that the government will make fukin area 52 literally

  • This video will disappear after 20th September

  • Just don't vaccinate the guards the wait 4 years. Then we attack.

  • *20 million people show up* AREA 51:*PULLS OUT MINIGUNS*


  • *M E M E R E M E M E*

  • Anyone want to go with me to see if we can find the Stranger things season 4 script!!!

  • هذا ابو حمدان😂😂

  • Why did u put #61 if it’s Area 51

  • My birthday is on September 20