we added 50 MORE New Crafting Recipes in Minecraft

Pubblicato il 17 gen 2020
These 50 new crafting recipes are awesome check out this NEW Minecraft update!
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we added 50 new crafting recipes in a NEW Minecraft update, that's right 50 more items to mine with, to buff your pets with, to battle with, even items to eat. One of my favorites is the food vending machine where you can spend gold nuggets to buy food items!
we added 50 MORE New Crafting Recipes in Minecraft
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✅ Map created by VelvoxelRaptor
🎶 Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound
All music used with permission from its creator.


  • Bully

  • Number **21**

  • Its diamond fire

  • paano yan gawin sa mcbeta

  • hey logdotzip why not a flame sword it gives you fire asspect 3 and fire resistance 2 fire charge 1 blaze rod 2 blaze cream 2 blaze powder 1 nether star 1 magma block the tip is made up of magma block, the middle is a nether star,the handle is a blaze rod and fire particles will suround the sword.

  • E LOOK

  • it doesnt work

  • 4:26 CORONA

  • hey dont talk aboat that cause i went in philipines then my langaue is america!!!!!

  • You are lain!

  • HOW DO WE GET THESE MODS???? A lot of these mods have sounded really cool and I've tried looking up some of the items separately as well as trying to look up your name as logdotzip and I can't find them or they're not the same mods

  • Both blue and green torches already exist in bedrock & edu

  • Half of these are just items that are already in the game or will soon be in the game

  • He is a weirdo


  • Logdotzip: The ENCHANted flint and steel can make blue fire 1.16 HMM

  • Sorry,but I can not make it all in ps4

  • What is this mod?!?!?

  • 4:25 isn't this one the secret weapon the United States of America tries to develop during World War 2 but fail in the end?

  • Oil in minecraft : *exists* Coal Centrifuge in mindustry : It's free real estate

  • This is real or mode?

  • What about the new updates on Nintendo switch

  • I Like Warp Pad

  • Logdotzip

  • I see no crafting recipes

  • How you do that

  • At Vietnam we call lasso users ‘’trom cho’’

  • Can you install this on bedrock? Is so where is the link

  • A regular Trident for Poseidon god of the sea and a blaze or a nether Trident for hade god of the underworld

  • Dinosaurs in Minecraft

  • Who’s gonna tell him we have soul soil.

  • No one: Logdotzip: TnT wItH lEgS

  • Why is a beacon not craftabile with picaxes

  • This is awesome dude! I wish I had this in my Minecraft!

  • it doesnt work for me

  • how to craft alternative crafting table

  • I

  • I want 23 but I can work(T_T)

  • Crimson/ warped fungi, soul fire.

  • Is that minecraft 1.16 mine is 1.14 minecraft java

  • I would love to add spears in game :D

  • Ender helmet=`Ender Helemet` Dyed ;-;

  • 🤩 i love omega pickaxe

  • God the pickaxe is hideous

  • Recipe #3 is l i t e r a l l y the nether update

  • When you realise that the nether shroom is a thing in 1.16, albeit not edible: *Surprised Pikachu face*

  • fool we have blue fire in the nether update NOOOOOOOOB

  • Gros mytho en plus tu es moche ton skin mais c'est en anglais

  • Um actually there r already colorful torches but no effects , we get the colorful torches by um well in ur game settings and lotsss of science So its harder :v

  • I like only like half of these

  • how do you get an alternative crafting table????????????????????????

  • It’s not real he has a creative crafting table

  • Chainsaw:iron ingots on the left,stone In the middle,stone cutter in the rest of the spaces

  • how can we get this?

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  • 0:58 we have that in the the game now.

  • So don’t waste your soul sand

  • Play survival with these things

  • cursed minecraft to *OP minecraft*

  • I saw 2 change