Watch: Trump Impeachment Hearings (Day 1) | NBC News

Pubblicato il 13 nov 2019
The House Intelligence Committee holds its first public hearing in President Trump's impeachment inquiry. Witnesses include Bill Taylor, Acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, and George Kent, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.
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Watch: Trump Impeachment Hearings (Day 1) | NBC News


  • I like how George Kent extols the virtues of war criminal Henry Kissinger.

  • The lack of respect and just outright disrespect of our dedicated, honest, and patriotic public servants like Ambassador Taylor, Deputy Kent, Fiona Hill, David Holmes, Ambassador Volker, and Lt. Colonel Vindman shown by Rep. Jim Jordan and all Republicans is so disgraceful, shameful, and downright pathetic. They could disagree and pose tough questions and statements without acting like misbehaved, I’ll-bred children. I have voted Republican in every election in my life ( I did NOT vote for anyone in 2016) but their behavior makes me unable to support another Republican for a long time. I may not vote for Democrats but I’m not voting for Republicans

  • Anyone who claims that Trump did nothing wrong and this impeachment is a sham needs to listen to Ambassador Taylor’s opening statement. It is clear as day. I was ashamed as I listened to his recounting of the dishonorable conduct of Trump and his cronies. Trump has betrayed his oath, the American people, our allies, and the constitution in an attempt to subvert the national security interests of the United States for private personal gain. I have no other way to define these actions other than as treasonous. Americans must stand up and demand the removal from office of this disgraceful President. History will not forgive Trump and Americans must not forget when they cast their vote in the 2020 election. Our Republic is at stake and our very freedom and liberties are in jeopardy if Trump is allowed to continue to serve as President

  • Schiff said finding out if Biden was selling his political power, was not in US national interest..


  • Oj simpson signing autographs in Springfield mall, january 1 2020

  • Just shows how far the Republicans in the hearings.are willing to fall to support a corrupt president. Hope they don't get hurt when Trump and Mitch McConnell yank on their leashes. I would smack them all on the behind for eating poop.

  • I like watching ABC, NBC, CNN pretty much all the media mischief makers. Its importants to keep up with the lies as it is to keep up with the truth. This way you are prepared to set things right when the the opportunity arises. I didnt know for sure if i was a Lt. Or a rt. But after i witness this open season on or president i can safely say i am NOT a leftess. Its like watching gang activity in Washington. It is ugly to witness and a lot of those watching is privately appalled at the loud voices and bullying being allowed. All i can say is our vote is gonna speak louder than the misbehaving children on our Lt.

  • Now they are all teaming up on Trump, with lies and are getting away with it, next thing they start doing the same thing to us, the public. This is a witchhunt and THEY want to lead our country again? I am every day more and more disappointed in the democrats. How can I ever vote for them again?

  • Summary Two respected, smart and dedicated foreign policy staff asked "What the F is going on?" They heard somethings that worried them. Later they saw Trump's call transcript and were upset.

  • I was really hoping that Mr. Nunes would bring up the fact that Vice President Biden with held a billion dollars in aid to Ukraine until they fired the prosecutor that was set to investigate Burisma and Hunter Biden.

    • @cheddar dan If he was on his way out anyway, why did good ol' Creepy Uncle Joe feel the need to withhold the money? Sounds a lot like someone had something to hide if you ask me.

    • It was said that the prosecutor was not pursuing an investigation against burisma, that prosecutor was on his way out for corruption anyway and getting rid of him was in line with national policy for us and other countries. So it's not the same as the current situation. It also doednt have any bearing on the current situation, its dirt against Biden for the 2020 election, which again, is separate issue from the purpose of the impeachment hearings.

  • It's a Kangaroo court, boring and fake.

  • Democrats are scared shitless that their will be an investigation into Biden corruption. And it will spill over to other Corrupt politicians.

  • Nobody in Russia or Mexico hands money to a police officer that stopped him saying “officer here is a bribe so that you let me go now”. No, they say exactly what Trump said: “I have been through a lot, recently, I’d like to ask you a big favor (while placing his hand subtly on his back pocket where he keeps his wallet)”. That is exactly how bribes are set up in the real world. Nobody says “hey, I’d like to bribe you, how much do you want in exchange for being corrupt?” That there is no explicit mention of bribery cannot be the Republican’s defense; it’s ridiculous.

  • sound like a conversation between my girlfriend with friend of my ex.... feel pity for democrats, they will be losing again

  • Democrats were the party of Slavery

  • Wow job security policing the world on tax payers money from an out dated cold war attitude.

  • Wow the democratic party are way in over their heads. Trump is definitely violating the emoluments clause, but don't look at that. Lets just pretend that we were right about Russia-gate and reach for more speculative assertions. Embarrassing.

  • It sounds like genuine people, experts at their jobs, who began realizing things were not being carried out per protocol. They raised flags as appropriate.

  • I think you people should jail hillary for ben ghazi leaks....also obama's administration who killed his birth witness...the only casuality out of a full airplane crew :):)

  • Why are they always looking down on the paper? Always tailored speech! As if its a big shame for the public! It means otherwise they have prepared eventually to speak even without OATH means they can say anything they like any lie can come out. It's disgrace! Learn the Secret of Interrogation on these hearings! Exactly what you want, interpret that as if they were what they say.

  • Does the average person on the streets of the US think Trump is guilty? And is he a good president?

    • @Rainbows and Sunshine I dont know, I've watched every hour do far, that Adam guy lied, he made up a transcript of the call. It all seems to be hearsay to me, I head this and then told that.... it's a stitch up.

    • He’s absolutely guilty and as much I hate him. He has done both good and bad for the United States. However, more bad than good. He’s committed treason and should be impeached.

    • @bohansenboh so not guilty and not a good president???? Having watched every minute of this fiasco, Trump is being stitched up??

    • No

  • I'm from the UK, I thought we had an odd bunch running our country. I'm very confused, what has Trump supposed to have done?

  • We know a guy who heard a guy talking on the

  • Devin Nunez obviously understands NOTHING at all or he's just lying so hard I'm surprised his tongue doesn't just rip into a fork right there. Not allowing the military aid to Ukraine to go through DIRECTLY BENEFITED RUSSIA!!! Who is the world can't see that? Is anyone really that blind? At this point SIX of Dirty Donny Trump's minions have been convicted. Just because he has people taking the fall for him because he has to be Impeached and Convicted before he can be indicted in other courts does not mean that Dirty Donny is free of guilt for conspiring with Vladimir Putin to destroy the USA. And he has been doing so since 1987, when he first visited the USSR (while Reagan was still calling it "The Evil Empire") in search of "business opportunities." At that time, KGB Agent Vladimir Putin was stationed in the 'gateway to Russia' in East Germany, posing as a translator for foreign businessmen. He has admitted in his own writings that his real mission was to find those foreign businessmen who could be bribed, bullied, flattered, or threatened into becoming Assets for the KGB! Dirty Donny was an infamous American and a ripe plum for the KGB, because of his personality defects and the fact that he was so deep in debt that he was facing losing his entertainment corporation and all the property used as collateral to secure the loans to buy casinos! He wasn't just up to his neck in debt, he was 50 feet under the mark. NO reputable American or European lender would loan him any money because he was such a horrible financial risk. That is when the KGBs undercover agents swept in and made sure they had all the control they needed over Dirty Donny Trump..... they made a deal with him to help him preserve his financial empire if he would "do them some favors." And he has, over and over, ever since. Everything from laundering money through his casinos for the Russian Mob, thereby helping them gain a solid foothold in Atlantic City, to the absolutely ridiculous 'birther' rumors that led a US President to release his birth certificate. And he has been unsuccessfully running for important offices ever since 1988, but until Russia obtained the technology to try to brainwash American Citizens, he was never anything but a Conman using campaign fundraising as a way to obtain more money. The Democrats never took him seriously, so he decided to run as a Republican. It is time that corrupt greed-mongers were no longer voted for by our populace, and Public Servants once again became the standard for our politicians, but that won't happen until the Republican party retrieves their common human decency from the sewer where Dirty Donny Trump threw it.

  • Maybe they will call this whole inquiry off and finally focus on real issues?

  • 3:32:15 It is absolutely fine for the Ukrainian people to want to aid the U.S. in investigating something on in their own free will, but what is unacceptable is stopping a flow Vital Aid in order to coerce them to investigate it.

  • Adam Schiff’s friend a Dr. in L.A. was just arrested 3 days ago on pedophile charges with a 9 yr old

  • masculine republics give way to feminine democracies and feminine democracies give way to tyranny - Aristotle

  • History will not look good for these trump supporters. Sad

    • @T O'C sir, Congress is following the rules they are under, to the law. I agree, hearsay, while used all the time in congressional hearing is not the best. However, if tRump, and Pompeo want to come to congress under oath, and tell us their " truth", I'm sure we'd all love to hear from them. Why do u think tRump and his fellow criminals are spending million to squash all the subpoenas? Hint: they will go to prison like his buddies did. It's illegal to lie to Congress. Friday, tRump bff, roger stone, was convicted on all counts including lying to congress.

    • I was not actually referring to a law I was referring to the way that the court room is supposed to run. Anybody that’s even watch law shows should know better. No one can be convicted on hearsay when it comes from another person and not of the party that was involved it’s called hearsay.

    • @T O'C so why don't u tell us all the specific law you think the dems are breaking?? It appears u have a vivd imagination!

    • Cherie Cullum if you knew anything about the law and the way the justice system worked you would know that these democrats are breaking the law. This is so wrong and it’s hurting all Americans.

  • just leading all questions so all they had tot do was give a yes or no answer, just long and drawn out. this is not democracy at work. this is not your constitutional rights at work.

  • @JLM Smith - They can just hand me the $1.4 billion & I will live comfortable & not above the means I lived before I became 'severely' handicapped [as well as many other needful people]. What is left over when I die [and they gave me a suspected timeline which is not a lot longer], I will see to the many for at least a permanent roof over their head and return the rest for them to give to other needful people.

  • 666 to the Holy Bible and the 'Children of God'...... Same goes for every story, every life, every aspect of anything, that appertains to the Holy Bible and those who believe in it.......... Euthanize them all! Every soul!

    • @Pamela Roach Technology has accomplished this, already.. Buddha is opening his eyes... What once was hidden, is now visible before the entire World.. Meditation is your Wifi signal, your 'ping'.... Not just the World, but the entire Universe and all that is out in space... We are not just now visible before 'all of God's creation' on Earth, but All of Creation....

    • And with that you go too

  • The Democrat circus drama will never stop till they remove a sitting president out of office..

  • Everyone use Trump, trump should be impeached. He do everything what Russia wants, and Turkey.

  • Wow I have over 10 million people in my online groups 48% are Democrats and 39% voted for Hillary now they see a Schiff not gonna happen impeachment , we just had a poll and not 1 said they would vote for a Democrat Nominee for 2020 President thank God the Democrats are imploding !

  • It's ironic that fake news cares more about this than they do finding out who murdered Epstein. It's more concerned with its agenda, then it is uncovering a pedophile ring on a national level.

  • All this standing around wasting tax money chitchating about their globalistic pedophilic degeneracy

  • Total dysfunction in the Government of the US

  • Are dems really trying to build a case on assumptions and hearsay? Do they realize that this will only get trump more votes?