Watch EVERYONE pick the iPhone XR over a 1080p Screen

Pubblicato il 29 ott 2018
So that non 1080p iPhone XR display sucks, right? Enjoy!
The Pocophone F1 has a 1080p display for half the price of the iPhone XR which is technically 828p. Pocophone should be better right?
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  • xr is trash. i got it for my mom bc she dead ass doesnt give af abt tech like that but i cant imagine being younger than 30 rocking the xr

  • I'm clearly not a apple haters, I wish I could afford one but this one is like comparing which feels nice to human eye and ignore the specs I mean don't get me wrong but in marques video where he compered photos poco phone won against many others The color where more appealing to the human eye this does not mean that the photo was good

  • So what, we get QHD amoled at xr price😉

  • Display resolution doesn't always matter. I think the quality of the display matters more. Pocophone is a cheaper phone, so in order to reduce costs, they use cheaper panels from Chinese companies. Apple uses quality display manufacturers such as JDI, LG, and Samsung for their displays, so it would make sense that the XR with slightly lower resolution, has better picture than a cheap 1080p display.

  • I’m watching on the iPhone XR, and it looks fine

  • Bruh what the fuck is wrong with these people? I'm nearly blind even with glasses on and EVEN I can tell a difference.

  • Pocophone lol iphone now comparing with Chinese budget phone... That is ironic

  • Converted to Apple after having the Note 4 and have never looked back. Note that I was a big Android fan so much that I had the Galaxy phone, Galaxy S3, S4, Note 3, Note 4 and HTC One.

    • @Kevin Rosales you are not wrong.. but its not a lie. If you compare android flagships and iphone side by side. Androids are as smooth as iphone and some of them are even faster and better at half the price( ROG2 ). People brag about a lot about optimisation. Yet some flagship androids perform a lot better than iphones. Androids have better screen. They can do multitasking. They can expand memory. They are highly customizable. With android we are administrator and not a mere user. I am NOT saying all these bcoz of emotion. I am just stating straight facts. Android were trash compared to ios in the past. But in all this time they have become better and better and on the other side ios is still like the same old one. I dont know how do people make fun of a person using an Android phone when he has much better functionality and speed compared to their overpriced iphones. I am not saying iphone is trash and useless. I am only saying that they dont justify their price. And all apple want is your money. You gotta understand that.

    • llAnime Tracks I disagree, those phones were great for their time. The Note 4 had great multi tasking and great use of the S pen and the HTC One had the smoothest OS (HTC Sense). Fast forward to today, IPhone has one of the best batteries and a great camera with a smooth operating system. However, this is the result of good competition. I think you might be showing your bias and responding with your feelings. If you looked at things objectively you would know that no one is “on the wrong side”.

    • All those androids were trash. Now they are better. Dude you are and were on the wrong side in both phases.

  • All the people that hatted the Iphone Xr that watched this video literraly got roasted😂😂

  • Who is watching this video on iPhone XR in 1080p

  • What's even the point of this test? In the beginning you're talking about resolution, but then it switches to which screen is better. Obviously iPhones have really nice screens and people are gonna pick that. But the resolution is quite noticeable. Compared them at a store. This test is just flawed.

  • I feel like it’s cool to hate on Apple to a point where when they do get it right people don’t want to give them the credit they deserve.

    • I totally agree. They just unnecessarily hate because it's "cool" to hate on Apple. They turn a blind eye when Apple does something very good, and I'm honestly sick of it.

  • this video says a LOT

  • Samsung a30 beats both at only $200. Full HD+ Amoled. You can even calibrate the colors yourself in the settings.

  • Look at all these broke ass android users in the comments

  • Never IPhone 11 Never Apple

    • The 700$ iPhone 11 outperforms every Android flagship

  • Watching this again And again convinced me to go for iPhone 11 finally.

  • You already told people its iphone vs pocophone at the beginning. Only real conclusion can be drawn it it was blind test.

  • Does this mean my Gameboy has a great screen?

  • Could you please do this test with de Xiaomi Mi A3. Another one with 720 display and people got crazy with that. Of course iPhone is a $700 phone, but I think the $200 xiaomi is a good one for its price.

  • That is very interesting

  • Compare that to S10

  • Ok display the iphone 720 next to a 2k diplay from note 9 or 10 from samsung and you will see the big difference

  • 720? 1080? Watching on 4k on s8 :P

  • Put it up against s10e

  • The subject is all about the display so why do people argue about the price? Watta joke Since then till now, all apple products were expensive and if you can’t afford it or won’t buy it, It’s ok because you’re not their market anyway! End of story!

  • Conclusion: it's unfair to have XR have the same price as Pocophone

  • Great video, I'm not a iPhone fan, but it's funny to see this. Try another phones flagships with the iPhone 11 😉

  • Samsung makes the display for iPhones..Samsung is the best when it comes to screen resolution..

    • Manufactures* do I gotta say their zoom is great

  • While poco fans made fun of xr what they really meant was, given the phone pricing, they should have atleast given a 720p amoled. It's not like they are claiming that pocofone is better phone altogether. Moreover samsung, realme, mi are giving amoled screens at 300 $ - 500 $ range.

  • Lol I am rewatching every iPhone Xr videos out there cuz I’m thinking to buy it now

  • Iphone SE user, Hate apple and android all together cuz there’s literally no perfect phone that has the best of both OS. Do gotta admit that ios is smooth af tho but android makes me just eyegasm in specs and features.

  • If you have guts then do the same test with a 200$ Samsung phone in the place of poco f1

    • the samsung will obviously lose are you fckin stupid or something

  • First of all this video is bs in the way it has been constructed. Second of all, how the bloody he'll can these dumbasses not tell the difference

  • Yea... people, who just look at specs on paper and say all kinds of crap are stupid. I do wonder... how come after so many years of iPhone actually being the best overall experience.. those people still exist.. and not only exist.. but it is a trend to hate on Apple 🤣

  • Look, I'm a very critical person but this is very exciting.

  • Why does it feel arranged

  • We need more people like you in this world you honestly made a lot of peoples life not day bcuz some people have that misconceptions that if the phone ain’t broken don’t fix it and will nvr upgrade

  • take a cheaper to build one year old display and increase nits by 200% = iPhone XR. increase nits by 300% = iPhone 11. increase nits by 400% = iPhone 11 Pro. the human eye will always pick the screen with more brightness. then just tweak the calibration. pocket the savings and charge double or triple to the fanboys.

  • Just because the iPhone Xr screen looks better than a $300 phone doesn't make it fucking 1080p

  • My GOD !! What a shame for POCO!! Can't believe

  • feels good watching on my poco f1

  • shoulda a samsung OLED 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Pick one - - > iPhone xr 700€ 720p lcd display or Huawei mate 20 pro 550€ 1440p oled screen

    • The Mate 20 Pro is worse in every other way though

    • Sander Van Sant :P lol that is false my friend I have a Xr and I told u is 1080 p for 60 ips

    • @Anime Game ru stupid the screen can't go higher than 780p

    • 1080 p 60 iOS for the Xr

  • Can you compare iphone x with note 9

  • Its like saying a Nissan can’t outperform a Bmw. It isn’t the specs, it’s the tech behind the specs. That’s what counts. Dumb fucking android users

  • Why didn’t you put the XS vs the XR????? Obviously apples phone is gonna be better

  • The android has screen issues you should put the Samsung S10e against iPhone

  • Give them some text to read, not watch videos. Then you will see difference.

  • Fuck you lair

  • Do I seriously see people type and say that a “Pocophone” is better than the Xr? Okay, first, no one in the US has ever heard of a pocophone. Legit sounds like a shell or conch you find on the beach wtf.

  • different type of screen 🤦

  • Lol people these days arguing about a fucking display. Having a 1080p display doesn’t make you cool FYI. It’s just a fucking phone.

  • The thumbnail on this video made me think MQBHD Markass Brownie was going to be in it.

    • Low and behold, it was just the android knockoff version of him.

  • What is a pocophone?

  • My sister bought a XR and I got to say the display is great , I can't see any problem with that .And I'm a OnePlus user.

    • @Falcon 4100 OP6 and waiting for the 7T to release so that I can get the 7 Pro .

    • i'm a oneplus user as well. what oneplus phone do you have?

  • lol fanboys raving left and right. i’ve been using both iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy S8 and I can’t live without both. the ecosystems are just amazing if used together and can’t imagine living my life on pure apple or pure google.

  • Lmao my phone is a 4k amoled.

    • @Nicholas Mcelhaney Oh yes sorry you're right. It's OLED. I don't know the differences between these displays anyway. I don't see a difference so I don't care.

    • no its not

  • I'm a Huawei / Samsung fanboy and in my opinion the iPhone xr display is half the problem chunky bezel lack of features but the good parts of it a really good

    • @Gay Bolg well there both amazing phones

    • How can you be huagay and Samsung fanboy at the same time?

  • Shoutout to the #MortalKombat 2 cabinet on the right.