Warning! Spiderman Will Leave You BROKEN! | The SCIENCE... of Spider Man PS4

Pubblicato il 2 ott 2018
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Spider-Man is everyone's favorite neighborhood hero. He swings in, saves the day, and exits with a joke. EXCEPT he's actually one of the most ruthless heroes out there! Today Austin is going to see exactly how much strength Spider-Man is using on his enemies. I don't think they are going to walk this off...
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  • How screwed are they? Completely! They so screwed, I used one as my bed frame

  • I like this guy

  • those guys are fricken dead

  • as an american i have no idea what you said so i left the video.

  • I love that he says “mook”

  • Really, spidy is 13 cm less tall than a 15 year old.

  • Very

  • Wow I just commented on the Batman video and now I find this. Thanks IT-tvs!

  • You just had to do that 2:58 😑😒 Btw I’m watching this the day after Halloween 2019

  • Idk, I guess you lost me somewhere... If the impact webbing is moving at mach 116 or whatever... Why is it even rendered? At 30 frames per second, you shouldn't even be able to see it. I'd be interested to know if you could even see something that small moving that fast with your naked eye irl. Especially over such a short distance. Would it even be in the air long enough for your brain to process it?

  • Excuse me Austin, A guy named *Jay Rana* has done the calculations and answered your final question. I triple-checked those measurements and they are correct so please see that comment. Plzzzzz☺

  • Hahaha im an aussie so ha no imperial system!

  • Austin, what you coulda done is time how long he falls to get the height

  • That fnaf jump scare got me 2:59. It was so bad because I didn’t expect it at all in a video about Spider-Man

  • I dont have an inner scientist I have an inner cop and when I watch a movie or show with cops and they dont properly tell someone their rights or they clear a house improperly I SCREAM AT THE TV and concern my parents.

  • you forgot the hyphen between spider and man in the title

  • It's a protractor.

  • Jameson is right. He IS a menace!

  • Mom why's this man ruining one of my favorite heroes

  • Math Theory.

  • Well, *Deep breath* it's safe to say that, after some pixel measurements of the video that whenever Spiderman swings the oil drum at the enemies, he's having it at an angle of approximately 36.7 degrees. Based on your web diameter and circumference, and using original measurements made by you and using w=o/t Spiderman is exerting enough force to stop a full bus at top speed in it's tracks.were talking total body dismemberment just by hitting them with the barrel, once those guys are hit, they're never getting back up by themselves.

  • Spider-Man clearly went to the Batman school of 'non-lethal' takedown

  • 8:25 Jesus

  • My response to the homework: very. Very screwed.

  • austin: they suck for quality youtube video: *144p noises*

  • 11:53try times 2 speed

  • Another great tool for measurements - the camera mode!

  • Dead

  • This guy is annoying where is the old dude

  • Answer: Very screwed.

  • Dosent Spiderman game have diffrent gravity which could lower power

  • You gave us homework. Unsub lmao (Jk)

  • Wene Spiderman does impact web it dust them Spiderman and thanos sitting in a tree d u s t ing

  • The whole puopulation went away because of Spider-Man

  • After that Deadpool we must knowthis math.

  • Now do a batman game.

  • Someone tell him to do a video on wwe randy orton's rko and punt.

  • Okay, he might be a murderer, but, the game is still awesome

  • Anyone else just see the math and be like sure it’s rocket science but it’s not that hard actually rocket science is not that hard? I’m just gonna let Austin do the math tell me if you actually did math after seeing this

  • 13:50 that's not a compass, that's a protractor