WARDEN? WACK. | Rainbow Six Siege

Pubblicato il 15 ago 2019
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  • Just saw badger about ruin my entire career bc my name is Collin

  • m c d o u b l e s -TheRussianBadger

  • Ubisoft never should have had to buff him in the first place. At least they are

  • Quick fact the A POS on his suit is showing his blood type so if hes hurt in combat the medic wont have to ask him his blood type

  • Matt...

  • 0:59

  • I would say he's okay now

  • Can we get an f for maestros acog

  • Too counter i offer: "Rushing in like an asshole, Gets you the Castle"

  • Disagree

  • I love DOOM

  • 0:46 Warden Sikes the team out! Lmao!!!!

  • *me franticly searching for the video where one guy has a nerf scar and the other has a 12 guage*

  • They (somewhat) recently made him a 2 speed 2 armour

  • 6:33 this hasn't aged well

  • 2:45 nice anthony fantano refrence

  • Lol damn you RIPPED into Warden, and Ubisoft by extension. God, I almost got into R6 S just to play as him.

  • If Warden is a plant denial op he should have a C4

  • R.I.P. Maestro ACOG, you will be missed.

  • Run is like a asshole run into a stripping pole

  • Yo dude if you haven't changed your name yet we have the same name

  • You got dodogama, now when you gonna play monster hunter.

  • Playing rainbow but wearing a apex shirt

  • Hi

  • it’s cuz noone uses flashes in casual

  • Warden is unnamed child of Tachanka....

  • My friends main blitz I coustoums so I got warden. Is games I half main blitz in casual

  • 1:38 dodo!

  • well when you only play casual it happens

  • Warden’s biggest counter, contacts...

  • I hate to do this to yah Badger, but it’s now $1.99 American.

  • Tachanka is more useful then Warden

  • Mpx good on warden? No. M16 good on warden? maybe. 3 round burst or semi acog redot or holo.

  • Play on EU servers then this operator will become applicable. After playing on CUS servers a few weeks ago (Ubisoft put us in American servers for some reason) you guys in terms of skill level is shockingly bad...... Like holy fuck I don't think I lost a single game compared to when I was in EU servers......

  • I actually hate that he helped obama...obama was one of the worst presidents the us has ever had because behind the scenes he only did it for women and money

  • I feel like it wouldn’t be TOO broken if they just got rid of the standing still thing entirely and maybe shortened the charge a LITTLE bit. Get rid of the stand still for Glaz too I guess. Cause then Warden would have to be smart about looking through smoke with a Glaz on the other end, but would be able to actually fuckin do it.

  • The thumbnail of this video it looks like dwight from dead by daylight

  • Bajur shopping at JCPenney just made me laugh for 30 minutes

  • R.I.P warden's barbed wire and impacts They are now a nitro and deployable shields

  • Warden used to be a train conductor on the polor express

  • Can we talk about his animations tho?

  • Um... was that a baby dodogama on that mans face (@1:37) ? I have so many questions

  • literally dwight on the thumbnail

  • Why does TheRussianBadger sound like he could do a top 10 video

  • Maybe you wouldnt need honey badger if you didnt spend $120 on only 4 pairs of shorts.

  • 12:00

  • Man we just need one buff for warden to look thought smoke without standing still This can make this man useful

  • Did he just say maestro acog?

  • I’ve used him before his good I just roam with him

  • he got his his first outfit today.... I’m a proud dad

  • As someone from Kentucky, your pronunciation of Louisville gave me cancer.

  • Warden is just Dwight from Dead By Daylight, change my mind I’ll wait...

  • Nice legs, daisy dukes,makes a man go ThAt'S wAcK

  • T H E N P E R I S H

  • It that a dwight in warden suit in the thumb nail

  • Is there a problem with getting carried by a furry?

  • I used Warden for the first time. I got flashed then I used the glasses which somehow cancelled the blinding.

  • we were young then we thought it couldn't get worse than warden, and then amaru came out by god we were wron.

  • Warden looks like he eats babies in his free time.

    • I guess that's something him and I have in common.

  • S P E N C E R