WARDEN? WACK. | Rainbow Six Siege

Pubblicato il 15 ago 2019
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  • Dats a muderfuckim dodogama

  • I gone fly into the White house

  • They should’ve made it see thru walls like pulse

  • 1:24 is SO funny

  • Rattle me bones

  • Im adopted

  • Fix for Warden: Make it so that his glasses are a combo of Glaz and buffed current glasses with movement not affecting the seeing ability of glasses and possibly Glaz’s scope ability. Diff between him and Glaz would be Glaz is long range and can continually scope while Warden is temporary. New weapon for him with an acog or give him 2 speed and 2 armor.

  • Badger out here predicting the DDoS problem on siege

  • They should have the flash bang immunity passive, see through smoke while moving but can see through walls for a short amount of time but must be standing still

  • The truck way is a mcDouble there $1.39 but here in Australia it $2 WTF!!

  • For some reason, everyone uses P90 for Lardo and Document in the matches I play. Cant say why doe

  • I ain’t the only one who thought he looks like commissioner Gordon from Christopher Nolan’s Batman right?

  • Why you make fun of Kentucky

  • 3:15 what does the russian say??

  • *rushing in gives the Russians a win*

  • Every time I walk in siege my game crashes any fixes ?

  • McDoubles are 2.19 now

  • I love warden and still do I don’t know what you mean Ned Flanders is over powered

  • ah yes. an operator who can only use the second half of his ability if he's standing perfectly still, in a fucking game centered around goddamn headshots.

  • Badger: ”Impacts” Ubisoft: yeah not anymore lol

  • The worst is actually castle

  • Hey Spenser how are you


  • Killzone 2 was one of the best games to grace us gamers. Prove me wrong

  • it-tvs.com/tv/video-p4dMbJMnu8E.html

  • Adderall and trt I will take on these

  • I got a pizza and then they said injoy your pizza then I said you to XD

  • Warden useless? look at amaru xD

  • Its the exact same shit, you big stupid idiot." ~ Heavenly 2019

  • That “A piece of shit”got me

  • Thought this was a dead by daylight episode from someone else because Dwight is in the thumbnail

  • Lul that last attempt at Louisville Badger: LuREul!

  • Warden lowkey has a rolex my guy iced out

  • the worst operator has my name misspelled

  • Unsubbing I love the MPX

  • 1:45 This kind of moment makes me hate myself every time. I’m so glad that even Badger does it. At least I know I’m not alone

  • He’d be better if we didn’t have to stand still

  • “Nothing Rhymes with rushing in like an asshole.” Until thermite makes a big fucking hole.

  • His glasses? *Wack* His loadout? *Wack* His ability? *Wack*

  • If you say louis-ville any where in Kentucky, you will be killed

  • 1:26

  • Badger actually a murlock confirmed 2:56

  • Ha

  • Ur wearing an apex legends shirt at the end and I haven’t seen u play apex yet! PLZ PLAY ITTTT


  • 15:33 When you hit somebody so hard they pull a 180 lol

  • My pp

  • Me still trying to understand the I before e except after c joke

  • I love 9:00

  • Am i the only one who thought we have El Professor in the thumbnail?


  • RussianBadger should checkout when elite Mira is mvp at the end of the game I wanna see it

  • people also say i cant flank with chanka.... i can.

  • let talk about how after 200+ ranked matches ive played in siege since the ban was added i have yet to see a jackal not be banned.

  • Damn. I live in Louisville and everyone here is depressed

  • U thought we wouldn't notice

  • Uses Dwight from dead by daylight as warden character model

  • idea to make warden an actually usable op: #1 you dont have to stand stand still in order to see through smoke. #2 any opponent you see becomes marked while using it or/and you can see the location of drones through walls like IQ or #3 vault him from the game

  • He looks like samual the new operator

  • Honestly he's really good for killing off blitz