Wagyu 101 with Sean Evans and Philip DeFranco | Gochi Gang

Pubblicato il 19 nov 2019
Japan is home to some of the world's most coveted cuts of meat. But what makes wagyu so expensive? From an $85 wagyu sando with Hot Ones host Sean Evans, to a $350 wagyu steak with her old boss Philip DeFranco, Reina Scully is eating her way through NYC’s most decadent hunks of Japanese beef with a couple of friends. But what gives wagyu its famously marbled fat? And what's the deal with American wagyu popping up at restaurants? Reina first needs to head to butcher shop Japan Premium Beef for a true wagyu crash course. Find out if NYC's most expensive steaks really live up to the price tag on an all-new episode of Gochi Gang.
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  • Like if you want your friend to buy you a $350 wagyu steak!

    • @FirstWeFeast what's the link to that NYC Restaurant?

    • i want to marry the girl

    • What is the name of the ending theme song you guys use? I want it on my playlist.

    • @Justin K and you think you're funny. LOL

  • The beef man who looks like a robert deniro impersonator is such d-bag to my homegirl reina

  • I like the idea of this show but the host is so annoying and over the top... that it's a pain when she's talking...

  • Wow, I didn't expect Reina to be the host. Really cool! She has a nice narration voice!

  • Awesome and informative vid. But also FirstWeFeast need to release an album because the music in the video especially was amazing.

  • I bet Sean Evan's date game is 100 percent. Dude can talk about a fucking clothespin and keep the conversation going.

  • great video keep it up!

  • Fuck you you murderers

  • ...and I'm here eating 4 Snickerrsrss

  • I'm an expert but I can't be bothered to say the word properly...

  • I was in Japantown here in San Francisco yesterday. I'd been inspired by the tempura show to try to find some higher end tempura. I wandered through Miyako Mall & Kintetsu Mall and then went across the street into the stores of Japan Center and I kept asking Japanese people who lived and worked in the area about tempura. I talked about the show and the high end tempura you showed from New York and everyone said there was nothing like that in San Francisco. An older gentleman in Kinokuniya (I ended up buying a book on drawing manga), said it was because San Francisco is not New York and that if you wanted higher end Japanese food you'd have to go to New York City. Really? Do you know about Japanese food experiences in San Francisco that are exciting? I don't mean expensive, although I could save for something extraordinary, it could also be inexpensive casual food done really well, right? Help!!!

  • I like the way that one label shows you that this is the right equipment to use if you want to cut off fingers. Informative.

  • Not gunna lie. This might be the reason I sub to this channel.

  • sorry not going to happen ever. $85 for a portion of beef that size. Sorry never going to happen. I'm not even a big fan of beef. choke!

  • $350 wagyu steak and they give you soy sauce on the side? Da fuq? Better not be everyday Kikkoman

  • those 2 guys could not be any more new york than they are

  • Well, I'm happy the wagyu cows get treated so well. I wish american ranchers would treat our livestock with just a fraction of the respect.

  • Anyone notice something moving on the steak when talking to the owners at that steakhouse?!

  • It's so nice to see Reina on another channel that I love. High fives all around.

  • why does it seem like shes got no idea what is going on?

  • Thanks for yet another great season! Looking forward to 11...

  • Reina is so beautiful to me

  • Bet they paid the beef guy with steaks.

  • Better get Will on here

  • Love the attempt to say the food names properly when also sounding you were a co star on legally blonde.

  • At 16:08 his glass is fuller than at 16:00...hmmm

  • You know what I’ve been hankering for (on top my waygu)?!? Peanut sauce, and bread🤦‍♂️ *said no one

  • shes gotta let the other person talk lol

  • watching these videos on a fast feels like a death sentence

  • I'm sorry. No mouth full of blood please!!! Medium

  • I liked because The Sean said so....please don't bring the wings of death against me lol.

  • Out of all wagyu I've had, A5 hurts my wallet the most. It's so good (when cooked well), but it's so expensive.

  • So basically, there's no reason why waigu is so expensive, other than artificial scarcity.

    • Um, those cows are pampered pretty damn well. And the 12 month raising time frame makes the supply very low, so that's why. I think if the cows were treated any differently, the beef would be just average or slightly above average.

  • that raw meat looks like pork, it doesn't look red meat at all. It looks mad fatty. There is a lot of dis and mis information in this video I feel like.

  • And that's the lesson, kids! Treat others well and they'll taste great

  • I'll take two~!

  • i love this series! Can't believe I'm barely discovering it now


  • Sitting here with nothing but dry pasta in the house. Bloody starving now.

  • I’m always blown away by these ultra successful youtubers/entrepreneurs who have no idea how to hold a fork correctly lol! Give Defranco a shovel it would probz work out better hahaha 😂