Virginia turns Anti-Gun overnight with Bloomberg - Waste no time with gun confiscation SB16,18,64

Pubblicato il 4 dic 2019
Virginia Gun Control SB16
Virginia was once a deeply red state and one of the most pro-gun states in the country, and overnight is now a blue state and on the verge of becoming the most anti-gun state in the country. Right Now, Virginia is facing SB16, a bill that is more restrictive than states with the strictest gun control laws currently.
Want to know who the largest outside spender in the elections was to make this flip happen? You guessed it, one of the largest ANTI-GUN group in the country; Everytown for Gun Safety.
They spent 2.5 million dollars on this election. Here’s the crazier thing; guess who funds Everytown for gun Safety? The political Megalomaniac himself, Billionaire, and to me the most anti-gun person on the planet, Michael stop and frisk all the black people Bloomberg.
Now, this same anti-2A megalomaniac is running to be president. This man by himself outspent every gun rights organization in the country. I can call Bloomberg all the names in the world but make no mistake this man is not playing around, and he has to the means do and get exactly what he wants, and Virginia is a prime example of what he wants.
SB 16 doesn’t ban “Assault Rifles”. It seeks to ban Assault “Firearms” and magazines over 10 rounds and in typical fashion, they make up a definition of Assault Firearm that includes essentially every modern semi-automatic rifle and shotgun, along with any pistol that weighs over 50 oz unloaded.
To make matters worse, it includes a catch-all phrase in the definition banning, “Any characteristic of like-kind”. What does that even mean? I can tell you what it means, it means, you must guess whether or not a part on your rifle meets the definition of “Assault Firearm” and hope you don’t go to jail for guessing wrong.
Oh, there’s no grandfather clause. That means whatever gun you owned before the law is put into place, you must give it up or go to jail. I believe that is called a GUN CONFISCATION.
Oh, there’s more. There’s SB 18 which makes it a felony to purchase a firearm unless you’re over 21. Not 21 but over 21! That would mean in the state of Virginia, you can vote, go to the military, get married and serve on a jury, you can’t own a gun to protect your life and your family. SB 18 also makes it a felony to allow anyone under 18 to be in possession of a firearm by themselves.
I haven’t even got to SB 64 yet. The language in SB 64 is soft, anyone taking a training class and then subsequently showing up to a 2A rally or demonstration with a gun on them can be found guilty along with the trainer and the owner of the range where the training took place.
Essentially, you can be charged with an unlawful paramilitary activity which is a felony, if you train or train with someone one knowing or having reason to know they’re going to use that training in furtherance of a civil disorder.
Also, if you assemble with one or more people with the intent of intimidating any person or group of persons by drilling, parading or marching with any firearm.
I don’t know about you, but that sounds like an attack on not only the second amendment but the first amendment. Bye-bye to open carry demonstrations and peaceful protest because simply having a gun on you is considered intimidating to most anti-gunners.
You want to peacefully counter-protest another protest but want to carry a gun for protection, you can’t do it because it’ll be seen as you are wanting to intimidate.
No one said, protecting freedom would be easy. It’s hard, it sucks, it’s a thankless job and by and large, people are going to think your weird, but it must be done. It just is what it is. We’re better than this. We don’t have the privilege of resting. There’s no coasting or vacations, whether your politicking, making videos, holding rallies, training people, educating people, to me it’s all advocacy and in this fight for our freedom we need all hands on deck!
Because Make no mistake, I don’t care what state you live in, it can happen in your state.
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  • u know how many ppl are reporting guns stolen when they just buried em out back for later use lol... YOU CANT TAKE OUR GUNSSSSS ;)

  • The left is going about gun co trolls under the pretense that it may save lives by keeping guns away from those with mental instability or a dangerous past. And I absolutely see where you're coming from, but I also see where the other side is coming from. The horrific part about these new laws to me (and I do find them horrific) isn't that they are for gun control, it's because they aren't talking with pro-gun communities and sustaining freedoms. I believe in the second ammendment, and I think every sound-minded individual of 18 years or older should be able to own a gun, but I also believe that you should need a gun license of some sort to carry your gun, and I believe more stringent processes (not just longer in duration) should be put in place. For instance checks to make sure that proper safety in storage of guns in a safe is conducted as well as different mental illness probing exams from legitimate doctors seem fair, ideally the money for these programs would come from tax as well as out of pocket of those looking to buy a gun. But more than just the average person, I think to prevent shootings and such we ought to reward the FBI, CIA and such organizations for preventative measures against future shootings as we should for their revenge plots where they take in or kill a perpetrator. Genwrally these organizations have heard about the threats and the perpetrators of these tragedies long before the event itself actually happens. These are some of the real solutions to our shooting crisis, not stripping guns out of the average person's hands.

  • "Those who give up freedom for safety deserve neither".

  • Seems like England all over again just modern day.....

  • Congress has no power.

  • thank you. you speak the truth.

  • Sadly I live In Va 😞 how do I own a guy now

  • Thank you!

  • You go man. Great video.

  • because they arent expecting a different result. They "Flea" that state to change over another state for their own political agenda. They are helping turn states. We already had states that discovered illegal voting where people voted that didnt even live in that state and already voted in another state. Double Voting, illegal immigrant voting, manipulating votes, dead people voting.. All have been discovered and proven in multiple states and it was BAD in Florida.

  • Taking a gun to a protest IS intimidation. Don't pretend it's anything else. Needing more than 10 rounds to stop even multiple people committing crime means you're a shit shooter.


  • My God you caught me off-guard with the mike stop-and-frisk everybody Bloomberg you almost killed me you're the world's worst fear or should I say the Democrats worst fear an educated Black man we had Stacey Abrams try to get us down here in Georgia with her b*******and certain people blindly voted for her because she was black she basically was the worst thing ever

  • Get your Sheriff dept, and senators involved. Like yesterday...

  • It is void law.

  • When I hear about the many state legislatures that are ramping up new gun laws at the beginning of this year, does anyone else wonder if this impeachment nonsense going on in DC is a distraction? Do they want our attention off of the new gun legislation being pushed?

  • Liberalism is trying to overtake all people . it is a real political agenda that has been making inroads everywhere . Europe has been devoured . they do this for a clear pathway for governments such as Islam to subject a nation to bend them to a one world government . they sell people on the peace plan . then kill those who prefer freedom instead .

  • Thanx Colion . you did good .

  • Deepest bought dems, would rather see America fail/scorched earth....... then have USA succeed...blexit think vote smart..USA

  • Doomberg = George soros...end of America...think vote smart USA.

  • WTF ?? Civil War NOW !!!!

  • Careful in the comments here. Protect your right to defend Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, but don't be incited into rash thinking, paranoid rationale, or violent outbursts. There are people in here, probably Russian commie agents, trying to tear this country apart from within. Getting us to start shooting each other, especially our own Police is the exact scenario they want to play out. Americans die in the process, more anti-weapons laws are passed further disarming us, and we're all left standing alone with our heads spinning having no idea how to get a civil grip on a situation that is already spiraling out of control. This issue is a powder keg, our foriegn enemies know it, and if you think there's no way they would make fake social media accounts and start throwing matches at it, then you're living in fantasy land. Discuss our issues civilly and rationally, with poise and researched intelligence. Find the facts, they are indisputable. We HAVE these rights already, maintaining them should be far easier than initially securing them. Do NOT give our foreign enemies any more fuel to burn! Be my fellow Americans and settle this dispute with the same contemplation and rationale that our forefathers used. We know they had their faults, some unforgivable, but they also had one hell of a great idea on how to properly secure the freedom and liberty of a whole country full of people. WE are the USA, democracy is ALL of us deciding how ALL of us will live in a civilized society, but there are certain conditions that are set in stone. One is that we reserve the right to fuck you up if you start thinking you're kings and queens who can dictate our every move to us, it's called checks and balances and yes that's exactly what the 2nd amendment is, the ultimate last ditch check and means to balance. Systematically attempting to circumvent that right with state laws which are lesser than the Federally mandated Constitution only accomplishes one thing, it just separates the men from the boys. Those who are willing to invest in a future free from tyranny, and those too stupid to notice it when it's standing on their doorstep. Too many people have died already for this American dream and it's a dream worth dying for. Where a mechanic can own a nice house with a nice family and go on nice vacations, just like the businessman.... like we used to have here. Where that same mechanic has the same equally preserved power as that businessman to participate in governing this country, stand up and fight for Its rules and values, and most importantly, have at least one place in this fucked up world where Freedom is NOT conditional, where Freedom IS fucking free! We're the scariest country in the world to invade, a huge amount of our citizens are well armed, we are not submissive, and we are educated enough to discern fact from fiction, and reason from insanity. Let's keep it that way, because if we ever become weak enough to invade, you're damn well going to wish that those people you disagreed with so heavily that you tossed around the idea of killing them are going to all have your back as well. I'm sorry for the rant, but I'm sick of this argumentative bullshit. We either get it or we don't, but in the end ALL Americans are born or naturalized FREE, and ensuring and insuring that freedom with firearms is a cut and dry, no grey area, necessary aspect to the real functionality of our freedom. Deal with it people, if you don't have the stomach to defend our way of life, then just step aside, stay quiet, and let those who do have the stomach for it defend it for you. But I am done sitting here quietly watching this unfold on the world stage, watching Russia, China, North Korea, all the Stans and whoever else hates us lick their lips as we fall apart from within. I am American, I am from gun hating NJ, and I believe that true freedom is worth both fighting for and dying for. I would fight to the death for every one of you and I hope you would do the same for me, because when push comes to shove, clever words and Starbucks cups don't stop bullets. Good luck to us all. Everything that happens next is on us all, it's OUR USA! I love you all, Republicans and Democrats alike, what admirable strength there is in us, look how we fight! Even when we're wrong, just look at how we fight! Our Country's Spirit is far from dead, but together as one, we are invincible! Just ask Hitler. Oh wait, we put the squeeze on his bitch ass and made him kill himself in his own house while shaking in his little booties! That's how WE roll! Be proud of that! We fuck evil up and send it crying home to its mommie with a shit filled diaper! We can't change the past, but as a democratic nation we ALL control the future!

  • This guy thinks OBEYING laws by voting works. WRONG! You violate said laws and wage war and kill these democrats.

  • Here in IDAHO, democrats will DIE trying that NAZI crap in Virginia. Michael Bloomberg needs to be executed for treason. The SOLUTION is a shooting war against democrats. You law abiding morons are cowards for obeying. You kill these democrat tyrrants and their police.

  • Thanks for a very well done video Sir, we must continue the fight for our future.

  • You guys in America need to fight hard for your freedoms while you can, over here in the United Kingdom we are losing our freedoms on a just about daily basis, England the "mother of all democracy's" having the oldest parliament in the world, Hell England is falling, don't let it happen in America also, the globalist agenda has nothing good coming down the track for any of us

  • It's militia time!! 🍻

  • All for our 1A & 2A rights - for all of them. Stand up & fight. Bloomberg is wanting NWO to come in. Thinks his $ can buy ur vote. We have to stop tyranical govts. Dems r for Socialism & Communists. BILL OF RIGHTS & OUR CONSTITUTION. NOT TO BE INFRINGED. U have a very well said video. Enjoyed. U ought to contact American Joe Show. He gets together with others for a group panel. God bless America & Pres Trump - 2020.

  • Any veteran that is in favor of gun control has betrayed the oath they took when they first enlisted.



  • If we stand for this we might as well take the Constitution and throw it in the garbage.

  • Cant get a CDL until your 21

  • Lol, look at the richest people in the USA. Jeff Bezo's supports Bloomberg, Bill Gates donated a million, Warren Buffet has been at it forever. What The Fuck did you think was going to happen supporting Republicans and conservative appointees? Corporations are people and Money is speech, remember? Did you think they gave a fuck about guns, or just taking ya'll along for the ride and dropping you off before they laugh to the bank? Dumbasses. You did it to yourselves.

  • We have no equivalent of the ACLU...this needs to be taken to the supreme court.

  • these democrats have all these gun laws cause they want to go north korea on us christians one day

  • If it gets passed, I will probably go to the supreme court and it will be ruled against the constitution.

  • Im behind 100%, we need to stand up!

  • Thank you for telling it like it is. I stand for my rights🙏

  • Hey do u know CANDICE 👼😎👼LOL


  • That is all smoke and mirrors. Won't happen

  • Here’s the joke of it all. The entertainment industry cranks out violent shootings with most of their films, right along with violent video games and televisions shows. Nothing but violence. BUT THATS OKAY, RIGHT? And why? Because it rakes money in. We should never lose the right to defend ourselves. If we do, the black market will move right in to arm the criminals who don’t play by our laws. It’s all bullshit. They just want us defenseless.

  • Jokes on them it’s unconstitutional so i dont have to follow it

  • we need laws (felony laws) against outright lying during political campaigning.

  • Bloomberg also banned 32 ounce soft drinks and salt in restaurants in NY. He wants to control every aspect in everyone’s life and you know what that’s called? YOU GOT IT! DICTATOR!

  • sounds like communist Canada.

  • the so called woke, are commos!

  • go man. good job. be free. regards from oz!

  • the constitution is the final word, any asshole that thinks they can ignore that must die. we must eliminate all liberals and foreigners. time to see a big march of guys with bows and arroes, shoot liberals in the ass with an arrow by the thousands

  • I love the fact that he blew all that money for nothing

  • All these laws have been stated by the democrats, but the police force refuses to enforce them, because they're unconstitutional

  • Jesus. In case of conflict you can only carry 10 bullets or less? It would take forever to reload. People would stand no chance against an enemy. Whether its gangsters or shadow Gov. They want the advantage over the people who want to protect themselves.

  • the next time VA has a rallie take your gons with you

  • it passed time to talk tell bloomberg and that panty waste VA governer they come to NC they just may get sent back home in a box

  • Excellent cohesive and informative video

  • all countries will end up extreme left! Thats just what happens, you can not stop it. you can only SLOW IT DOWN!

  • too bad you all didn't see that before you voted them in that's your new democrat party one world order

  • Pro Gun real estate developers unite and but land in VA, pre sell units to friends

  • Colion Noir: You are full of shit. Bloomberg has no authority over NRA and certainly not over any governor.