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Pubblicato il 3 set 2018
'The Wolverine (2013)'
Viper - All Scenes Powers
Viper was a mutant with the ability to generate toxins and regenerate her skin. She was also a talented biochemist with a particular proclivity for creating chemicals.
Portrayed by : Svetlana Khodchenkova


  • Now she is the black widow we need that actually looks Russian /is

  • She’s more like a Komodo dragon or a Gila monster, I hardly see her like a venomous snake... too weak for me.

  • I thought she was emily van camp.

  • She kills japanese only

  • I call her, the X wife...

  • сука просто шикарная, горжусь ей!!! ПЕРВАЯ РУССКАЯ КОТОРАЯ РАЗЪЕБАЛА РОСОМАХУ!! ахах

  • I wonder if another version of the female mutant character villain (VIPER) might someday make an appearance in some other X-MEN movie in the near future? The reason why I wonder is because I really liked this female mutant character villain VIPER, and I think the version of her from the movie of (THE WOLVERINE) was great.

  • Oiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • 2:29 oop the bitch died

  • Она русская

  • А ч тут Вера Брежнева забыла

  • Viper bich

  • Nice leather ass

  • She looks like an older version of Sophie Turner,like she could pass for a sister even though they're not even related

  • Shes like jennifer lawrence and taylor swift had a kid

  • Hugh Jackman is my husband I got married to a man of mine life I am pregnant

  • Когда не почистила зубы)

  • Dang her stinky breath

  • As the saying goes. To kill a viper, go for the head.

  • She need to exfoliate

  • Strong but stupid dead

  • She's hot

  • 都忘了這個角色

  • This And The Year Agents Of Shield Had Hydra Take Over I Was Hoping Madame Hydra Viper Would Make Wolverine Marry Her And She Would Lead The Attack On Avenger Tower.. Viper, Silver Samurai, Wolverine, Hydra Agents, Hydra Mole, Avengers, and Agents Of Shield.

  • Viper vs Mystique?

  • Poison Ivy rip-off, Viper.

  • Good movie

  • The actress is amazing!!!! She really portrayed viper as an elite assassin with a Gucci personality of course❤️❤️❤️

  • 1:29 to 1:45 was traumatizing

  • Who is the read head girl that she fought

  • She looks like poison ivy on marvel

  • 2:18


  • I’m n. Tlp

  • Imagine eating her out

  • If there was ever an Infamous movie, she would be perfect for playing Sasha.

  • She definitely deserves her death, fantastic!

  • Essa mulher cobrar sei lá é muito show aí gostei dela massa 👏👏

  • Batman’s “Copperhead” vs Wolverine’s “Viper”.

  • Aqui tenemos a una autentica femme fatal

  • I wish that would’ve involved more of her character in that movie 💁🏻 and less of the laughable love story 🙄


  • Essa vence o thanos

  • 키스를 하거나 핥으면 꼴까닥하고 죽네요

  • She needs to be in a fighting game....

  • "How much?" "Your life!" "That's too much, usually they just charge half my shit...this must be a scam!!!"

  • When she take off her skin, she looks exactly the same just that bold, at least they should made her skin like reptil or something.

  • Ouch

  • What's her name she looks familiar

  • Mundur alon alpn

  • i love this women she so pretty

  • ✌🇧🇷

  • bolide

  • Her ability is literally "viper" flickity flick licker, acid morning breath and skin reset

  • my first stickman animation

  • She seems so annoyed to remove her hair lol she's like "here we go again..."

    • @yos Budi uh...

    • You're so sweet emily.....🌻🌻🌻

    • Emily Norris yes lol

  • She power bombed her like it was nothing

  • 2:18 Fave part

  • So in the end her head gt severed by a god damn box?!?!?!?

  • Vejam a minha passagem pelo programa de Tv Somos Portugal na tvi e se puderem partilhem conto com vocês 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏