VFX Artists React to Their Own Bad & Great CGi

Pubblicato il 28 set 2019
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The Crew sits down to react to Corridor Digital CGi moments and provide behind the scenes insight into their favorite videos. What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?

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  • pls shin godzilla.

  • I'm following for a few months. This is the first time heard about Corridor (without crew) Channel

  • Something that drives me nuts here is that the blade of the sword always stays pristine even when you're literally pulling it out of a body that's spraying blood...

  • How come in the stab and pull through of the sword, there is blood spraying everywhere but the sword is shiny and clean still?

  • u guys wanna knw something? back then i didnt hve phone or internet at my home, then at cyber cafe i watch your elemental video, and then i saw your shadow of modor video, and i didnt have time to watch it at cyber cafe because my times run out, and then i get home, took my dads phone while he sleep(borrow but not tell him) and get out to mcdonalds, and use their wifi, but then the connection so poor, and i managed only to download 240p quality, and watch it, i admire u guys work, and then here i am, an level 3/10 vfx, designer, editor at my country cinema, i dont know if u remember or not, i tag u guys at instagram with my artwork that ironman r rated afghan scene😊 and u guys like my video,, i feel proud bro,just want u to know tht u guys are one of the reason i became a vfx editor rght now.. thanks a lot for inspiring me.. check out my other videos at my ig : stykothouse and u may see one of my elemental video that i made inspired by u guys.. im glad to meet your channel back then, thanks a lot guys

  • Please dont ever make us watch this shit again...

  • Man if Wren ever leaves Corridor crew it will never be the same.

  • I want a video of wrens basketball skills

  • I didn't realise how good you guys actually were at vfx amazing guys

  • Man I remember seeing that portal video and being blown away

  • Dont do guns trade em for drugs!

  • FBI ,Open up!!!!!

  • The GTA video was the first Corridor Digital video I ever saw!

  • These guys are so up their own arses

  • They should do Red Dead Redemption 2 IRL

  • Seven years later and I still don’t know what ‘Footloose’ is about.

  • i remember when that gta in real life video came out, someone told me it's the new trailer for the new gta game and i like "woah this is super dope but that's impossible cause that looks too realistic" basically my mind was blown but then i found out that there is no game coming out and the video was made by these guys and i was still mind blown.

  • Trade weed for guns is the most american thing I can imagine

  • Wren is annoying and this nigga wearing sandals is gay as fuk


  • money don't fall in gta 5

  • When I heard “We traded Weed for Sirsoft guns it brings up a conundrum “. weed or guns both are epic

  • Trading weed in for airsoft guns is the best thing I've ever heard

  • can you react to bad NASA vfx

  • Thoughts on ray tracing

  • I don’t care if the effects are bad or good, their videos are the best!

  • do u have job opening? haha

  • 10 vs 1 ip man

  • These guys are fucking amazing

  • You guys ever think of doing tutorials for beginners

  • Your vids are great but if you guys are such pros, why are a lot of your vids blown out/overexposed?

  • You guys should make a back to the future video

  • I've been a corridor digital fan when it all started. One of the older videos that stick out for me is the dubstep guns, art of instakill and black diamond. Good old times!!

  • Interesting idea

  • C'mon u kept some of the weed

  • Sam looks like that cool high school teacher

  • Carpenter Brut - Paradise Warfare !!!

  • that moment when you watch on a 2k ultra wide gaming monitor.... I remember watching these videos back in 2012 at school on the library PCs

  • "Nobody ever knew the fish wasn't real..." Maybe just you dude... It looks pretty dang fake.

    • R. Rodriguez of course it looks fake now, but no one noticed it at the time is what he meant.

  • I think it would be cool to do a whole video reacting to movies that combine live action characters and cartoon/CG characters i.e. Space Jam, Roger Rabbit, Detective Pikachu etc