VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 9

Pubblicato il 17 ago 2019
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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • It’s funny that they talked about Dr. Manhattan’s blue light not registering in a similar fashion as natural light because they have that television interview scene where he actually has to “adjust” his color for the cameras on the studio set.


  • Your review of Alita was abysmal. Please do it again, properly next time.

  • Omg i love Robert Rodriguez but this movie bad

  • The actor that player alita had to practice martial arts for 4 months just for the film

  • "Kinda wonky but very fun" is a perfect description of Alita.

  • Next video: Cybertronian battle from Bumblebee.

  • Top o video

  • I love Spawn the movie!

  • The original manga, her art style is....stylised. I liked the movie, of course the book is much better. The movie compressed the books.

  • Do Lion King 2019

  • Spy kids

  • Across the universe

  • I have to comment, it's not a goatee nor a soul patch. It's called a Van Dyke. It's like the only knowledge I have. You guys are awesome

  • Starship troopers

  • please react to evagnelion Another Impact short movie

  • she's also the girl from scorch trials

  • I know you guys have said you “read every comment” but since this is an older video I’m not expecting very much here BUT, I was thinking it might be cool if you guys did a video about VFX shots that seem either really easy or really simplistic but actually require a “disproportional amount of work” to achieve.

  • 10:10 Proof that Carrot Top is from Hell.

  • CHECK OUT Eiffel 65's music video called Blue. OMG IT'S THE WORST!

  • Vitali Bulgarov was there

  • When you realise incredibly talented vfx guys didnt understand Anime exists Also: "When we were getting into vfx when i was 10 i could have totally done this" *if we had 2019 software and hardware and months of time on a massive render farm* Dont forget where you came from and the millions of people who made it possible for you to do what you do

  • I hate the guy in thr middle. Sorry


  • Watch this!!! School LOOSERS!!! Another fragment of Spawn 1997 it-tvs.com/tv/video-rWkK7oxtwbw.html till the end

  • Am I the only one who thinks the effects in Alita look bad? I just can’t get over how fake she looks and it makes me feel like someone rotoscoped Violet from The Incredibles into a real scene.

  • Do venom please!!

  • Do sharkboy and lavagirl

  • Anime at 1:21 plz

  • Yeah i watched the alita movie and despite the kinda wierd stares she was giving ,i got over the eyes. Also the other cyborg warriors too, had big eyes (her flashbacks show her leader)

  • You guys should react to Alvin and the chimp munks, were Alvin puts a bow tie around Dave's neck and they are both seen in the mirror

  • I love you guys

  • I love your guys content, please react to “This is the end” its a comedy /“horror” movie please react to it . I love your videos please keep up the good work!!♥️♥️🤘🏻🔥🔥

  • Review stunts and vfx in the original Italian job

  • "Thighs are the window to the soul."

  • Uncanny valley, but her emotions are pretty good...which is kinda weird and I like it ;) Sometimes it is more emotional than you would get from an actor...just because of her eyes are strangely bigger. ...and the circle close if you know what I mean. Really good movie. Weird is just, that they just go "anime" with her and the rest is normal..

  • CGI was supposed to reduce the budget , right ?

  • Please do a video on horror VFX

  • The blue light of Dr Manhatan is a pretty accurate VFX of Cherenkov effect. He's not emitting light, it's particules expelling their excess energy in the air as blue light.

  • In the manga her eyes are normal, it's her mouth that weird.

  • It's a robot

  • Wait.... Anime?

  • Actually Ex Machina won best Visual Effect Oscar that year

  • I have a computer but I don't know if you using app to do VFX

  • What software at 7:15

  • Ironman suiting up in the different marvel films!

  • Please react to HOLLOW MAN

  • It's been some time since I saw the movie, but I think Alita has big eyes canonically because she's Martian and the Martians had big eyes in one of the flashback scenes.

  • Sharknado sharknado sharknado!

  • Make cars R. Lol. God bless!

  • Is it just me, or does the Spawn scene look like a DragonForce music video?

  • I would love to see you guys review some of the CG that Square Enix has used over the years, especially considering they've made several films. I think there would be some pretty interesting comparisons to check out between the cutscenes used in Final Fantasy XV and its companion movie Kingsglaive.

  • You guys should react to the movie Real Steel. I think the lighting on the robots and the models are so well done.

  • fifth element, please

  • I read the entire manga from start to finish after watching this and if was truly worth it

  • "eyes are the windows to the soul" We'll just follow Millenial architecture and make the windows the entire house (freaking YUUUUUUUUGE)

  • Spider man illusion scene

  • Yeetus "BTS"

  • Adventure of tintin

  • Could you guys do a video on the Short Films from Oats Studios? I think the stuff Neil Blomkamp over there is remarkable!