VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 10

Pubblicato il 31 ago 2019
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The Crew sits down once again to react to some of Hollywood's zestiest CGi moments: What makes a visual effect bad? What makes one great?
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  • Good news, kind of! Astartes channel is back. Apparently, his original channel got deleted by the hacker after suffered severe backlash, but his channel got restore by IT-tvs i suppose and back in action. But I do wish the hacker got some kind of punishment for his crime. Life is grimdark, there is no justice, hope or fairness. There is only eternal conflict. But maintain your faith in the most darkest of time. For The Emperor and the Machine God will be the only one protect you.


  • yo react to Gantz the anime movie

  • So you lot know, Astartes is back, it's been returned Confirmation: twitter.com/astartes40k/status/1205050496781668353

  • Guys, in the Astartes vid, if it was just lens of something, what's the redness?

  • The guy that made Astartes got his (and many others) channel hacked, you guys should be careful for the emails you get.

  • How is two face able to speak clearly with most of his lips gone?

  • react to Dhoom 3 Bollywood movie, Twin scenes and action scenes.

  • Please react to Sucker Punch

  • React: The Birth of Sandman Scene - Spider-Man 3 I will write this comment under each movie, up to my dead or to the reaction.

  • Ra one and zero plz

  • I hate the second Mortal Combat

  • Rip astartes... Sad times...

  • React to some of those Deep Fake porn vids!!

  • astartes channel has been deleted by the hacker :(

  • The Warhammer Channel Astartes, and the Warhammer Astartes fan films, has been HACKED


  • “EhYes Eand no”

  • React to the crimes of Grindelwald

  • should have done all the spy kids movies

  • I'd like you to react to Blur Studio's cgi work

  • 10:13

  • crack : Rampage

  • Whoa, @ 13:43 I thought my browser bugged out for a sec & opened a 40K Wiki page, lol.

  • 12:40 That isn't blood. It's actually an oculur camera, which is why if you listen closely you can hear it whir mechanically. A Space Marine's helmet isn't your typical helmet. Astartes has his channel hacked and deleted. There's no justice.

  • We go from The Dark Knight to Mortal Kombat Annihilation.

  • Astartes IT-tvs channel has been since deleted

    • @the taskmaster i would check his pateon but with coppa coming in JAN and youtube probably toast after it.... i wouldn't hold my breath

    • Sad any one know if hes goin to reupload too another channel?

  • Holy crap I asked for astartes on another video and then I find you've already done it !! instant like

  • I know it's not a movie but the diablo 4 cinematic would be cool to see you guys react to.

  • 0:10 thats what she said

  • Plz do the video on tv series teen wolf 🐺

  • We want more react vfx

  • See this is how you react, be honest about your knowledge and actually contribute something to the original work. Also the Astartes channel has been hacked, please spread the word

  • Michael Jackson morphing into black pantha. And 1st lord of the rings 1st battle scene

  • You need to do a full reaction on Astartes

  • You guys need to react to goldenlane studio it’s an amazing sum animator check him out

  • Save ASTARTES's Channel Please!!

  • 10:08 he just perfectly mimicked the bike movement with his body.

  • 6:34 nipples alert 🚨

  • hi corridor crew love all your vids. can you react to Music videos too. if so the please react to 'HI THIS IS FLUME' mixtape visualizer. its dirrected by Jonathan Zawada.