Valentina's Under Fire for Her Fan Base | RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 | VH1

Pubblicato il 19 giu 2017
The claws come out when the girls question Valentina about her ruthless fan base. Valentina declares she's not good with social media, but Shea Couleé recalls the time Valentina admitted that she would stick up to her fans for Nina Bo'Nina Brown.
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Valentina's Under Fire for Her Fan Base | RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 | VH1


  • Aja🐍🐍

  • _do I look upset to you?_

  • Did anyone else here come from everybuggy vs valentina?

  • 0:22 is this Farrah’s voice

  • i wish they stuck to doing the reunion in front of a live audience. i just know the drama would've been fire, what with how many fans valentina had in the audience during the finale

  • Green is not a good look for shea

  • I love when Valentina goes: « i ain’t gonna say anything about that » 🤣😂

  • Shea got her together

  • This scene made fucking HER story. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM.

  • Shea was bitter asf this whole reunion, because she knew she wasn't the winner this season..

  • You're adults in a reality show. Don't like the public then don't get on a reality show.

  • Honestly, they all did the most on Valentina here. But I guess everyone ganging up on one is typical Drag Race.

    • they ain't wrong though. try to understand the story here

  • Why is Shea looking like a Goddess?? ♥

  • I feel like Valentina would be nice to her fans and she is talented but lord I’d never want to work with her. She’s be a nightmare probably...

  • This is one of the best seasons!!

  • My mom was born in the early 70s and is a really big fan of Selena when I showed my mom some of Valentina’s looks and then had her watch this video my mom was more than pissed. Selena was always iconic when she performed and for Valentina to compare herself to Selena really made me and my mom mad.

    • if theres any gay boy representing close to selena, its manny mua. Selenas family hosted his meet and greet one time in corpus cristi for the MAC collection and adore him

  • @ 0:22 am I the only one who heard that little giggle after Valentina compared herself to Selena? Lmao

  • We need an emoji of Aja’s face after Shea said “do I look upset to you?” Because I would use it all the time

  • Close to 2020 and this doesn't get old... 🤭😂 "Do I look upset to you?" 👑 Shea Coulee 👑

  • Shea Coulee owned this for sure! 👑 Love her! I also enjoyed Aja's face when Valentina compared herself to Selena. Lol 😂🤣🤭😁 Sure Valentina... 🙄 bidi bidi bom bom. Lol 😂🤣🤭😁

  • Shea was having none of it

  • 1:34 makes me laugh all the time lol

  • i agree valentinas you are a role modal and a insperashon you go girl i heard you sing

  • Kimora raised her hands to the Church when Pastor Shea went in. 🤣😂🤣

  • Shea is ugly and mean

  • 0:55 shea face Lmaoo

  • Valintina is very loved by the latino community we can see the jealousy they have for her just like the person who killed selena

  • Selena? Girl I like you but stop with that ish 😂

  • Oh so long ago, but I can quote this entire video like it was yesterday

  • Well normally I like Valentina, but here I am with Shea. No excuses for Valentina. Ok, the fans' behaviour is not her responsibility, but saying "I will defend Nina" and then doing nothing is wrong. Just admit that you are wrong and people will forgive her

  • Two years later and this is still the biggest yikes of the season lmfao YIKEEEESSSSS

  • you know you messed up when even sasha speaks up

  • Valentina is so properly funny and Nina should be Valentina in the next all-star season she would NAIL IT 😝 that impression is epic 😆👏🏼

  • 1:38 me

  • Peppermints boobs=GOD✨✨

  • Just watching Aja is entertaining

  • “Do I look upset to you?”

  • 0:19 JAYMES

  • Selena girl!!! Selena!!! You could never!!

  • do i look upset to you?

  • It’s so hard not to love Valentina 😂

  • Shea as Valentina for AS5 snatch game

  • Valentina raised her voice first, just saying

  • Tag yourself, I'm Nina's finger 😂😂

  • 0:15 Aja's face when Valentina brought up Queen Selena

  • Why would anyone come for nina??

  • Okay I get what she was trying to say about Selena, because it’s true (maybe minus the modesty) I think it was just the wording she used.

  • they were so jealous of her it’s unreal

  • Aja wanted to read the hell out of her lol

  • These lewwwks thooo 🔥🔥🔥

  • I lived for Shea! But I'm also glad Sasha.

  • If the reunion were a challenge, Farrah wins, with Shea and Valentina high and Sasha lipsyncing against Kimora

  • It kinda sux that Valentina’s season ended like this. I know she obviously made mistakes. It doesn’t make sense why her fans went so insane, that elimination made sense and I say that as a fan of hers

  • Nina trying not to laugh when Shea imitated nina is the BEST

  • Online word policing = online mob mentality; I wonder how many of them will do in a supposed way as they say; like Trinity said " I call shade!".

  • Aja😭😂


  • Valentina: I'm not upset. Also Valentina: YoU d0n'T Ne3D t0 bE coOnFu5eD!!!!

  • Aja Omg she has me DED

  • Sheaaaaa😍