VALENTINA on Look At Huh - Part 1

Pubblicato il 15 gen 2020
RuPaul's Drag Race All Star Valentina gets her chance to play "Look At Huh" with Jonny McGovern on the juiciest talk show of all time!
Executive Producers
Jonny McGovern
Susan Wrenn
Stephen Wellman

Teddy Margas
Allison Tate

Jonny McGovern

Technical Director
Lucas Torres Dela Boca

Jonny McGovern
Teddy Margas

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Comedian Jonny McGovern hosts “Hey Qween!” with his sidekick Lady Red Couture, the largest drag queen in captivity. Our super celebrity guests have a heart to heart with Jonny about their journey. The show has been nicknamed “the gayest talk show of all time” and for good reason.
Our FABULOUS past guests have included: RuPaul, Jackee Harry, Michelle Visage, Alaska, Jinkx Monsoon, Trixie Mattel, Katya, Detox, Gia Gunn, Trinity Taylor, Pearl, Farrah Moan, Bob The Drag Queen AND MORE!


  • She’s pretty, but boring and lacks creativity. She looks like a Miss America contestant.

  • The way she sits and positions her legs! Like a toned up pretzel 🥨

  • How does the host never seem to age? He always looks fresh and fierce, what’s the secret?

  • She can talk...

  • If you watched this and left Nina Bo'nina Brown a mean comment, just remember, Valentina has no idea you exist and does not care lol

  • Valentina is UNCLOCKABLE!

  • And she doesn't remember things....... whatever valentina

  • Holy shit when Valentina reminded Johnny that they filmed the reunion after the finale it was IT and they (cast of season 9) were probably pressed Valentina got all that applause at the finale haha so we know it was produced that they were pushing her to be a villain. At least she had a great attitude about it ha.

  • An outfit change?! Girl yes.

  • Shade is "Bufar" in Spanish from Mexico City!

  • She loves herself... clearly

  • Valentina is cinched for the gawds 😍😍

  • idk why but I loved the yell she did when they showed her each queen lmao.

  • Love ☘💚☘Love her ☘💚☘

  • Pues si es muy bonita la Valentina la neta

  • What’s the name of the dancer at the beginning? 🤤

  • Valentina thinks she is all that!!....

  • Can we take a few moment to gag over lady red’s look????

  • Rupauls drag race producers are like any other, they manipulate and want the drama... Making those coins, even if it means bringing some people down. Disgusting

  • Look at Miss Thang’s legsszzzzzz. Damn!!!! We stan

  • aw omg aja and Valentina having so much fun together on halloween is a memory I wish I could have aw omg how sweet and tender ;_;

  • Turn it up

  • i need the instagram of the boy in begining of the video.

  • Every time AHHHHHHHHHHHHH,! XD


  • Bitch is FIERCE!!!!!! And CINCHED!!!!! Ahhhh!!!! Hermosa!

  • Valentina had me with the vanilla fantasy coffee yum!

  • Valentinas waist has left the chat

  • Is it just me or is Valentina consistently using the word "jush" totally wrong? She uses it like "sis'".🤣

    • Jasmine masters: ‘hey jush, have a good day baby!” I mean...

  • Sue me but her entire personality is fake

  • Look at that waist.....damn! She always does things on another level. At least when it comes to looks. I actually find my self strangely attracted.

  • She's shady = es bufona

  • Shade in Mexican means 'bufar'. "Throwing shade" = "Te está bufando"

  • Whats goung on with red lady and her always unfinished makeup ?

  • I love Valentina jush

  • She's so freaking beautiful! And the waist 🤯💖

  • why valentina look like roxxxy in that thumbnail, tho

  • Jasmine is about to send her a Cease and Desist using Jush like that lol 😍 Hahahahahhshah

  • you can tell when lady red can’t stand a guest lmao

  • 9:14 shade

  • Didn’t like her in this interview

  • Valentina is beautiful !!

  • I’m not surprised that the other queens were scared and jealous of Valentina.

  • Did this bitch change her outfit😂😍

  • Ohhh gurlllllll

  • The performer that kicked them out was Trina

  • Every boners a Blessing! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣YEP!

  • Whats that hot guys IG account pls? haha got intrigued by that coverup. He probably posted a shot on his IG lol

  • I tried but Valentina just seems fake

    • Did we see the same interview/Look at huh!!??

  • Valentina's yell giving me Alaska AS2 Alien vibes 😂

  • Valentina has changed

  • *You’re beautiful, your gorgeous, you look like Linda Evangelista, your a model*

  • Why are the gogos always censored?

    • Omar N. IT-tvs’s homophobic monetization rules

  • who does Valentina think she is just casually looking better than every biological female on the planet

  • Valentina is so gretchen wieners trying to make jush happen

  • “My sister was turnt” I am definitely using that in everyday conversation

  • “She’s tried to contact me recently” GOLD

  • Everything is true, she looks like a model, she is beautiful, she looks like Linda evangelista

  • Love her. Simple as that ❤️

  • Well, there's no direct translation of "shade" in spanish. It usually gets translated to "sombra" but that just means shadow.