Vader: Complete Canon Comic Series 1-25 in Chronological Order (2 hour Movie)

Pubblicato il 9 dic 2019
Covering and reviewing issues 1-25 (2017-2018) of the awesome Vader comics by Lucasfilm, Marvel, Charles Soule and Disney. I hope my breakdowns and reviews of each will bring you entertainment and a more clear understanding of Vader's journey after Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. I can't wait for Marvel and Lucasfilm to make the next batch of canon Vader comics coming in 2020 after Episode 9 The Rise of Skywalker. It's gonna be a blast! Make sure to go out and support Marvel by grabbing their comics. I have the complete collection myself.
Each video is in chronological order with the cover of each issue to the episode. Enjoy and may the force be with you!
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  • I wish they'd given him a tiiiny bit more backstory in the movies, but I get this guy kind of a lot...

  • I know my grandfathers secrets

  • I'm altering the canon, pray that I don't alter it any further!

  • O.o Bam Margera??!?

  • Thanks for putting this together,this is amazing,great job. Excellent voice work.

  • Why is it that all star wars stuff that isn't a movie is really really good? Mandalorian, Clone Wars, Jedi: Fallen Order, this series, Battlefront, the books, all awesome. Then the movies are ass. RIP

  • 57:25 it’s star killers helmet

  • Can you make one for the legends comic Vader?

  • So this could be a made into a movie? Meaning fits the whole story line...that’s the “canon” right?

  • You doing the rest?

  • Theres my sisters name in 1:13:55 hahaha loool

  • The fact that by 1:49:19 the imperial forces have gotten used to these "outbursts" of vaders with lines like "oh no Its happening again!" Really shows how comfortable they have become with his outbursts. Like they are Slightly sensitive to the force enough to know to GET THE FUCK TO COVER. when Lord Vader gets one of his "moods" on

  • Palpatine owns Hellraiser cube ! 1:42:30

  • 35:08 That's why the Grand Inquisitor hasn't finished this task years ago, he has been waiting, not working

  • you need to watch return of the jedi again mate, palps don't talk at half speed like in this vid

  • I almost lost my shit when I saw how many ads there was but then saw the video was 2 hours. So...carry on sir. Btw, “corps” is pronounced “core”, not “corpse”.

  • This would be a cool movie 🎥 However it would be difficult to mend all of the chapters together (because there different stories) maybe a video games

  • Incredible your voice is, talented you are

  • Twist Vader gets ptsd at 18:17

  • 53:38 okay she thicc doe

  • It's cool how Vader is shot out of that force realm by a blue light. Almost as if the shock of losing family again was the only thing left that would respark the light in him, but in ROTJ his body was dying by the time he got to realize the light side was still in him, rather than returning to serve his master or his anger. In fact it alluded to Vader killing Sedious angrily, during that red lightening part, for destroying obi wan, who was also basically family. In regards to the last clip I mean

  • I really wanted to finish the whole thing but it 4:00 😂

  • Kenobi "I have the high ground!" Tarken "I have the dead ground!" Vader "Well fuck you to then."

  • Great job! Enjoyed it more than I thought I would!

  • Thanks my dude you are a brilliant storyteller, I love your channel fan fictions and all of your other content, this has been a brilliant video as I cannot afford to buy the comics

  • You just gained a fucking subscriber!!! Please do more of these. I was obsessed with anakin. Not so much Vader because he’s been memed and pushed in pop culture so much that he’s honestly not as threatening anymore. These comics bring his malevolence back to life.

  • Where these comics are available at?

  • Let's do a cross promotion!

  • Oh btw... the movies didn't do him justice. He's a fukn savage of the highest order. A real animal..

  • No source material she says !!!! FOH

  • 31.07

  • So Palpatine was the creator of the Skywalker line and created Anakin. now, I understand he was a master schemer, but nothing in the world can convince me that Palpatine meant for Anakin to be found by the Qui Gon and Obiwan, there on Tatooine. No way that he foresaw that they were stealing a messed up ship that needed repairs, etc etc etc etc. So.... what do you guys speculate was Palpatine's real plans with Anakin?

  • I loved the video!!! Thank you for taking the time to make this! I would appreciate more of these videos as I don't have the options to purchase all the issues :( but very much like to follow the stories! Again - Thanks!

  • 1:08:17 I love how he correctly uses palpatines name

  • 18:16 probably triggered Anakin's PTSD

  • I've been looking so long for something like this!! Thank you so much for this. I can't wait to show it to my son

  • This was better than the sequel trilogy.

  • How does Vader not have his own movie at this point???

  • Truly amazing work and dedication. I can’t believe some big company hasn’t sought you out and put you in a big job, I really can’t. Your extensive hard work, dedication to the material, and unbelievable talent is truly amazing. I don’t see many people being able to do this to the level that you do. If the right people saw this, you could be looking at amazing opportunities in my opinion. I love Star Wars, I’m a walking encyclopedia of the canon so this was a lot of fun to watch. Your hard work was very appreciated by this humble Star Wars fan.

  • Now my knowledge of Vader Is filled.

  • A man like that will always find someone to kill

  • How could vader pass on burning sand

  • It is good to find this kind videos,our translators seem to abandon this sery.But hey,though I pressed favor,why cut the scene that Fox was choked??I watch this video especially for this

  • Never really understood why vader went along with palpatine if his whole mission was to save padme's life. And then he's told she died. Why do anything then? Other than wanting revenge from Kenobi.

  • Your the goat bro

  • Absolutely amazing. Your voice overs are a thing of perfection. You are truly a Sith, my friend.

  • Need more video

  • 1:21:48

  • Oh wtf? I never noticed this. Did Master Farren Barr "Jedi Mind Trick" those people to make them follow him? 1:14:40 I knew he was a lunatic for contacting the Empire, and letting them know he was on Mon Cala, but. If he tricked those people into following him, then he's a real piece of shit!

  • For your next compilation of Vader canon (maybe from birth to death?), please include Vader Immortal.

  • Well thanks

  • Nice work mate!!!

  • Hmmm the narration isnt that annoying after all

  • 20:00 if he would’ve just...ya know...stabbed him through the heart many lives would’ve been saved.

  • That's WAS GREAT !!!

  • R-kiv-ist not Activist

  • His Jocasta nu voice is hilarious, it’s always fun to hear a man Try to seriously imitate an old woman

  • 1:30:25 dont mind me, just commenting my spot

  • Please do something like this but with anakin instead of Darth Vader

  • this story is incredible