Ups & Downs From WWE RAW (Nov 11)

Pubblicato il 12 nov 2019
Our WWE RAW review as Simon Miller talks about Becky Lynch & Charlotte vs Asuka & Kaori Sane, Lana revealing she is pregnant with Rusev's baby, Seth Rollins vs WALTER and The OC taking on Ricohet, Randy Orton and Humberto Carillo.
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  • you just tore raw apart LMAO savageee you right though

  • You Put Your Body on The Line Just To Do UPS & Downs your A GodDamn Hero

  • The waste of guys like Andrade, Ricochet, Owens and Rollins (he is incredible in ring, and is getting the RR treatment on the mic) is brutal. But the checks must be nice.

  • Don't even watch anymore I just come here

  • Up for your analysis and DOWN for yet another painfully bad episode of Raw. I think you’re still being too kind as this just SUCKED all around.

  • Do you really do a cooking show I like cooking

  • Honestly I came to a thought I was sitting there listening to aleister black talk he was cutting his promo and he was talking about how all the different things that he was telling and preaching and everything like that they all had a meaning behind them and he was going to talk about secrets and tie it into everything else that he'd said and then I thought about it and said he sounds kind of like a preacher and what do holy men do they destroy and expel demons so maybe he might end up facing Bray Wyatt with his cryptic messages

  • Why does Simon look like the Unabomber?

  • Seth Rollins really has become the next Roman Reigns in the worst way, massively overpushed and booed so badly they have to edit the reactions from the audience

  • I hate the Lana/Rusev/Lashley storyline so much, especially now that it involves a fake pregnancy. Rusev and Lashley deserve so much better than this trash and Lana just comes across as a completely unlikable manipulative asshole, especially on Twitter

  • didnt the fiend show up after raw went off the air? Stuff just happens!

  • Rusev: I'll do anything to be on TV Vince: Your wife will F**k Bobby Chad Gable: I'll do anything to be on TV Vince: You will be Shorty G EC3: Im just fine OK.

  • Flair, Lynch, and Asuka have become rock paper scissors

  • Eric roman promo was bizare

  • Brand split and draft means nothing allready broken that

  • Very average at best

  • Geez what the hell is WWE doing? Especially now when they had a chance to revamp their programming with the Fox deal, new "season' of raw, and AEW competition. It's become lamer than ever. I really hope they do something soon. These wrestlers deserve better.

  • 0800 -Stuff-Just-Happens lmao legend

  • Everytime I call 0800-stuff-just-happens, Iron Sheik answers and calls be a jabroni. Please help!

  • Another DOWN For raw(Really Awful Wrestling) Lol!

  • You are too kind.Several brown downs in this show.

  • I bet it's a Mogwai. In the cage, I mean.

  • I just came to see if this show got a single UP. Disappointed to see 4 ups.

  • Simon, you bald headed asshole, Take care of yourself dude. Hate that you're feeling ill hope you got rest and feel better for later in the week!

  • Hope you feel better soon Simon.

  • wow the lana segment was horrible

  • The only thing I disagree with here is the main event: down, and here's why: I watched as Ricochet "superheroed" his way around the ring and he is always entertaining like that he has a wide move set. Randy did bugger all, and HC... omg HC the only thing I can remember him doing are moonsaults and that second rope springboard arm drag. It was used so often AJ styles actually countered it. Ricochet and the OC basically carried the match and quite honestly were the only entertaining parts of it.

  • NBA > RAW

  • I went from sad for Simon to laughing at simons joke to sad that it was true all in the first 0:35 of the episode.

  • Well least you has an excuse to throw up over the Rusev/Lana/Bobby stuff

  • I am usually positive about WWE TV but really. Give us something. Just because you are oversea does not mean you cannot advance a storyline.

  • I want Cooking With Simon Miller Show

  • This man dressed like he about to transition into the witness protection program

  • Get better Simon!

  • I won't watch raw or smackdown on TV, and barely watch the highlights...but best believe ima watch ups and downs Give it a up

  • Gives an up, points to the downs 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hang in there, Simon. Today you can watch AEW Dynamite again.

  • Thank goodness for the NWA. It may be studio wrestling on a budget, but it’s heads and shoulders above WWE.

  • Thank God for the SJH hotline!