Unus Annus

Pubblicato il 15 nov 2019
What would you do if you only had a year left to live? Would you squander the time you were given? Or would you make every second count?
Welcome to Unus Annus. Today marks the beginning of our year-long journey where the only certainty is the end. In exactly 365 days this channel will be deleted along with all of the daily uploads accumulated since then. Nothing will be saved. Nothing will be reuploaded.
This is your one chance to join us at the onset of our adventure. To be there from the beginning. To make every second count. Subscribe now and relish what little time we have left or have the choice made for you as we disappear from existence forever. But remember... everything has an end. Even you.
Memento mori.
Unus annus.
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  • For those who don't know, "unus annus" is "one year" in Latin. The more you know! ❤️

    • I guessed as much, in Romanian, its 'un an' close enough XD

    • Maggie Norris wow thanks

    • Big brain

    • Like I thought it was a butthole joke.

    • haha funny unnus "anaus" hahaha funny le epic xd

  • And merch

  • Nice

  • Un año?

  • I am low key sad that that one N isn't in parenthesis. Unus an(n)us.

  • When you got an "F" on all your Exams and come back home to play on your PS4 Your parents be like 0:31

  • Sorry i miss heard 😂

  • bruh he said anus did you catch that

  • ha ha nigga said anus

  • Can someone explain me wtf is this

  • bruh i really thought they were just trying to say unus anus but its one year in latin

  • Türkiye'de kim izliyor bunu aq

  • i thought it was unus anus

  • HUH

  • anus anus

  • This channel has 11 months bruh

  • E

  • When you got an "F" on all your Exams and come back home to play on your PS4 Your parents be like 0:31

  • For weird ppl unnus anuss means one anus

  • What's going on here.

  • abr

  • 0:50 you act like people won’t save those videos and reupload them

  • Someone record this and post it later pls

  • Why I think dis was marks channel

  • Wait, this is just a plot for markaplier to get another golden Playbutton!


  • Like this video in one year

  • Remember death

  • Ok, his FACE is so ridiculously disturbing lol. It's like someone made huge head and really tiny everything on it... he looks photoshoped :DDD

  • You do know that there are fans out there who are going to rip every single video you upload, right? That in turn, has already made you wrong. It wouldn't even matter if they uploaded them or not. Just a thought...

  • Just released a sick TRAILer on my channel. Plz check it out boys

  • I can't wait to add this on my list of things I'm never going to watch

  • Unus annus : We'll delete this next year Year 2021 : deleted.. Year 2029 : Popping IT-tvs recommendations

  • You run out of stuff to do you do this bullshit

  • Snapchat : The Channel

  • Yo climate change is in effect

  • Mark: In one year, you will never see any of these videos again Video stealer: Ha


  • This hit different

  • I stopped watching

  • This is a genius way to gain traction for their plan, whatever the hell it is.

  • This is not some damn butt joke people, this is serious!

  • Who else will be watching Unus Annus on 14 November 2020

  • I love how it reminds me of the dream scenes in Dishonored. I just finish watching marks lets play of it :)

  • 0

  • Nobody sub !!! Don’t be a sheep !!

  • These dudes desperate

  • Im so confused

  • Anus on us. Thats a bit better

  • Once you upload it always stays mate. You dont define data data defines you in this century

  • Ah, yes. Number 1 on trend

  • I feel like I've just entered the Mormon church

  • What do I have to comment to get into the play button award thing?

  • Why did I read this as "ur anus"

  • Unis ANUS

  • Ait then

  • Isn't Unus Annus 1 year in latin.

  • Unus Anus keep it going


  • When I first saw this I thought that Markiplier was gonna delite his Chanel 😧😦