Unboxing OHIO: What it's like LIVING in OHIO

Pubblicato il 18 lug 2019
Is Ohio really one of the most boring states? Does everyone from Ohio actually hate Michigan? Is there really a monster living in Lake Erie?
We’ll be answering these questions and more as we take a closer look at the Buckeye state. So get yourself a bowl of Skyline chili and set your Lebron jerseys on fire, as we get ready to unbox the state of Ohio.
If you've ever passed through Ohio you probably only noticed the flat and boring landscapes coupled with the lovely smell of fertilizer being spread across one of its many farms.
Ohio is home to over 75,000 farms, so it should come as no surprise to hear everyone say the state is just made up of cornfields and Walmarts.
Nearly 50 percent of the land in Ohio is classified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as “prime farmland,” of which Ohio has the fifth highest percentage of in the nation, so yeah, it's a lot of corn. And beans (on alternating years).
But to get a complete understanding of what Ohio is truly like, you have to understand what the people of Ohio are like.
Most of this wasteland of Ohio is very unflattering, flat, boring, and quite frankly, the reason this is a flyover state. In the middle of this corn maze is the city of Columbus, the capital of Ohio, which is where Ohio State is located. Being a college town, Columbus feels like it's on the verge of being overrun by hipsters.
Columbus is the best - and really only safe place to live among the big C’s of Ohio - Columbus, Cleveland, Chillicothe and Cincinnati.
Music by Kevin McLeod and Chris Zabrinski. The best ever!
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  • Ohio squad where you at

  • Best place to live, Oregon, Montana,Wyoming, Colorado, California!!!

  • Cleveland Ohio, BORN AND RAISED

  • I’m watching this video only because I don’t know what else Ohio is know for other than airplanes

  • Ohio is kind of a shit hole overall. I was up here for 6 weeks on a business trip and was not impressed. There is a lot of poverty and bad attitudes and lots of drugs, and a lot of butt ugly people. The only other place I have been where I saw a very noticeable amount of ugly people was Baltimore Maryland. You're tied with them in that category, congrats.

  • ,You see a few blocks of Cincinnati and judge the whole,,,,,, West Chester nicer than Indian Hill....hmmmmm Not!!!!

  • big tip: stay away from yungstown

  • I do

  • Thank you for pointing out the fact that liberal cities rank highest in crime, poverty and unemployment! Well stated and honest. Great work on your videos much support for helping me learn about all of the differences throughout this crazy, great and powerful country!

  • A good ol Buck,must have beat the living crap out of you, for you to have so many insults about the state...Goooooo BUCKS!!!!! 😁😁😁😁

  • Toronto is pretty nice eastern ohio

  • Wait Really? Ok i know MLS isn't the biggest sport out there but you missed the Columbus Crew and that they where the 1st MLS team to have their own purpose-built stadium.

  • Hey UP YOURS buddy

  • Soo you can bring up cedar point and not Kings island 🥺

  • Terrible state , boring mostly ppl live depressed here 😘😟🥺😭

  • I hate when people who aren’t from Ohio make these videos they inaccurate asf 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • From Mansfield my dudes

  • Skyline chili is fucking disgusting

  • If an Asian were to go to Ohio, would people stare at them?

    • @Nick Johnson haha okay. I presume there are not many Asians, blacks, and Latinos there? I have not been to the Midwest.

    • If she was hot

  • It's ok I guest

  • I live in Ohio and this video is pure ignorance.

  • Ohio born and raised, been all over but I love my home in Warren county! Ohio is awesome so kiss our ass

  • Salem!

  • 3:20 I've been there

  • Ohio is pretty fun

  • My girl want me to move to ohio im from cali this shit was funny af!!!!!!😂😂😂😂

  • Welp, you tried. Good job, little buddy.

  • I'm from Ohio (the cornfield portion) and first of all nobody calls it "CIncinasty" or whatever, that city is just a dangerous place for sex trafficking:) and yes everywhere I look there are farms. Cedar Point isn't the only amusement park, we have a Kings Island as well

  • Are you kidding?!?!? Michigan has all the bad roads 😂😂

  • He’s probably from Michigan which is why he’s so negative and hateful

  • I was born in West Virginia but I grew up here in East Ohio by I-70 ,been livin here since brought from West Virginia , people are so quick to hate Ohio but don't know how beautiful it really is ,I mean other than the drugs,poverty and dreaded buildings Ohio really is beautiful

  • nope I live in akron

  • Frisch's chili spaghetti is way better than Skyline. And it actually has chili on it. Not sauce . Portsmouth should have gotten it's mention in the bad towns. Proudly from your "South" section. We don't do OH....IO here.

  • I'm from West Chester. It is basically one of the best places to live. Low crime, good jobs, competent elected officials.

  • Have you ever heard a city called Beavercreek before it is about 1hour to Cincinnati

  • You forgot to add Canton on the list of worst places to live here in Ohio.


  • 7:19 nah you mean in under 5 minutes. Not even joking Ohio doesn't fallow physics

  • How dare you Insult lima, and then compliment dublin

  • I don’t say please instead of accuse me. Frankly I’ve never had that happen. We do say “ope” a lot though... it’s an Ohio thing 😂

  • Ash-TAB-yu-luh Seriously

  • Cincinnati is better than all the other cities and downtown is the best scene, west Chester is just a boring suburban area

  • I have lived in Dayton for over 25 years...and I am still alive. Ngl...there is a great deal of crime but, it's usually if you get involved with the wrong ppl or if you are an a**hole to the wrong person.


  • Everyone is an Ohio State blowhard but no one actually attended a class there. That sign says Hillibillies. You got a little heavy-handed with your vowels.

  • A gerrymandered god-forsaken hellhole. Grew up on the lake in NE OH, not bad. Left as soon as I could for college in Boston, then lived in Manhattan entire adult life. Unfortunately back for job transfer. Thankfully only have to work 7 months a year so I can get back home to NYC every year. BTW, OH is no longer a swing state, it's red.

  • I live in Lima and literally have never heard of slima.

  • I live in Columbus Ohio and it is not boring

  • Cincinnatians suck at driving- sincerely, a Kentuckian

  • The Cincinnati Hamilton co area is awesome I love Paul Brown Stadium it’s the most awesome place to watch a football game in the whole United States. I stay in Amelia off a street called Beechmont and there must be 150 places to eat in a ten mile radius including Skyline Bob Evens and everything in between and yes the Hocking Hills area is beautiful. I also love Mount Orb I just sit at Starbucks inside the Kroger and watch the world go by. I think I’ll make one more quick trip before winter is over. Big O here I come.

  • I have a huuuuuuge problem with the saying “a bowl of skyline chili” ... you get a plate

  • Home too the first Y-bridge

  • Ohio literally fucking sucks 🤣🤣 I grew up there and recently just moved to Texas and trust me y’all, there’s way to many different states than Ohio. OHIO IS A SHIT SHOW BRO🤣🤣🤣

  • I live in a small town called prospect in Ohio and I can confirm all of this info, other than hating Michigan.

  • Lived in Ohio all my life, when do we say please instead of excuse me? If anything we say 'scuse me, or the funnier exsquize me.

  • I live in Ohio I watched this and I didn’t like how he just called everywhere bad but Columbus Ohio and called Dayton bad but glossed over the rich history

  • I love how he do t even know what he’s talking about bc there a lot more to Ohio than what he said

  • theres not very much here. yes i hate michigan :)

  • I am from Ohio and this is just plain offensive to people from here. So stop saying that Ohio is just a drug state and that it is nasty it is a wonderful state so just keep your mouth shut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ohio: Hates Michigan Also Ohio: *Knocks out power almost everywhere in the north East in 2003.*