Unboxing OHIO: What it's like LIVING in OHIO

Pubblicato il 18 lug 2019
Is Ohio really one of the most boring states? Does everyone from Ohio actually hate Michigan? Is there really a monster living in Lake Erie?
We’ll be answering these questions and more as we take a closer look at the Buckeye state. So get yourself a bowl of Skyline chili and set your Lebron jerseys on fire, as we get ready to unbox the state of Ohio.
If you've ever passed through Ohio you probably only noticed the flat and boring landscapes coupled with the lovely smell of fertilizer being spread across one of its many farms.
Ohio is home to over 75,000 farms, so it should come as no surprise to hear everyone say the state is just made up of cornfields and Walmarts.
Nearly 50 percent of the land in Ohio is classified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as “prime farmland,” of which Ohio has the fifth highest percentage of in the nation, so yeah, it's a lot of corn. And beans (on alternating years).
But to get a complete understanding of what Ohio is truly like, you have to understand what the people of Ohio are like.
Most of this wasteland of Ohio is very unflattering, flat, boring, and quite frankly, the reason this is a flyover state. In the middle of this corn maze is the city of Columbus, the capital of Ohio, which is where Ohio State is located. Being a college town, Columbus feels like it's on the verge of being overrun by hipsters.
Columbus is the best - and really only safe place to live among the big C’s of Ohio - Columbus, Cleveland, Chillicothe and Cincinnati.
Music by Kevin McLeod and Chris Zabrinski. The best ever!
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    • @Max Vouis I think that kinda goes hand n hand with the cheap beer and giant cornfields And country music

    • Ohioans also love to party

  • Deeply offended by the street view or the Oregon District in Dayton as they talk about AKRON.

  • Forgot about Springfield ohio and navistar

  • Don’t hate on Columbus born n raised and honestly Whitehall isn’t that bad

  • Dont knock ohio if you never even been 🙄its not that bad and how dare you show the Oregon District in Dayton ohio like it's terrible

  • I was born in Marietta Ohio LMAO

  • Luke Perry lived here, he also went to my school😎

  • Leave a like if Ohio rules

  • Im from Ohio. And I can tell you, we all do meth. Straight from being pushed out our mothers crotch

  • This guy is a clown.

  • I live in morrow county ohio... It sucks... But Ohio is not that bad. It's just boring.

  • No Lima was not a name that Lima was name a little Chicago that’s what lima with stand for what other people say lost in the middle of America get your facts right.

  • Umm this dude doesn't know what he's talking about

  • i’m from dayton ohio..... can confirm this info is tru

  • The western side is flat! You must not have travel south of Canton. It gets hilly just beyond the city. Ohio does have alot of nice suburbs & countryside. It's not all bad here.

  • You forgot Dave Chappelle and Marilyn Manson were born here and poultry days in a little town called Versailles where we celebrate chickens and has the world record for the fastest amount chicken dinners sold

    • @Nick Johnson o well i guess i should say ope my bad but good video:)

    • Devo is from Akron & Chrissy Hynde of the Pretenders are from here, too.

    • I didnt forget that I never knew that.

  • We definitely don’t say please instead of excuse me.

  • Nope. You're not from Ohio if you can't pronounce "Ash-ta-bula". Not whatever you said.

  • You didnt say Canton is one of the worst cities? Its literally ranked 2nd most dangerous small city in America.. gang

  • I’m from southern Ohio and I’m very happy with my state. I travel almost half the nation for my job and there’s nowhere that’s impressed me yet. Love it here

  • Um not white hall is actually a good place to live every town has its road down smh

  • I am from Columbus Ohio and he is wrong about the seasons we have all four seasons we don’t just have two but sometimes the weather can be very bipolar

  • What its like living in ohio? Get used to experiencing all 4 seasons in 1 day.

  • This video is a stereotype of every sub-group in America. Hillbillies, comparing Cincinnati to Haiti....

  • Born and raised in Ohio! There’s no other sports fans like Ohio fans 🙌🏼 Also Lebron isn’t the only famous person from here. Steph Curry, Steve Harvey, and John Legand were born here.

  • Cincinnati isnt that bad we're workin on it Its way better than it used to be

  • Lima crew where you at lol

  • The fact that you talk to an imaginary map shows your level of maturity and intelligence. Ohio State U is world renown for it's education!

  • Columbus has the Blue Jackets and the Columbus Crew 🖕#SaveDtheCrew

  • Ohio: at least we aren't Michigan

  • WTF no the hell you talking about???? There is not not two seasons in Ohio how long were you even in Ohio? 2 minutes????????

  • Lifelong Ohio resident,and I can say this video is 100% accurate!..Nick is totally correct,if you are considering moving here from out of state,just look at the counties that vote blue and those will be your high crime rate,welfare shitholes,stay away from those..Do your research before moving here!

  • Aaaww man, I moved to ohio from Cal. It’s not that bad

    • It's better than CA that's for sure. But that's not hard to do.

  • I can't believe you said Ashtabula wrong. >_< It's Ash-Ta-BYOO-La.

  • Are u mad u cant be here. whe might have bipolar ass wheather but everything else is great

  • U forgot we have real people most of us aren't fake as hell

  • Haha he's clearly never been there unless passing through. There's a a lot to do there. Well northern Ohio anyway.. the northern and southern regions are completely different in almost every aspect.

  • “Ash-tab-u-la” made me laugh. NE Ohioans call it “Ashta-bula”.

  • You obviously dont live in ohio.

    • @Nick Johnson I'm sure wherever you live isn't peaches and cream either.

    • Thank god

  • I'm from the "Dirty DYT", "Gem City", "937", "The Ridge" etc... It all depends where you live in Dayton, on how bad it is. It is true with the meth, crack, and heroin is bad around here. A lot of homeless or druggies/bums on the streets. Many places have thefts, Robberies, assults, homicides, etc.. It's higher here due to the drugs mostly. But I've lived here my whole life in different areas and I guess I'm used to the craziness. LOL! You have Downtown Dayton, Old North Dayton- "OND", East Side of Dayton, West side "48", Northridge "Lil Kentucky", Etc.... Some areas are worse than others but there is craziness in all areas. But we have so much to do around here in Ohio that it is fun. Amusement Parks, Museums, Metro Parks, canoeing/kayaking, fishing, boating, Skating and Ice skating, Hicking hills cabins, Ohio caverns, zoo's, indoor water parks, and so much more!! Don't knock it til ya tried it! 😉😀👍

  • Where are you finding your information because its wrong. Born and raised

    • I've been many times hated it every time sorry just the truth

  • why is supporting trump in your video. your video should not have any political support. if you are trying to run a travel education video

    • Yeah!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Politics are a big thing in States. Plus who are you to say what he can or cannot put in HIS videos? 🤷

  • as an ohioan i will say we have questionable cultures

  • Ohio Check we ya at

  • I'm from between the Cities of Hartford, CT and Springfield MA. I lost my 16 year job at IBM and I was almost out of unemployment when I was offered a job near Cleveland. I never really gave Ohio's big cities much thought. I new Ohio used to be part of CT, especially the Northeast part but I decided to pack up the truck, sell the homestead and move from Hartford County to Cuyahoga county. Ohio seems to be on the economic upswing as trucking companies around here can't find enough truck drivers. I'm not a truck driver, I'm a server / systems guy. One cool thing about Ohio is that it's much more affordable than living in the People's republic of CT and in the Communist Wealth (poverty) of MA. It cost me so much to live in CT / MA that I never really had much left over to do any cool things like take a vacation and whatnot. Living here in Ohio I seem to have at least 1/3 more to 1/2 more spending money and I can't afford to take my wife to a concert, an Indians game when they play the Red Sox, wife is a Red Sox Fan or when they play the Yankees, I'm a Yankees fan. You can get decent tickets for about 60/piece. Also parking costs between 10 / 30 dollars. Much cheaper than Boston or taking the Metro North Train in from New Haven. Ohio is a pretty large state. The people of Ohio are very polite, except when they get behind the wheel then all bets are off. So if you don't like Ohio then stay the F. out because I don't want too many more people moving here inflating the cost of everything.

    • GOOD points!!! I hope you're happy there. You and I would be friends in real life ❤️

  • Actually Cleveland is being called the comeback city

  • Hey, what do you mean there's nothing to see in Toledo? We have one of the best zoos in the nation! Go rockets!

  • Ohio the home of a reasonable cost of living to pay ratio, plenty of clean fresh water, much less traffic than most major cities, and reasonable real estate prices. And I would point out there is a big difference between northern Ohio and southern Ohio. Northern Ohio is much flatter with more farming than southern, but they have Lake Erie. Southern Ohio is a lot more hilly (including cliffs and small gorges in spots) with only one major city Cincinnati, and they also the Ohio River.

  • Columbus crew...

  • ɪ'ᴍ ɪɴ ʟᴏʀᴀɪɴ

    • @Nick Johnson ɪ ᴡᴀsɴ'ᴛ ғʟᴇxɪɴɢ... ɪ ᴡᴀs ᴊᴜsᴛ sᴀʏɪɴɢ ᴡʜᴇʀᴇ ɪ ʟɪᴠᴇ

    • weird flex but ok

  • ʟᴏʀᴀɪɴ ᴏʀ sᴀɴᴅᴜsᴋʏ?

  • Smartly elected donald trump? Nope.

  • Southern ohio right here

  • Make sure to thumbs down this trash video. Ohio rocks!

  • Ohio is a beautiful state with the change of seasons, lots of places to go and things to see.

  • OH

  • Mansfield here baby!!!!! OH-IO

  • I like how when they say things about Ohio like chilli spaghetti or the weather they think we are wierd but to us it's awesome Also a lot of these things aren't true

  • Lol. The random calls😂😂😂😂

    • People actually answered their phone!

  • Ahahahah I live in ohio